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Slippery Wen Wett on Sunday

Friday, August 17, 2018

Pines Plaza's parking lot in St Elizabeth will be the venue for long-running dexterity series Slippery Wen Wett on Sunday. The event, dubbed The Return of the Hype, is scheduled to start at 2:00 pm.

“Fans can expect a high- energy event,” Kingsley Scott, event promoter, told the Jamaica Observer's Auto magazine.

Scott based his comment on the several big names in the dexterity scene, like Ian Wright and Nicholas Barnes, who are expected to be in attendance. Upping the ante even more is the $150,000 in cash and prizes on offer to the various winners. Between the runs the action will be exhibition drives from up-and-coming talent.

Started in 2008, Scott said he has done little to change the series' formula. However, it continues to provide the excitement motorsport fans expect.

“People will never know what they get when they come to Slippery Wen Wett. There is always something new to see and they'll never see the same thing twice,” he explained.

Slippery Wen Wett offers a very unique experience in the dexterity genre for patrons as they're able to experience the action close up in safe manner. It uses the traditional dexterity formula of three runs on a cone-defined course, after which the 10 fastest drivers are put together in a showdown.

— Rory Daley