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Sweetheart chronicles

By Miss Kes

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Bim and Clover's 1975 hit Sweetheart presents an ideal view of the wife/sweetheart relationship, where the man petitions the woman to be friends with his sweetheart.

But truth is different from fiction, and in fact, the life of a sweetheart can be quite challenging, as shared by the women below.


It is not something I am proud of because I wouldn't want to be wearing a ring and having to be home, and another woman is getting my husband's time and money. But the reality is, that's my role. When my man is stressed by his wife he is at my gate, but the real heartache is when I am out and I see him and his wife and their children and I have to play hypocrite and act like I don't know him.


My biggest struggle is when I want to see him, I can't. He has me on a weekend schedule and it affects me from time to time but I just look on the bright side – I am well taken care off with less stress of commitment. All my bills are covered and he bought me a Honda Fit and pays my rent. I have nothing to complain about.


The real problem is him coming over to my place, we have sex, and he gets dressed and leaves. I mean I understand that he has to get home to his wife and family, but I have emotions too. I want to cuddle up and have morning sex too and I think it makes me feel cheap and that really cuts me deep.


The real challenge I have is when his main woman calls him, I have to hush my mouth. Even if she calls in the middle of us having sex, he stops to talk to her. It upsets me all the time.


The hardest thing for me is, he has promised to leave his main woman over a year now, and nothing. I am tired of him always running to her.