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Irie Rock lands in London

Friday, September 08, 2017

Jamaican cosmetics company Irie Rock officially launched their brand last month in London UK, a step towards its goal of becoming a global brand.

“It is a good step towards our ultimate goal, which is to become an international brand; our intention is to expand even further within the European market as we believe there is a demand for the type of products we produce in those markets,” said Irie Rock owner Racquell Brown.

The well-attended launch at The Fable — a venue inspired by the fantasy world of fairy tales and Aesop's fables — included in-store promotions of the natural skincare products by Pak Cosmetics which cemented the brand's presence within the group of stores. Brown told participants of her journey as a business woman while highlighting the differences of the Irie Rock brand to other brands available.

The distribution of the Irie Rock product line has now been increased from two Pas Cosmestics stores to now being available in all nine throughout London, as well as in their company online store.

“It was a successful trip. We went with the intention of increasing our presence within the Pak stores. for our products to be available in all the Paks stores is a big get — we are grateful and up for the challenge,” said Brown.

The company, located in Edgewater, Portmore, sells a line of face and skincare products made from natural ingredients — paw paws, mangoes, coconuts, vanilla, coffee, citrus, tea tree, and witch hazel oils — which can be used on normal or sensitive skin.