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Events coordinator P J Wright joins the sanitisation business

...Mint Cleaners sees uptick, expanding

Observer writer

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Well known events coordinator and promoter Peter Jason Wright has thrown his hat into the sanitisation business, a thriving market in the era of COVID-19.

Mint Cleaners, his latest venture, has seen a recent uptick in requests as businesses and individual deal with ever present danger of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have been around since March and the core of our business is commercial cleaning and janitorial services. However, as of April we have focused on COVID-19 disinfection,” Wright explained in an interview with the Business Observer.

Mint Cleaners is located at St James Avenue in Kingston, but due to current demand is spreading its services outside of the capital. Wright and his team based on this upsurge of request has opened a branch of Mint Cleaners on Queen's Drive, in Montego Bay. The Montego Bay francise of Mint Cleaners is operated by Andre Brown.

“Based on the importance of tourism to Jamaica, we found the need to be in the heart of the second city and assist businesses in the tourism sector with a quick, safe and affordable solution for keeping their staff and customers safe. As we develop our business islandwide to offer top of the line disinfecting and cleaning services, we made the decision to venture into western Jamaica,” Wright explained.

He added that the Montego Bay branch will provide job opportunities.

“This new undertaking will open up job opportunities to western Jamaica and assist the tourism corridor in keeping COVID-19 at a distance as they follow safety protocols. We are optimistic about the strides this new franchisee will make for Mint Cleaners Ltd and the extra lift toward the western part of the island. Our mandate is standing firm to offer five star disinfecting services.”

Among Mint Cleaners Limited clients are Carib Cement Company, Hardware and Lumber and Caribbean Producers Jamaica.

“Significant investments have been made to tool the business with the very modern technology of electrostatic misting. This is the same technology that airlines and hotels are using to offer quick and effective disinfection for COVID-19.”

The 36-year-old Wright, who is from Kingston, is a director at Dream Entertainment. Among the events he has promoted are 'Daydreams' and 'Chillin on the Farm'.