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Product management expert helps Yello Media chart way forward

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Carou Ralph has come a long way since starting out as a publishing assistant at Global Directories, in 2008.

Ten years later, he now serves as a regional product manager for the company which has since been rebranded as Yello Media Group.

Since entering the company, he has diligently worked his way up the Yello corporate ladder, transitioning to senior publishing assistant, digital care expert, and digital team supervisor, before leaving for a brief period during 2015. He returned to assume his current role.

As a regional product manager, he manages a range of products across the Caribbean and Central America, including Google AdWords & Display, social media display advertising, as well as website design and development. These products play a big role in ensuring that Yello continues to provide solutions that benefit their customers in the areas of brand awareness, lead generation and expanding reach.

In the coming months, Ralph will be helping to drive Yello Media's further expansion into the digital space.

Sharing his five-year outlook for his product lines, Ralph said that he sees Yello branching off into diverse media products.

“Yello has been in the business of creating content for over 50 years and I see the business expanding its product suite, to include a wide range of customers and consumer-focused products that will make use of curated content,” he stated.

Ralph began his digital education by pursuing a BSc in Computing and Information Technology at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech). He has since been certified in Google Adwords & Analytics, Product Management, and Product Marketing Management.

Yello Media is the Caribbean region's leading full-service advertising solutions provider, offering cutting edge digital advertising solutions to businesses in over 20 markets across the region. The company has also been recognised by Google, for the past three years, as the top reseller of Google's marketing solutions for Latin American and Caribbean businesses.