Kandi King – The Karnival queen

BY PAUL ALLEN Observer writer | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

While many Jamaicans continue to debate the spread of carnival locally, Kandi King (we daresay she lucked out with that name), has taken her love for all things carnival and made a name and multiple enterprises for herself by catering to the needs of Rock revellers seeking an authentic... Read More

Evan Williams' dream, the R Hotel, finally opens in New Kingston

BY BALFORD HENRY Senior reporter | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

The old Jamaican proverb says, “ e very dawg have him day an every puss him 4 o'clock”, and we could add to that, “everyone has their own story”. Read More

Equity still the key to Jamaica's economic turnaround

BY KEITH COLLISTER | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

In an article dated March 18, 2016 in the Jamaica Observer 'Equity is the key to Jamaica's economic turnaround', I argued that Jamaica was still badly in need of a turnaround, and that more equity was the key to Jamaica's economic turnaround, the other main issue being... Read More

Promotions at Digicel

Sunday, June, 9 2019    

Digicel today announced four key executive promotions to bolster its team, as the company continues its rapid deployment of the next wave of innovation that fits the changing needs of its customers. Read More

Affordability, not supply is the main problem facing housing market

Sunday, June, 9 2019    

WELL-KNOWN housing expert, Carlton Earl Samuels, says that in order to further narrow the housing gap, greater attention needs to be paid to addressing affordability, as supply is improving. Read More

Dividends: A simple explanation

BY RANDY T ROWE Contributor | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

HEY guys. This week I continue the series on de-mystifying some of the terms around investing and making it less scary (and less boring). Our topic today is “dividends”. Just like “stocks” last week, this is another term that everybody and them cousin... Read More

Singer to waive labour cost

Claudienne Edwards | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

Dear Claudienne I am seeking your assistance pertaining to an issue my aunt has with Singer.My aunt purchased an LG door-in-door refrigerator from Singer on December 17, 2018 for $190,000. The delivery was made on December 20, 2018. Read More

The The Instagram-worthy travel bucket list

BY PAUL ALLEN Observer writer | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

Not too long ago, a trip to 'farrin' for many Jamaicans meant New York, Miami and, if you had neighbours or relatives on the overseas employment programme, Canada. Read More

Lee-Chin appointed to board of German radiopharmaceutical group ITM

Sunday, June, 9 2019    

Well-known Jamaican-Canadian entrepreneur, investor, business magnate and philanthropist, Michael Lee-Chin, was recently appointed to the supervisory board of ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG (ITM), a German radiopharmaceutical group of... Read More

UWI study shows $40 billion demand for agricultural supplies in the tourism sector

BY HORACE HINES Observer staff reporter | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

MONTEGO BAY, St James — A recently completed study by The University of the West Indies (The UWI) has revealed that there is a $40 billion demand for agricultural supplies in the tourism sector. Read More

Don't freak out but…you're old?!

BY PAUL ALLEN Observer writer | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

WHEN I made the trek from Mandeville to Kingston for university just over a decade ago, it was the first step on my proverbial journey of a thousand miles. Read More


Sunday, June, 9 2019    

Joe Issa chairman Cool Group of Companies; Chris Berry, chairman Mayberry; Ryan Reid, president First Rock; Fred Smith chairman Tropical Tours all smile at the charity concert'An Evening With Air Supply and Thrid World featuring Koffee' at the Couples Sans Souci Tower Isle St Mary last... Read More

Avoiding the nightmare tenant

BY PAUL ALLEN Observer writer | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

RENTING is a very personal thing. Not only are you allowing someone into a space that is uniquely yours, you are also trusting them to care for it as you would yourself. Read More

Private equity — the beginner's guide

BY YANIQUE LEIBA-EBANKS | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

WHAT is private equity? This is ownership of shares in a company that is not public (privately owned), that is, it is not listed on a stock exchange. Read More

What is an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

BY ALEXIS MONTEITH Observer writer | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

AN initial public offering, or IPO, is the process of selling stocks in a company to the public for the first time. The purpose of this is to raise money for the company. Once this is done the company is referred to as a publicly traded company. “Going public” as it is... Read More


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