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Gregg reigns at Dover

Observer writer

Friday, August 09, 2019

AFTER an amazing performance at Independence of Speed on August 4 at Dover Raceway in St Ann, Kyle Gregg has set his eyes on Barbados. He is scheduled to participate in the Williams Industries International Race Meet 2019 at Bushy Park on August 31.

“The next step for me and my team is to make this international meet in Barbados at the end of the month,” Gregg told the Jamaica Observer's weekly Auto magazine.

The event is the fourth in the Bajan racing series and has been billed the Clash of Champions. Gregg swept his class Thundersport 2 (TS2) at the Dover meet, winning all three of his races and setting up his championship challenge for the Jamaican season closer in October.

“We're not champions yet. Heading into this meet we were behind due to missing two races from the previous meet. So, yes we're ahead now of Kristian Boodoosingh, but not by much,” he said.

Even though Boodoosingh wasn't present, Gregg is still looking at a potential fight at the next Dover event.

“Independence of Speed was good for us, but missing a few of the big guns this meet. It seems like everyone planning to come out strong for the last meet of the year,” he said.

In the process of winning all three TS2 races, Gregg also reset the Dover lap record on the day, dropping it to 1:15.767 seconds from the previous 1:15.8 seconds he posted earlier in the year.

“The car has been having issues since the start of the year so it was good to break the record. I felt comfortable but there's definitely more in the car. I just need to adapt to the new changes we made. Next meet, we will break it again,” he said.

Also taking hat-tricks were Collin Daley in Modified Production (MP) class two and Senna Summerbell in Thundersport class one.

In Modified Production class one, Dean Shaw and Ian Wright won a race each. Two MP class-three races went to Oliver Townsend as Summerbell claimed one win. Justin Sirgany battled Jamie James winning two to one in MP class-four. Improved Production (IP) class one was dominated by Charles Phillipps with a double win as was IP class-three by Nicholas Barnes, who did the same. Summerbell and Nigel Wilmot split a win each in IP class-two.

Super Street N saw Manoj Ramchandani take two race wins to Steven Scott's one. Ryan Knott, Jermaine Leone and Vijay Bowla all went home with a Super Street T victory each. Kyle Reynolds was a double victor in Motorcycle class A over Robert McDonald's single win. The same happened for Al Woon as he bested Norman Chung, two to one.