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Let it out and let go!

By Miss Kes

Friday, November 10, 2017


Anger is often boxed in with the other negative emotions, but venting is quite healthy as it allows you to let out the negatives and refresh your mental state. And this is quite essential as you move towards healing and starting over.

So how do you let it out and let go after being in a difficult situation?

1. Write it down

Writing is one of the most powerful means to get out true emotions. When you write, it allows you to flesh out how you really feel about something or someone and it also gives you the opportunity to relive the memory.

2. Meditate

Meditating not only relaxes you, but it gives you a deeper understanding of why certain things took place.

3. Cry

God gave you tears for a reason. Use it!

4. Talk to someone you can trust

It is always best to get someone else involved as it gives you a different perspective on whatever it may be that caused you to be bitter and angry. Sometimes it's in talking to someone that you realise the reason you should really let go.

5. Pray

Let your supreme power handle spiritually what you might be unable to handle physically. Many times the answers will be found when you're on your knees.