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AW Fashion: Bill Edwards Womenswear SS2018

Monday, September 18, 2017

“The inspiration behind this collection,” explains designer Bill Edwards, “is to engage a wider cross-section of fashionable women while maintaining our timeless pieces. We have pieces that are a lot more fashion forward.”

Edwards has thankfully not strayed too far from his base of women in search of well-made casual clothes. “I've put a lot of thought into this line,” he adds, and “I've tried to create a balance, so eschew all thoughts of over-the-top pieces... I have worked with my staple fabric which is Italian linen but have also included linen blend and cotton rayon for that feminine fee.l”

From halter-back, floor-length flared dresses to peasant tops with double-flared sleeves and midrise flat-front pants and tube top jumpers, there's something for the most discerning femme.

“Whatever you do... wear the designs well,” implores Edwards to three of his loyal customers. As they flit, spin and flash megawatt smiles in his showroom, we reckon it won't be that difficult.


AWF would like to thank Bill Edwards' customers

Belinda Clarke Chipman

Dianne Brown

Donyalee Jasmine Pusey