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Claudienne Edwards

Sunday, July 29, 2012    

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Dear Claudienne

My mobile telephone service was recently cut off by LIME because of arrears. My grouse is that all the arrears had been paid up at least two weeks prior to the discontinuation of the service.

I have been a mobile customer of LIME since 1999 when I was assigned a company mobile telephone and took out my own personal post-paid account in June 2008.

Between April and June this year, I had financial difficulties and did not pay up my bills in full each time. I was carrying arrears of about $4,000 up until June 25, when I cleared all outstanding amounts.

I was therefore quite surprised when on the night of July 11, while attempting to make a call I suddenly had no range. The following message appeared on the phone: 'SIM card registration failed!' After lengthy discussions with customer service representatives and a supervisor on three different occasions between Thursday, July 12 and Saturday, July 14, I finally understood that I had no mobile service because it had been 'ceased' due to an unpaid amount (the same amount which had been paid up two weeks earlier). And worse, the supervisor informed me that if I wished to have the service restored, I would have to go to a LIME store and start the whole process over again.

I cannot understand why I have to physically go in and start a new account again. I also do not understand why my service was discontinued two weeks after all outstanding monies had been paid up. Further, I have a credit limit of $20,400 on my account and none of the arrears at any time during the three-month period surpassed even half of that amount.

On Saturday July 14, the supervisor I spoke to informed me that the order to cease service had been sent out from June 19 and that it was not called off even though I had paid up on June 25. I do not understand why the order was not rescinded as I was in good standing once again.

I currently have no cell phone service and would be grateful if you could assist me in getting my complaint to LIME, and most importantly a positive response from the company that my telephone service will be restored.


Dear KL

We informed the Customer Experience Manager at LIME of your complaint and we note that she contacted you promptly. Tell Claudienne was advised by LIME on Wednesday that your SIM card was ready. Please collect it from the company and confirm with them that your phone service has been reconnected.

Good luck.

Dear Claudienne

I worked at the Post and Telegraph Department for 10 years as a secretary then resigned. I am now a pensioner and have been waiting for a long time for the pension to which I am entitled for the 10 years I worked at the Post and Telegraph. I got a letter from the Accountant General on May 21 informing me that the pension was granted. I was told that it would be paid in eight weeks ending July 23. However, they have now told me that I will have to wait an additional three weeks for payment.

Could you kindly check with them for me as I urgently need the money.


Dear JC

Tell Claudienne contacted the Accountant General on Tuesday, July 17. We were advised that same day that the AG was in the proces of preparing your cheque. On Wednesday the AG told us that the cheque was ready and would be immediately mailed to you.

Good luck.

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