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Big prize for dexterity

Observer writer

Friday, February 14, 2020

Team Streetz, organisers of the Asphalt Assault dexterity series, has high hopes for 2020 as they've created a championship with a $500,000 prize package up for grabs. The news came at the series media launch on February 11 at Waterfalls, St Andrew.

“The series is intended as a platform through which to ensure the continued growth of this exciting genre of rallysport,” Christopher James of Team Streetz, told the Jamaica Observer's weekly Auto magazine.

Started in December 2017, Asphalt Assault revived the dexterity genre, but they have so far remained individual events. For this year James said the time was right to expand resulting in an eight-round championship series with points scored towards an overall champion driver at the end of the year.

“We will be hosting four of the eight rounds ourselves. The other four will be done with our supervision in partnership with other promoters,” explained James.

Team Streetz will be joining forces with veteran organiser Kingsley Scott of Slippery Wen Wett fame. They will also be partnering with the team of Dean Corrodus and Ian Wright, who recently created a facility in Ramble, Hanover, for their new series Farm Meets Drifting. James added that having events in different locations across the island will not only expand the fan base, but give greater exposure to the series for competitors and sponsors alike.

“It's our belief that lasting growth is best achieved through cooperation and not self-centred competition and that through this structured cooperation among organisers, sponsors and media we will have a truly islandwide series capable of bringing a new level of value and brand exposure to sponsors.”

James hopes that the 2020 dexterity championship series, sponsored by Lubit, will increase the spectacle that is the dexterity series as drivers will now have to look at an entire season rather than single event wins.