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What bad relationship habits are you giving up for Lent?


Monday, February 22, 2021


ASH Wednesday, which was observed last week, signified the beginning of Lent — the annual period of forty days (excluding Sundays) leading up to Easter Monday, which is solemnly observed by Christians to reflect on when Jesus was fasting and being tempted in the wilderness by the Devil.

The Lenten period has traditionally been used by Christians and non-Christians alike as a period of atonement, self-reflection and improvement. People use this period to abstain from indulgences such as alcohol, fast food, and other desires of the flesh, with the hope that after the six weeks, they will be inclined to continue on the straight and narrow.

These bad habits are not always related to our diets or schedules; many of them have to do with our relationships. These readers have been doing some reflection. They share some bad relationship habits that they will be giving up for Lent.

Tammi, 31:

We were talking on Valentine's Day and a little argument developed, and his main complaint was that I only see things from my perspective, and I argue based on emotions only sometimes. So going forward I will try my best to be more understanding and considerate of his needs, and to be more patient with him.

Andre, 34:

I'm giving up on women completely for Lent, you know, maybe even longer. Right now I am broke from buying three different women things for Valentine's Day, and none of them are even my bonafide women. I just prefer to stay single and pick, choose and refuse who I want for a night or a weekend. But the bachelor life is expensive and time-consuming, because I have to keep all of them happy same way. Full time I breeze them, or just stick to one and save some money.

Nick, 28:

My girlfriend says I am too 'friendly' around other women, and it makes her jealous, so I will try not to be so friendly, I guess.

Shayna, 29:

I can't think of any bad habits that I need to give up, to be honest, but my husband has quite a few though. And everytime I try to talk to him it turns into a big argument. Maybe it's him that I will be giving up for Lent.

Camille, 24:

I am single and not exactly looking for a relationship right now, but one bad habit I have is diving heart-first into relationships and falling in love too soon. I always regret giving 'it' up too soon, so for my next relationship I just want to take my time and get to know the person.

La'tina, 27:

The bad habit I will give up is telling my friends when my man and I have problems, or when I think he is cheating, or when he disappoints me in one way or the other. I want to stop because my friends are now showing him 'bad face' when they see him, and I know it's because they can't look past some of the things he did in the past like I can. He cheated on me once with his ex, but I forgave him for it. The truth is that he was really her man, and I took him away from her. But my friends don't know that, so they keep calling me a 'yamhead' in the group chat.