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Business Access TV goes regional to air in Trinidad, Barbados

Friday, August 26, 2016

Wealth Magazine-owned Business Access Television has entered an agreement with Digicel Play to air its business and lifestyle-focused content in Trinidad and Barbados.

Last year, owners of the magazine — Garth Walker and Leighton Davis — launched the television station in partnership with telecoms provider FLOW, noting that the channel would benefit from the provider’s strong local distribution and IP video technology. Expectations were that the partnership would extend to Caribbean-wide distribution.

"Those plans have not been shelved at all. It just so happened that we entered the countries with Digicel Play first," Walker told the Jamaica Observer.

"The whole idea of going into the region is to be able to tap into budgets from brands that want a regional presence as well as exporting our domestic businesses to their markets and bringing their businesses to our markets. We will be sending our signal down there, so whatever is showing in Jamaica will broadcast simultaneously in Trinidad and Barbados.

"You can expect the channel over the next couple of months to adopt a more regional feel as we continue to deepen our foothold in the Caribbean. We will start to interview and feature companies small and large from those countries and incorporate them seamlessly into our programming," he added.

From its successful start in Jamaica, expanding across the Caribbean region is the next phase of the company’s development after adding On Point to its scheduling — a Jamaica-based business current affairs programme created and produced by BATV. The expansion is expected to have a positive impact on Jamaican entrepreneurs as it increases its potential customer base.

In welcoming BATV to the service, Digicel Play Group CEO, John Suranyi, commented: "We are focused on delivering a great cross-section of content to our customers. BATV is a great example of locally produced Jamaican content with regional ambitions. We are delighted to be bringing it to a Caribbean audience."

Through the new distribution agreement with Digicel Play, residents of both Trinidad and Barbados will now join viewers in Jamaica to enjoy all the channel’s regular scheduled programmes.

— Karena Bennett