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AW Fashion: The Jamaican Cravat

Monday, August 07, 2017

Fashion designer/custom shirt maker Mark Anthony is not the least bit reticent about championing Independence and the reason behind creating the Jamaican cravat. “I made it for several reasons,” he tells All Woman Fashion (AWF) . “For Jamaica 55 and for my resort collection so that the visitors who come to our island can take back a piece of the island or our culture in a practical and functional way; plus, it also makes the perfect gift.” It certainly does! Elegantly boxed as one would a pair of exquisite cuffs, the Jamaican cravat is made from challis, a lightweight fabric, is soft to the touch, often printed and usually made from rayon or wool. It takes approximately two yards of fabric to make a Mark Anthony cravat.

“Not everybody knows what a cravat is,” says Anthony. “So when they ask I simply explain that it's a French word for necktie, that it's versatile, perfect for all occasions. Then I demonstrate its versatility.”


The cravats are available @ Mark Anthony Designs, 10 Argyle Road Tel: 946-1460 e-mail: They can also be found at Totally Male Spa, and at Keneea Linton boutique.