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Lessons my daddy has taught me

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father: Mark Simpson

Children: Nathaniel, 8, and Kyle, 10


He has taught us a lot and is always teaching us things. He has taught us to care about others and to think before we act.



Father: Paul Edie

Child: Samuel, 11


“I learnt this from both my parents but my dad spoke it more fluently. He told me never to beg nor receive things from strangers and if they insisted on giving me I should tell them that I don't need it. He also taught me to be cautious of my surroundings because whenever I go to his house I play with my friends outdoors and because I have sickle cell he taught me to be more cautious of my surroundings. I may fall and get bruises and that is why he said I should be careful. Most importantly, he taught me how to be successful in school. He said I should never follow bad company and I should do my best regardless of the outcome”



Dad: Stephen Clarke

Child: Daniel, 6


Dad has taught me that lying is bad and I may not get punished for other things but I will get punished for telling a lie.

He also taught me to always love God and do good things



Dad: Sheldon Beckford

Child: Mika, 5


“Daddy has taught me to go to sleep early, to speak the truth, and to be polite.”



Dad: Floyd Kelsey

Children: Tahj-Rae, 10 and Kaela-Anne, 6

“Daddy taught us how to manage our money and how to fix cars. He also taught us that education is important and that we are to maek sure we learn our lessons at school.”



Dad: Lenworth Wisdom

Children: Tyler, 8, L'Jai,


“When my training wheels couldn't hold me up anymore my father took them off and I had to learn to ride all by myself. My father kept on teaching me and teaching me and teaching me and after a few falls, I finally learned how to do it. And because of my father, I can ride extremely fast, even in one little spot”.