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Jeremy Allen STREAMS to victory

Observer writer

Friday, August 30, 2019

Jeremy Allen was the toast of Crews Control 2019 held at at Priory, St Ann, on Saturday, August 17. His 2008 Honda Stream took home the Best of Show award as well as Best Multi-purpose vehicle, Best Honda, Best Modern Vehicle, Best Custom Vehicle, and second in the Best Interior Modern Vehicle category.

“The trophy I went for was Best of Show. From I drove in from Kingston to the show, winning that trophy was my aim and I was overwhelmed with joy when I achieved that goal, because the best thing that can happen to you in life is when you set a goal and is achieving it,” Allen told the Jamaica Observer's weekly Auto magazine.

Allen named his Honda Stream Juggernaut because it best represents the unstoppable force in the custom car scene. Having owned the car since 2015, he's been modifying it to the current level, with no real sign of stopping, as part of the Street Kredz crew.

“The first basic modification I did was to change the wheel nuts to some pointed ones.”

From the onset, there's no bypassing Allen's car with its flip paint job that changes colour based on the light and whatever angle it's being viewed at. It can go from green to purple within a few steps or a shift of the head. At night, it's even more aggressive as the Stream features full animated LED lighting inside, outside, and underneath, giving off a club vibe. Keeping up with the club theme is a serious audio-visual system. The complement is 10 total speakers, and three amplifiers.

“I had to do some modifications to the suspension, especially at the back. I had to change the springs, and put on some tougher springs because of the weight that's in the car right now. If I didn't do that, you'd find that the back is weighed down and the front is high up in the air,” he said.

The television in the trunk functions, is able to play DVDs and video games via the connected Xbox and if that wasn't impressive enough, Allen can call on a smoke machine.

“It's one of the things everybody at the car shows is always talking about, the smoke machine. It's gives people a surprise at the shows.”

The Stream's interior has been redone. The seats have been re-upholstered in a red and black theme. Where possible, graphics featuring the comic book character The Joker have been applied to the plastic trim. One area does stand out, the one Allen is most proud of, the 13 screens around the vehicle.

“They are all functional. I can have different things showing on them at the same time.”

Beyond the big one in the trunk, there are screens as far as one can see and some in not so obvious positions. Each door gets a screen. There is one each in the front seat headrests, and the sun visors are also screens. Impressing everyone was the pair in the engine bay.

“Normally I set my car because I want them to look different from other cars on the street because whenever I pass persons I like see the heads turn.”