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High drama at MX opener

Observer writer

Friday, February 15, 2019

SIX-year-old Craig Powell Jr in the 50cc class was among the winners at the opening round of the MX Jamaica's 2019 season at Temple Hall, St Andrew, last Sunday.

His father Craig Powell Sr was ecstatic about his son's win.

“He's only been riding for two years now and his aim, this year, is to retain his 50cc championship title and gain the experience so he can enter the 65cc class next year,” Powell Sr told the Jamaica Observer's weekly Auto magazine.

The elder Powell was embroiled in a battle with Johannes Reijnen during the final Open Class race for the day. The two, fighting for position, made contact in mid-air after taking one of the bigger jumps on the course. Reijnen's rear wheel hit Powell knocking both of them out of the air. The incident caused the officials to red flag the race, bringing the day to an end.

“He came down on my head and shoulder. I was fully geared up with helmet and chest protector, so I came out with only bruises. Thank God we both are okay,” explained Powell.

Ryland Sampson led the 65cc class. Cruz Kow went home the 85cc class victor, while in the faster groups it was Kyle South, Freddy Galbiati and Kyle Reynolds taking the B, A, and Open class, respectively.

“We are very pleased with the riders that showed up to race as the weather made the track conditions very muddy. As for the spectators, I think we had record number for us at the Temple Hall track,” said Reynolds of event organisers MX Jamaica.

With six rounds for 2019 versus the three that took place in 2018, Reynolds Jamaica is expecting further growth.

“We are expecting an overall growth in the sport. A lot of the kids have moved up to a bigger cc class. We want to welcome some new 3-to 6-year-old riders into the 50cc class,” he added.

Reynolds said all the competitors are looking forward to round two in April.

Started in 2018, MX Jamaica brought motorcross back the motorsport calendar with a summer series.