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Why men avoid educated women

By Miss Kes

Friday, April 28, 2017


Education is the key to a better life, but is it the perfect key to a happy love life? I had occasion recently to do a mock survey with a few men, and surprising to me, most of them said they preferred a 'simple' woman over an educated one, for the simple reason that educated women are too dominant.

Here are some of the responses:


I personally couldn't date a woman with too much education because she is going to think she is the boss of me and all that jazz. I tried once and regretted it. She thought because she had some degrees she was better than my home and my living conditions, so I set her free.


I tried it and it got to me. I remember one time a few friends and their women decided to do a couples' beach trip and my girl flipped out because she claimed she didn't want to mix with certain people. It was so disrespectful that I decided we couldn't go any further.


Most of them believe they are in control and because of that, I don't venture there. I love mi woman weh mi have now – she decent and thing, and yes, she have her first degree, but she's humble. If a girl thinks she's better than me, she can't stay with me.


I love my woman being educated but if she throws it at me like in a disrespectful way, the problems just start. I can't be with a woman who is not going anywhere; I love ambition, but it should come with humility.