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After the baby…

By Miss Kes

Friday, August 17, 2018


When a couple has a baby it's a huge transition -- maybe the most profound one of their lives. Suddenly there's a new human, a person that will bond that couple for life. And this transition can go smoothly or not so smoothly for the father who hogged all the attention before.

How does having a baby change a man's life, and his relationship?

The men below confess to the good, the bad, and the difficult emotions.


Well, I can attest to feeling neglected at times because my wife, well she pays more attention to the baby even when I am stressed from work and all that. I have not thought about cheating or anything of that sort but sometimes it gets really frustrating when all you hear about is the baby. And it is not that I don't love my baby, because I do with all my heart, but sometimes a man needs extra emotional loving too.


After my baby was born I noticed that our sex life started to dwindle and when I tried to talk to her about it she always had an excuse. After three months of arguing about it I decided it wasn't worth it anymore and we separated. I take full care of my baby but we were simply not compatible.


After the birth of our daughter she started being insecure and the arguments then got physical and I simply could not spend my life fighting my child's mother, so we parted.


After the baby was born everything changed. All our discussions were about parenting type stuff, and nothing about the relationship. We started living together like roommates. About six months in we had a heart to heart, and today we make compromises and have nights out to ensure that we still keep the fire burning.


After three children it's just a constant whirlwind of emotions and drama in our household. But while after the first baby we struggled to maintain our romance, we were able to talk about it and work on it. Luckily we have a strong support system, so we always have someone to dump the children on when we're feeling overwhelmed, and just need a break for ourselves.