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'Conned' by love

By Miss Kes

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Men are not the only ones who play women, in fact women are some of the biggest scammers when it comes to relationships. From dating men for money, status, immigration reasons or even in the quest to mate with someone so they can have beautiful children, women have done it all.

But then sometimes karma hits when they least expect it to, and those who thought they were 'players' actually get conned twofold. Some of these women share their stories.


I was straight up a scammer in that I knew how to get things from men without having sex with them, until I met my match and he played me like a joker and left me in tears. For months I couldn't comprehend how this guy used me and dumped me. I am still in shock.


I always thought I was the powerhouse until I met this guy around this time last year and we went on a few dates. Less than two weeks into it, we got intimate.  I gave him the keys to my apartment and even gave him my debit card and trust me when I say that guy maxed out my bank account and stole almost all my appliances. And I had top-class appliances that cost me a pretty penny. I was a sucker to his charm and I learnt a grand lesson.


I was dating this guy and I actually gave him my car after a few months of us dating. He wasn't working at the time and I would give him money and even buy him clothes and shoes until I saw with my own two eyes what he really was made of. One morning he told me the car had some battery issues and couldn't start so I had to take the bus to work. I was about to cross the road to go into my workplace when I saw him dropping off a woman in my car.  I went in front the car to let him see me and the rest wasn't pretty.


I was taking care of this guy for three years – now this is something I told myself I would never do. I realised after a while that my money that I slaved to earn was being used by this guy to take care of other women.


I was used by a guy I fell for, who took my money. The guy had me paying his rent. Love is wicked!