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Celebrate you!

By Miss Kes

Thursday, December 07, 2017


Have you ever made a toast to yourself? Celebrating yourself is essential to boosting your self-esteem. When you activate the love within, you are able to see your perfections more than your flaws, which activates your confidence.

Below are five great ways to celebrate you:

1. Look at yourself in the mirror and speak beautiful words to yourself. Tell yourself that you are great and deserve to be rewarded. Words of affirmation are vital to empowering yourself, and yes, it will sound funny and will be awkward at first, but over time you will reap the rewards as you start to believe it and live it.

2. Speak greatly about yourself to others. It is not pride, it is celebrating yourself and your achievements. There is a huge difference betweeen being confident and being cocky. Speaking boldly about yourself is encouraged, but avoid overdoing it.

3. Take yourself on a date. Sounds crazy? It is not. It is actually extremely powerful when you can be in your own company and have a great time by yourself. This will add to your confidence and also to your self-worth.

4. Take yourself on a vacation. You work hard, don't you? Ensure that you reward yourself at every opportunity you get. Make it a habit to buy yourself or treat yourself to something different and nice every month from your salary. Yes, cover your bills, but ensure that you understand that you work hard to play harder.

5. Capture every moment of your life by writing journals or taking pictures. Remember that life is about creating memories, so ensure you capture great ones with those you love and those who love you.