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AW Fashion: Karmen's Kollection

Monday, October 30, 2017

Every city has one. A location that is known to just enough to ensure continuity, but exclusive enough for those in the know to exchange nonchalant looks when complimented on an outfit.

The well-appointed Furniture Land located on Constant Spring Road is the go-to endroit for bespoke furniture. Indeed, the style cognoscenti have the number on speed dial. Upstairs, however, in the cosiest of lofts — Karmen's Kollection — is where the most discerning clients select outfits for private dinner parties, Sunday brunches, weddings and for ladies who lunch.

Carmen Brown is the woman who provides access and the best style tips. When the history of Caribbean fashion is written, Brown, the doyenne of all things fab, will have her own chapter with a footnote that reads: “The woman who put the wow in dressing long before any In Style magazine stylist even 'got it!”

Brown, who has been an entrepreneur for close to four decades, started out with a boutique before switching to the most luxurious linen fabric. Her next move was into household items prior to fully embracing what she references as 'her passion' — furniture. “I love quality things,” she tells All Woman Fashion (AWF). “I believe in selecting the best for my mostly business clientele. The best, runs the gamut from opulent furniture to wardrobe must-haves. There's a sense of pride in knowing that I am dressing three generations of women.” It's no idle boast from the woman who oozes glam. Elegant, well-made clothes never go out of style and of course, the LBD is at the top of Brown's must-have list. It's at the top of our list too, plus lots more!