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The lies women tell

By Miss Kes

Friday, August 24, 2018


What exactly are some of the lies women tell in their relationships? For some women they're little white lies – often done to appease the ego. For others, they are of such magnitude that exposing them would be explosive.


I am scared of men especially because of how I saw my father treating my mother growing up. So I decided that I wasn't going to have any children until I was 100 per cent sure of the man. I have been in a seven-year relationship and believe it or not, I am still not sure about him, and so I told him the doctors said I was unable to conceive and I have been secretly taking birth control all this time.


I am now separated from my husband, but I started seeing someone else on the side while I was with my husband because I suspected that he was cheating on me. I am now three months pregnant, and though my husband and I had recently started having sex again, I have told him that we are expecting knowing that it is really not his. I think it is always best to keep your life as uncomplicated as possible, because recently I found out that the guy I am pregnant for is also expecting with another woman.


I have had my body done and my partner thinks it is 100 per cent real. But truth is, my butt and hips and nose were done years ago. I feel bad because of how beautiful and sexy I am and I do want to tell him the truth but I really think he will stop seeing me if I do and I need him because he has been helping me with my children and my business as well.


I have told my now partner that I love him when I honestly don't. I am really with him because he has the finances to take me to where I really want to go. He is totally unattractive but I understand that sometimes you have to do what you despise to get to what you love.


I have told so many lies to men because they do the same, but one which I told a man I was with was that I had no children, when truth is I actually have five. I was afraid that when he heard that I was 24 with five kids he would run, and so yes, I lied.