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Guardsman to distribute medical alert watch

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Many senior citizens experience the loss of independence to engage in their favourite activities due to a range of health risks based on conditions they may have. Where once they may have led active lives, they may now find themselves confined to home or on depending on others.

To help address such concerns of older persons and alleviate the worries of family members and caregivers, Guardsman Alarms has enhanced its suite of services to introduce the Vesag watch called GMedic, a comprehensive medical alert solution that will give seniors assurances of comfort and convenience to continue enjoying their independence and their family members and caregivers round the clock peace of mind knowing that their loved one is safe.

At the launch of the product held at the Guardsman Group head office last week, Rajendra Sadhu, CEO of Vyzin, manufacturers of the device, noted that the Vesag watch was conceptualised because of the death of an uncle and that this product will aid in minimising such unfortunate incidents.

"People in Jamaica and in countries outside of Jamaica are very concerned about the health of their elder loved ones and want to be able to take care of their older family members. GMedic facilitates this need. I am sure this product will be very successful in Jamaica and I cannot stress how proud I am that Guardsman was able to partner with us and provide this product for Jamaicans."

Executive Chairman of the Guardsman Group, Kenny Benjamin, was also pleased at the partnership, sharing that "We are the first to exclusively provide this medical alert watch in Jamaica, which is different from all other medical ones in the market and I am amazed at the possibilities of this watch. At Guardsman we are very solutions oriented and through this partnership, our clients will be able to access quick and efficient medical help."

"We started Guardsman with the simple goal to make people feel safer, happier and healthier so today we are very happy to present to Jamaica the Vesag watch. This device is essential to keeping loved ones, especially the elderly, safe. So for instance it is able to track persons with Alzheimer's or Dementia and notify you of their whereabouts."

For all its high-tech offerings - such as built in wireless transmission, SOS dialing and built in microphone and speaker phone - Benjamin praised its simplicity and ease of use for everyone.

"With a large digital display, the watch allows for easy and clear readings of all notifications. Plus there are easy to press buttons and simple instructions that guide you to accessing the assistance you want, wherever you are, within minutes, 24/7."

The watch, which may also be worn as a pendant or placed on key rings, also features a Medicine/Task Reminder that alerts clients to take medication or complete an activity. Two emergency panic buttons that dial the Convenient Ambulance Services Central Station are included as well as a Sim card that provides island wide service and an additional battery and two chargers.

GMedic's multi-functional capabilities also make it practical for use for those who are health and fitness conscious and anyone requiring personal tracking.

"As a personal emergency response solution, GMedic focuses on pre-emptive care. So for instance, the elderly can continue to enjoy the things they love as it gives them greater independence with the assurance in knowing that first class emergency response is at their fingertips," noted Guardsman Alarms' Customer Service and Business Development Manager, Nadean Rawlins. "For individuals with medical issues, the device can help them monitor their health from home and share with doctors, thereby acting as a hub for taking health readings of things like heart rate, blood pressure and more,"

Rawlins added that this product fit perfectly in Guardsman's strategic objectives of providing innovative protective solutions for everyone.

"We are always seeking to enhance our service offerings and we realised there was a dire need for a service of this kind. As an affordably-priced protective option, GMedic now positions us as the most hands-on, 24-hour monitoring and response service and strengthens our service promise to Jamaicans islandwide that through Guardsman Alarms, they are never alone and always protected."

Also, as Vyzin continues to improve on existing health and safety technologies, especially for the elderly, Sadhu hinted at other innovations which he hopes will be made available to the Jamaican market.

"I am also in the process of creating ways for the elderly to control electronics in their home and help to further ease their way of life. Another innovation that Guardsman will partner with us on is a new diabetic product which will eliminate the need for people with diabetes to prick to receive their reading. Instead, using BIA technology users can just place their finger on the device and it will provide a reading. We also will make advancements of device so that if a situation is dire and person is injured and can't press the panic button an ambulance will be automatically alerted."