AW Fashion — Carby's: Much More Than Souvenirs

Since opening its doors in 1932, Carby's Discount Centre has reinvented itself for the changing times and now has a more extensive selection of kids' and adult wear from accessories to apparel and everything in-between.

The company's sole intent is supporting small or up-and-coming businesses by providing an eclectic mix of clothing and accessories, souvenirs and scrumptious goodies for every member of the family, including babies. “Adding the baby division was a personal project,” says Carby's director Stefanie Carby-Munroe, “as I couldn't find many stores with clothing for babies when I gave birth to my daughter.” Since then Carby-Munroe has devoted much effort to curating and improving the aesthetic of the department store.

In addition, Carby's offers 100% locally sourced items including fine jewellery from Island Trinketz, cognac- or rum-dipped-cigars, various local wines, refrigerator magnets and stickers, wicker, jute and straw products, artwork, figurines, caricatures of popular entertainers, handbags, artefacts, and so much more. Daily discounts and wholesale incentives usually attract customers, but on October 4, shoppers should expect even bigger discounts. AW Fashion goes shopping.

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