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Claudienne Edwards

Sunday, October 14, 2012    

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Dear Claudienne

I now reside in Georgia, USA but I worked at Desnoes and Geddes (D&G) from 1976 to 1987. I have applied to the NHT for a refund of my contributions but they said they needed verification of the contributions from 1976-1987. I have asked D&G for a letter verifying the contributions and from May, the payroll department promised to prepare it but up to now I have not got it. My mother who lives in Jamaica has been calling the payroll department to no avail.

Could you kindly assist me to get the letter?


Dear HD

According to the D&G payroll department, the annual returns for the years 1976-1987 were sent to the NHT, so you did not need a letter of verification of contributions. Nonetheless, Tell Claudienne notes that the payroll department prepared and delivered the verification letter to your mother soon after we contacted them.

We also asked the NHT why they required refund applicants to return to their companies for verification letters even after the companies had filed the required returns.

The following is the NHT's response to this question:

"The NHT requests a letter verifying employees' contributions only when either of the following two cases exists:

The company did not submit annual returns for the period 1976-1984, or the annual returns the company submitted has incomplete information which does not allow the NHT to specifically identify the individual contributors."

Good luck.

Dear Claudienne

I am a senior citizen over 80 years of age and I am sickly. I live in the hills of Westmoreland. I have a LIME fixed cell line phone that works with an antenna on top of my house. The phone has not been working for more than two weeks and I asked a friend to call LIME and make a report for me. When the person called LIME, he was told to tell me to remove the phone and take it to their Savanna-la-Mar office, but I am not able to do this. I have not been able to make or receive calls but the line is live.

Could you kindly check with LIME for me.


Dear HS

Tell Claudienne contacted LIME and they have promised to replace the instrument before the end of this week. We see that they have spoken to you and explained how they will resolve the matter.

Good luck.

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