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Five types of engineers

Sunday, October 14, 2018

You've undoubtedly heard about the familiar engineering fields — mechanical, chemical, civil, and electrical. But there are many other types as well, some of which may surprise you. Despite their specialisation, all types of engineers use maths, science, and technology to solve problems, then combine creativity to achieve designs and solutions for almost every industry. If you have an interest in engineering, you might want to take a look at these five additional types of engineers. One of them might just speak to you.


1 . Structural Engineer

Job Description: This type of engineer analyses structural elements for the effects of gravity and weight load on the materials used in construction of platforms, stages, or mobile elements from conceptual designs. Imagine that an artist has created a beautiful image and you are responsible for making it come to life.

STEM Type: Maker

Median Salary: US$56,000

Education Required: A bachelor's degree is required to be a structural engineer and experience in mechanical engineering is helpful.

Recommended High School Classes: maths, science, computer, art and graphic design classes are helpful to prepare for work in the structural engineering field.


2 . Satellite Communications Engineer

Job Description: This type of engineer runs the “earth station” part of the satellite communication network. You are in charge of the facilities that house all of the equipment and create and maintain connections with broadcast satellites.

STEM Type: Producer

Median Salary: US$84,000

Education Required: A bachelor's degree in engineering is required to be a satellite communications engineer and technical knowledge in communication is helpful.

Recommended High School Classes: You should study maths, science, and technology classes in high school in preparation for a job as a satellite communications engineer.


3 . Broadcast Engineer

Job Description: If the broadcast industry is exciting to you, this type of engineer has the working knowledge of all systems used to produce a news, entertainment, or sports broadcast. The broadcast engineer must know and follow the FCC rules and regulations, and is the problem solver on a broadcast team.

STEM Type: Designer

Median Salary: US$92,000

Education Required: Completion of a four-year bachelor's degree in engineering is required to be a broadcast engineer.

Recommended High School Classes: Study maths, science, and technology, along with classes in television or radio production.


4 . Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Job Description: This category is so diverse depending upon where you work, but generally this type of engineer works with machine learning and robotics, perfecting the movements and capabilities of machines.

STEM Type: Designer

Median Salary: US$80,000

Education Required: A bachelor's degree in engineering is recommended, along with experience in software engineering.

Recommended High School Classes: As many computer and technology classes as possible should be taken in high school for a student interested in this type of engineering. Learning to code is essential.


5 . Environmental Engineer

Job Description: Those interested in engineering and passionate about the outdoors are well suited to this type of engineering, which centres on the intersection of people and their environment. You work to balance human interaction with the world and an important part of your job is to design, devise, and implement strategies for improving energy use, conservation, and distribution of energy.

STEM Type: Designer

Median Salary: US$63,000

Education Required: A bachelor's degree in engineering is required.

Recommended High School Classes: In addition to maths, science, and technology, an environmental engineer should prepare by taking biology and chemistry classes in high school.


These five unique and interesting types of engineers are just a few of the many that exist. An engineering degree can be the start of a career that takes you into many different new and exciting jobs where you can solve the problems being created in a modern world.