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Raw Jamaican sugar for Italian cupboards

BY HORACE HINES Observer staff reporter FROME, Westmoreland

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company's raw product may soon end up on Italian supermarket shelves.

The company has already secured a market for exporting raw sugar into Italy through an EU food agency.

To start, it shipped containers loaded with bags of sugar — carrying the JamFrome logo — amounting to 115 tonnes from Kingston.

"It will not be long before the Jamaican raw sugar will be sold in Italian supermarket." said Francis He, the CEO of Pan- Caribbean Sugar Company stated in a release issued yesterday. "This is the first time in history of Jamaican sugar industry to sell raw sugar in EU market for direct consumption."

In the past, sugar was exported for refinery, but not for domestic purposes, the Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company boss argued.

Another five containers of bagged sugar from Monymusk will soon depart to Italy for trial sale.

"This is glory of all the employees of the company, also the glory of Jamaica sugar industry," He said. "It proves Jamaican sugar can enter high-end markets, not just for refinery."

He added: "If the sale is good, EU has much potential market for raw sugar. Because more and more European consumers prefer raw food without chemical treatment".

The Pan-Caribbean Sugar boss is projecting that exports to the EU will total in the thousands of tonnes in next year's crop.

The company has reportedly placed a US$1million order for the most advanced raw sugar treatment equipment for Frome and Monymusk.