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Stories of sexual harassment at the workplace


Monday, October 02, 2017


SEXUAL harassment at the workplace affects a wide variety of people. It continues to thrive because many are afraid to report it for various reasons, so they think it is better to leave the job or avoid the perpetrator. Although women are the main victims, sometimes men experience sexual harassment on the job as well. All Woman asked several people to share their experiences of unwanted sexual advances on the job.

Jennifer B, 32:

At age 15 I worked in an office for the summer. My immediate supervisor was a family friend who was old enough to be my grandfather. He would occasionally touch my hand and brush against me. But for me, the worst part was how he looked at me. Every move I made I could feel him taking my clothes off with his eyes. I left the job and started volunteering elsewhere. My parents still don't know the real reason I left that job. I've avoided that man in every way ever since.


Tianna K, 27:

A manager from another department stops by my desk every single day, telling me what he wants to do to me on my desk and other places. I'm so uncomfortable around him. But thankfully I will start working elsewhere very soon.


Latoya M, 36:

At my first job a male employee continuously made sexual advances to me. I told him upfront that I wasn't interested in having a relationship with him. He laughed and said all he wanted was sex, as I wasn't worth anything more. Apparently he was used to sleeping with female employees and was very upset when I turned him down. He started to make work hell for me. I left the job when I couldn't take it anymore.


Janice M, 38:

My supervisor has a habit of 'accidentally bouncing into' me or 'accidentally brushing his hands on' me. He's never said anything about his interest in me, but it's quite clear. I just try to avoid being with him alone in a room, and I also avoid sitting beside him in meetings and things like that.


Jamal T, 26:

This 'cougar' at my workplace will not get off my back. She's always calling me to do things for her, even when she doesn't have to. There was this time in her office when she pulled up her skirt and sat with her legs wide open. She wasn't wearing any underwear. She is very attractive for her age, but she is married and has children my age. There is no way I'm going there.