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Scholarships aplenty for Cornwall College boys

Sunday, October 20, 2019

One of the first things that a newly enrolled student at Cornwall College learns is that the first chemistry lab in the secondary school system in the entire Caribbean was constructed at Cornwall College. The new student also learns, within a matter of days, that his school has produced some of the nation's best and brightest scientists, engineers, doctors and lawyers, and that nothing short of excellence is expected of him.

As such, excellence in regional exams for many a young Cornwallian becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

For some students, the 2018-2019 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exam (CAPE) and Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) results were nothing short of extraordinary, signifying that the all-boys school in western Jamaica has lived up to its mantra of “Converting Boys to Men of Might”.

Consequent on their performance, several students have so far bagged close to a dozen scholarships and bursaries from government, university, and NGO (Non-government organisations) sources. Among them are former head boy Rashaun Stewart, former deputy Head boy Brandon Gilbert, and former prefects Daniel Meggo, Mourece Moodie and Oran Bingham, all of whom are presently enrolled at the University of the West Indies.

Members of the 2019 graduating class — valedictorian Jinori Wilson, salutatorian Adrian Rhoden, and Student's Council president Jadon Hewitt — who are now in sixth form, are also among those who have been awarded scholarships and/or bursaries. Their awards came from the Kingston Chapter of the Cornwall College Old Boys' Association (CCOBA) and the Gerald Chambers family foundation.

Principal Michael Ellis says Cornwall College's success is “predicated on the fact that we have set clear goals and objectives for learning, high expectations for our boys, and high standards for success supported by high-quality teaching and learning”.

“ The performance must also be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the teachers, coupled with the determination and resilience of the boys themselves,” he said.

Principal Ellis added that the school administration is committed to diversifying the curriculum offerrings to meet the varied needs of all students.

“In keeping with global trends and the Ministry of Education's thrust, more consideration will be given to students who are technically and vocationally inclined. Opportunities will be given them to pursue courses in computer repairs, digital animation, printing, and graphic arts, and agro-food processing, just to name a few,” he said.


Distinctions in: CAPE Biology (Unit 2), Caribbean Studies (Unit 2), Physics (Unit 2), Integrated Math and Chemistry (Unit 2)


The former head boy performed within or above the 97th percentile at CAPE and is the recipient of two scholarships. One is a tuition scholarship from the government of Jamaica, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information's recently-launched endowment fund for the MBBS programme. This is an 80 per cent tuition scholarship, which is expected to be upgraded to 100 per cent pending the completion of assessments being done by the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of the West Indies.

His other award is a financial endowment from the Much Aspired, Much Achieved (MAMA) scholarship organisation based in Florida.


BRANDON GILBERT – UWI Open Scholarship

Distinctions in: CAPE Biology (Unit 2), Caribbean Studies (Unit 2), Pure Math (Unit 2), Integrated Math and Chemistry (Unit 2)


Former deputy head boy Brandon Gilbert has been one of CC's high achievers on the basis of academic excellence, community involvement, leadership experience and co-curricular participation. His scholarship covers tuition, residence fees, book grants, meal grant, etc, for the duration of his course of study.


MOURECE MOODIE - Hanover Charities/Morris Watkins Memorial Scholarship and Tryall Foundation Educational Scholarship

Distinctions in: CAPE Biology (Unit 2), Caribbean Studies (Unit 2), Environmental Science (Unit 2) and Chemistry (Unit 2)


Mourece's scholarships were awarded on the basis that, as a Hanoverian, he has demonstrated exemplary academic achievement and community involvement. He has also received a government subsidy which has allowed him to pursue medicine at the University of the West Indies.


ORAN BINGHAM - Tryall Foundation Educational Scholarship, NCB Foundation Scholarship and a government grant

Distinctions in: CAPE Biology (Unit 2), Caribbean Studies (Unit 2), Environmental Science (Unit 2) and Chemistry (Unit 2)


Oran's multiple scholarships were awarded based on his distinguished academic achievements at the CAPE level. Oran is currently pursuing medicine at the University of the West Indies.


DANIEL MEGGO - Hugh Lawson Shearer Scholarship for Engineering.

Distinctions in: CAPE Biology (Unit 2), Caribbean Studies & Chemistry (Unit 2)

Impressive academic, co-curricular and leadership achievements have earned Meggo an engineering scholarship tenable at The University of the West Indies.