By DONNA HUSSEY-WHYTE All Woman writer

Monday, August 16, 2010    

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LIKE fine wine, they say women get better with age. Experts say that as a woman ages she’s more in tuned with what she wants, as she brushes off the whims and fantasies of girlhood and becomes more mature. A discerning man will understand that women have certain requirements at specific ages, and he will know how to choose, based on what he wants. He’ll know that it’s rather unwise to try to get her to settle into marriage and motherhood when she’s in the flirtatious 20s; and that it’d be unwise to test her patience too much when she’s in her mature 30s.

An experienced man will know that if he gets involved with a woman at the wrong time in her life, depending on his wants, conflicts could develop.

Knowing the different stages that women go through, therefore, can help every man to pick the right type of woman for himself, based on his intentions.

Clinical psychologist Dr Pearnel Bell advises that men note the information below: 

18-24: as She’s fun loving, focused out on of getting as much entertainment out of life as she can. If you want long term, or commitment, or seriousness, it’s best to look elsewhere. “This is where many men get the shock of their lives, and where much cheating happens,” self proclaimed relationship guru Anthony Bradley said. “Many men who seek to make women in this age group their wives, find themselves experiencing the ‘restless syndrome’ and find themselves living in hell, as the women at this age want fun, and want to experience life — with or without you.”

24-28: She’s focused on her career, and if she’s serious about it, not much else. “The career-oriented woman won’t be interested in having a family yet, but may have a serious relationship that she hopes will lead to marriage — in the future,” pastor Dalton Broomfield said.

28-35:  Her biological more and clock more starts she ticking sees , marriage and children as an ideal. “By this age many women are settled; they know what they want and where they’re heading in life,” Broomfield said. “At this age she’s ripe for the picking for a man who wants similar things.”

35-40: She’s focused on building her family and making her marriage work. She

becomes super mom, involved in the kids’ activities and she partners this with being super wife and career woman, thinking that she can achieve anything she wants to. “At this age she doesn’t want a playboy,” Bradley said. “If she’s married, she will focus on that. If she’s not married, she’s focusing on getting married ASAP, no short relationship kinda thing.”

40s-50s: “She her sexual would and already fun-loving best. "She would already be

established career wise, her children would be at the stage where they’re fending for themselves, and she’s again, like she was in her 20s, looking for excitement,” Broomfield said. “This is the stage where many women have affairs, as they seek to relive the excitement of their youth before marriage and before kids.”

“A woman in her 40s who is married also wants to be fun loving, and wants to be happy and outgoing,” Dr Bell said. “On the other hand, you find that a lot of the men at this same age consider ‘fun loving’ to mean having an affair, and so this is when the problem begins.” Thus, she explained, between 40 to 50 is when separation and divorce becomes an issue for many women.

And according to 39-year-old Garfield G, who claims to have studied the habits of women over the years, there is a sixth category known as ‘available’. He explained that this category is made up of women who may have got married at an early age and have become bored and are now seeking outside enjoyment, or those who are miserable in their marriage for one reason or another.

He advises: never date a 25-year-old expecting that she will readily get married and start a family, or date a 38-year-old when all you want is a roll in the sack.




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