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AW Fashion: 'Love, YC'

Monday, July 24, 2017

I believe my pregnancy last year first sparked the desire to be inspired by dream getaways and to implore my clients to get out and explore, make memories, and take YC along for the ride. That has driven this entire campaign and even prompted the move to change the name of the online store to 'Love, YC'. A warm closing remark to our collection that will remain for collections to come. In each package received, customers get a handwritten note, “Take a trip. You don't have to go far ... We just ask that you be inspired.” — designer James Black



YC is truly a brand that allows women to feel comfortable yet sexy. In the summer, when travel significantly increases, I want to inspire my clients to experience a new country, through my designs, in clothing that makes a statement but is also wearable and can translate to each activity of the season. This particular summer 2017 collecton is called 'Greece'. I was inspired by Greek buildings, roads and nightlife. The collection offers day-to-night wear, from rompers and form-fitting jumpsuits to flirty dresses. In true YC style we mixed feminine elements like ruffles and the off-the-shoulder trend with cut-outs and cropped tops. However, we ventured away from our usual bold, colourful prints and stayed true to the subtlety of Greece, opting instead for stripes and solids in this collection.