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Uplift your breasts with exercise


Monday, September 25, 2017


IF there is one thing that women desire more than perfect glutes, it's shapely breasts. And while many women turn it up a notch with squats, some avoid working on their chests because they believe it will make them look bulky, while others believe that plastic surgery is the only route to well-formed breasts. But that is not the case, according to Gisel Harrow, personal trainer and fitness instructor at Express Fitness, Liguanea.

“Exercise done correctly and consistently can help to correct body issues that are caused by age and gravity. Sagging boobs are one such issue. Incorporating exercise and a balanced diet into your lifestyle can help give you perky breasts in a matter of weeks,” she advised.

A shapely bosom, according to Harrow, can be achieved when you exercise or work your pec muscles which lie directly under your breast tissue; this will result in a natural lift.

Below she shares a list of exercises that can help you to achieve gravity-defying boobs:


1. Push-ups

Begin in a plank position with your arms straight. Your shoulders should be over your wrists and your body should form a straight line from head to toe. Keep your core engaged and don't allow your hips to drop. Next, slowly bend your elbows and lower your chest towards the floor, then press upwards back to the plank position. Complete three sets of eight to 10 push-ups.


2. Dumbbell chest press

Lie with the middle of your back on top of a stability ball or a flat bench while giving your shoulder blades room to move. Hold dumbbells next to your armpits with knuckles facing forward, then push the weights up away from your chest until your arms are almost straight above you. Slowly lower them back to the starting position, then complete three sets of 12 repetitions.


3. Dumbbell flyes

Lie in the same position as you would for a bench press. However, this time place both hands above your chest with arms straight, elbows slightly bent and knuckles facing out to the side. Open your arms wide, and lower until elbows are in line with your shoulders, then take three or four counts before bringing them back to the starting position. Complete three sets of 12 repetitions.


4. Straight arm pull-over

Lie across a stability ball or a flat bench with only your upper back resting on it. Now place your feet flat on the floor with knees at a 90-degree angle. Hold dumbbells together with both hands above your head with straight arms. Make sure to keep your arms in a starting position and lower dumbbells behind, using only your shoulder joint as far as possible. Then slowly return to starting position and complete three sets of 12-15 pull-overs.


5. Burpee

Do a push-up. Once completed, keep your hands on the ground and jump your legs forward so you are standing in a bent-over position. Lift hands off the ground and jump as high as you can. Now, bend over again, then place your hands flat on the floor and jump into push-up position. Repeat four sets of 20, with a break of 30 seconds between each set.