Facebook slumps 5.0% as US stocks open lower

NEW YORK, United States (AFP) – Facebook shares tumbled 5.0 per cent in early trading Monday following reports of a large data breach as US stocks fell ahead of a Federal Reserve policy decision later this week. Read More

'End of an era': New York shoppers glum at Toys 'R' Us
NEW YORK, United States (AFP) — The Toys 'R' Us in Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan, all is more or less normal — noisy gizmos for sale drown out the store's background music, and employees stand at the ready.... Read More

Jamaica moves up 20 spaces in World Happiness Report
Jamaica is a far happier place than it was a year ago, according to results from the World Happines Report 2018.... Read More

The business of bitcoin….a shiny scam or a gold mine?
The first transaction involving bitcoin was reported on May 22, 2010, when a programmer identified as Laszlo Hanyecz said he “successfully traded 10,000 bitcoins for pizza.” As of today, 10,000 bitcoins are worth about US$120 million. A very...... Read More

Overseas customer questions JN over insurance coverage

Claudienne Edwards | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

Dear ClaudienneI am writing this letter to express my disgust with Jamaica National Building Society Bank (JN Bank) and JNGI (JN General Insurance). Read More

Independent gaming sector unhappy about new 'draconian' rules

BY KARENA BENNETT Business reporter | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

Gaming operators and the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC) were on opposite sides of the fence on Thursday as the Commission sought to pull even the person assembling a gaming machine for personal use under its net. Read More

US moves to slash nicotine in cigarettes

Sunday, March, 18 2018    

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) -- US regulators Thursday opened the door to slashing the amount of nicotine in cigarettes in order to make them less addictive, a move that could mean millions fewer smokers in the years to come. Read More

Seprod opens Jamaica Grain and Cereals

Sunday, March, 18 2018    

On Thursday, manufacturing company Seprod Limited officially opened the Jamaica Grain and Cereals factory following a $3-billion investment. Seprod hopes to grow sales by $16.2 billion by year-end and is targeting 50 per cent of production capacity for the Caricom... Read More

Bonds for the equity investor

Marian Ross | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

Have you ever placed a bet? You agree to pay a certain amount to your friend/casino if a certain condition is met. For example, you may have bet that the Patriots were going to win the NFL in 2017. Or that Chelsea would have won the... Read More

Are you adding or subtracting money? Identify your money set point

Dennise Williams | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

I am going to guess that we all would be happy to win the lotto or have some large sum of money drop in our lap. However, in our day-to-day lives, where are we when we ask how our money is feeling? Is it feeling large and expansive or “not enough” and “less than”?... Read More

Irish economy powered ahead in 2017

Sunday, March, 18 2018    

DUBLIN , Ireland (AFP) — Irela nd's economy expanded by 7.8 per cent last year thanks to growth across most sectors, official data showed Thursday, as the recovering eurozone nation prepares for Brexit in neighbouring... Read More

South Africa rages at Australia visa plan for 'persecuted' whites

Sunday, March, 18 2018    

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AFP) -- South Africa summoned Australia's envoy to Pretoria Thursday to explain comments by a Canberra minister who suggested “persecuted” white farmers in the country should be offered fast-tracked humanitarian visas. Read More

Some bipartisan suggestions

BY KEITH COLLISTER | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

In his inaugural budget speech as shadow Minister of Finance, Opposition MP Mark Golding made some important suggestions that should not be lost to the typically adversarial parliamentary process. Read More

Symposium to showcase Jamaica as BPO destination

Saturday, March, 17 2018    

THE inaugural Outsource2Jamaica Symposium & Expo, to be held in Montego Bay in April, will provide a platform to raise the profile of Jamaica as a business process outsourcing (BPO) destination. Read More

Zacca sets about restructuring Sagicor

BY KEITH COLLISTER | Friday, March, 16 2018    

In just a few short months, Sagicor Group Jamaica's new President and CEO Christopher Zacca has restructured his executive team with the overall goal of creating greater focus, driving performance and improving asset returns. He has created clearer lines of demarcation... Read More


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