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Logistic development — a catalyst for driving economies

Friday, August 23, 2019

At the opening ceremony for Celebration Brand's Limited's (CBL) Logic One warehouse on Tuesday (August 20), Anthony Hylton, Member of Parliament (MP) for Western St Andrew, expressed elation that his vision for logistic development within the country has now started to take root.

Hylton's expression of satisfaction came as a result of the warehouse aiding in the coming together and expansion of efficiencies within the productive sector.

He expressed that the undertaking of the project to conceptualise and build out this sort of warehouse to simplify operational procedures for the company forms part of the logistic development which he has always lobbied for and promoted as minister.

“As MP, I want to say how pleased I am to see today's development. Those of you who have heard me try to bring the message about logistics and what it can do for the economy and by extension the people of Jamaica; I want to say to you that today marks the celebration of one of the events that I have talked about. Today Logic One, in carrying out this project is making a significant contribution to that vision,” he said.

He noted the project as a major contribution as it marks one of several phases to come.

“Not all investments are equal some are far more strategic than others; this is a strategic investment which really brings forward the vision that I have for my constituency and Jamaica,” he said.

He added that “for the constituency it represents enhanced employment, jobs and an improved environment, it also sets the trend for more investments to come. Investment of this nature is what the economy needs to drive growth, sustainable development and employment in Jamaica”.

He reasoned that his long-held vision is connecting with more people who are now doing what needs to be done in order to offset the type of growth which is required for building economies. With his constituency forming part of the largest industrial belt in the country, he welcomed and endorsed the move by CBL to develop this type of project within the area. He also urged other companies to follow suit, paying close attention to efficiency and training.

“If they do that, it will be met with success, more investments and more employment,” he stated.