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By Rory Daley
Observer writer

Friday, February 21, 2020

With 25 years of experience in the mining business, Lydford Mining Company Limited is no stranger to the rigours associated with the sector.

Therefore, Eddie Cousins, director at Lydford Mining Company Limited, felt the SHACMAN line of trucks had to be part of their fleet.

“We were early adopters of the brand,” Cousins told the Jamaica Observer's weekly Auto magazine.

Cousins said his company was pulled to the SHACMAN brand after they noticed that Tank-Weld had been upgrading their trucks with the Chinese brand.

“We had a close look at them after seeing how successful they were being deployed by the Chinese and Tank-Weld.”

Their first purchase was a tractor-trailer head, bought to replace a wrecked unit. Serving the company well, more SHACMAN trucks were purchased, five dump trucks, making their SHACMAN total six.

“We began with two dump trucks at first then acquired a further three.”
Running the trucks 16 hours a day during a six-day workweek, Lydford Mining Company Limited was more than satisfied with their purchases, especially after inspecting the trucks during their rigourous weekly maintenance programme.

Cousins highlighted the quality, the engines, and chassis of the SHACMAN trucks. On the quality side he was aware that the trucks while Chinese built are based off MAN technology. -based MAN is one of the leading international providers of commercial vehicles, ensuring the trucks are actually European quality.

That quality extends to the engines which are also another world standard brand, Cummins. This means easier maintenance, parts compatibility and availability.

“The chassis of the SHACMAN is a genuine heavy-duty chassis.”
Having such chassis and a drivetrain with gearing suitable for the Jamaican environment are significant positives for the SHACMAN trucks.