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Expansion and diversification plans for itelbpo during pandemic

Friday, May 22, 2020

Local business process outsourcing company itelbpo continues to expand and diversify its geographic footprint, even in the face of a global economic recession.

By adding work-at-home (WAH) Canada, the Caribbean-founded global services provider continues to gain ground in the global market by broadening its reach to access a wider pool of languages, skills, and education. The company's nimble business model is proving its resilience in serving clients and customers across the globe.

Earlier this month, itelbpo moved quickly to launch its WAH operations in Canada and tap into the country's bilingual (French & English) workforce.

“Canada is a multicultural and diverse society with a highly educated workforce,” commented itelbpo's founding chairman and CEO, Yoni Epstein. “It is also known for having low rates of workforce attrition. We've been eyeing the destination for a while, but decided to move quickly in order to respond to increasing demand for French-language speakers.”

The company acquired a robust work-at-home platform in 2017, which has been largely dedicated to growing a coast-to-coast network of at-home agents across the United States.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has successfully leveraged its capabilities to facilitate WAH in the Caribbean for much of its onsite staff. Now, with the global workforce adjusting to social distancing protocols and widespread public health concerns, it is clear that the gig economy will only continue to grow.

With a strong North American pipeline for back-office and customer experience services in industries, such as financial, insurance, online retail, utilities, travel and tourism, logistics, and health care, the timing is right for itelbpo to bring its WAH platform to Canada.

The company, which was founded in 2012 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is the region's largest home-grown business process outsourcer. It is now a global business encompassing 8 facilities in 5 countries (Jamaica, The Bahamas, Mexico, St Lucia) and a robust network of US-based work-from-home agents.

Delivering customised contact centre solutions across multiple channels and industries, the company is renowned for its commitment to “employee experience = customer experience”.


— Alexis Monteith