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Week two, day three of the Jamaica Observer Takes Style Out (TSO) road tour found All Woman: Fashion in the midst of a creative exercise inside the Harbour Street Craft and Cultural Village in Montego Bay. The movement, led by UK Travel Foundation marketing and promotions consultant Arlene Alberga-McKenzie and village manager Mikyoan Robinson, aims to strengthen the small business clusters in that north coast city and bring income to women, the majority of store owners there.

Over 245 artisans and purveyors of local hand-made artefacts, trinkets, apparel, and souvenirs were discovered in the space, from the rainbow crochet dresses made by Teletta Gauntlett to the wooden and glass jewellery by Dawn Shaw.

Artisan Dolsie Daley transforms the typical straw bag into brightly coloured embroidered messenger bags, handbags and totes. Daley even has a knack for patchwork.

Patient Mary aka Pauline Morrison, on the other hand, is all about the fringe, transforming average maxi dresses with an innovative knit design. Morrison takes it up a notch by taking a simple anklet and bracelet concept and making them adjustable for any foot or hand size with elastic cording.

AW Fashion shares the works of these creative hands.

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