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Knockalva girls get into vision boarding

We Inspire Girls introduces exercise as part of 2019 season

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Vision boarding — the creation of a collage of words and pictures that represent one's goals and dreams — has become a popular activity in recent years and is revolutionising many people's approach to new year's resolutions. The general argument is that visualising one's dreams and goals as tangible ideas or representations stimulates ones emotions to fulfil them, which in turn strengthens/increases the probability of seeing them through.

Convinced of the power of vision boards — largely based on the historical account of blind and deaf educator Helen Keller, and the experience of its founder Cortia Bingham-McKenzie — We Inspire Girls is seeking to have high school girls create the habit of visualisation as a means of manifesting big dreams.

It started with Knockalva Technical High School in Hanover this past Wednesday, January 16 with 200 girls.

“We truly appreciate what We Inspire Girls to Be Strong Women High School Tour stands for,” guidance counsellor Michelle Bernard Campbell said Wednesday.

“Because of our location, we are often overlooked when these initiatives go across the island. Our girls are often plagued with teenage pregnancy and poverty, so hearing the stories of women like Mrs Cortia Bingham-McKenzie and knowing she started using vision boards from she was 13 years old, and everything came through, is very encouraging and gives [our students] hope,” she continued.

We Inspire teamed up with singer/songwriter Naomi Cowan, Diana Burgess, Foska Oats, Neutrogena, Lasco iCool, Curves and Elle & Vire to execute Wednesday's session. Here are the highlights.