Guidelines for Posting Classified Advertisements:

This online classified service is for consumers only. If you operate a commercial retail business, work for an auto dealership or a local real estate office, please contact our advertising department for advertising opportunities to effectively reach our audience.

Before you compose your advertisement, jot down all of the 'selling points' of the item for sale. Be sure to give our online audience as much information as possible.

Include photos! Advertisements with photos get more attention. We accept gif and jpg photos.

Please note if you are uploading a picture to your ad the size should be no larger than 500x300 pixels or it will not be published.

Add enhancements to your advertisement. By spending a little extra on enhancements that make your advertisement stand out, you will gain a lot in exposure and response for the item you're selling.

All advertisements will be reviewed before they are published on our website. Out of respect to our readers, we do not post advertisements that contain discriminatory remarks, offensive language, or sexual content. Because we review all advertisements, you can expect your ad to be published on our website within 24 - 48 hours after posting.

Your ad will remain on our website for 7 days.

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