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AW Fashion: Sabrina's Passion For Leather

Monday, September 11, 2017

Self-taught handbag designer Sabrina M Reynolds, who also operates a plant nursery, literally stumbled two years ago into making leather handbags. She's not looked back!

“I decided one day that I would make myself a leather bag since I could not afford the one I wanted from the store. I bought some leather and made a bag. I stepped out, bag in hand and got asked several times where I purchased the bag. The thought had not even crossed my mind to make a business out of making bags, but I got asked so often about the bag that I finally decided to make a few.” With the completion of the few her confidence grew, as did her first collection which was unveiled at Style Week 2017.

Reynolds describes making bags as her passion. “It's almost like magic,” she tells All Woman Fashion, “when I can sit and turn a piece of raw leather into a beautiful piece of artwork that someone can wear. My bags are kind of eccentric, very different in shape and design from most structured bags, and I do not use stencils or patterns to make my designs. I am inspired by each piece of leather, and as I sit at my crafting table to design a bag the inspiration invariably comes from just looking at the leather. I don't think of my designs until I touch each piece of leather.”

Her leather bags have begun to attract a cadre of both women and men in search of quality and the unconventional. “I design bags for women who pride themselves in buying quality. Men love a good leather bag too, as well as wallets and wristlets.”

With her eyes set on becoming an internationally acclaimed handbag designer, Reynolds “is taking baby steps to achieve this goal as well as online tutorials”. Your AWF team is in the interim contemplating yet another purchase... Help!