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#TeachersLivesMatter too!

In light of the recent protests across the world denouncing the harsh treatment and realities of minorities, especially blacks, I would like to borrow the tag line and turn it into #TeachersLivesMatter. Read More

Scouts' guide to the zombie apocalypse
“The global tally of coronavirus infections has passed 10 million, with surges in multiple regions and the death toll approaching 500,000,” read the The New York Times banner story a few days ago. This and the feedback from my article 'COVID-19 pandemic or is it the zombie...... Read More

Race: A troublesome matter
With George Floyd's final nine minutes and the heavy-handed US police response to the ensuing public rage, solidarity marches took place all over the world to protest against black inequality and police abuse. Statues and memorials celebrating the racist past were pulled down. The 1939 movie...... Read More

Am I a teacher of content or a teacher of skills?
There is much debate about teaching in the 21st century and what it should look like. Most are clamouring for science-centred (STEM) education to meet the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, while others are saying, “Let us mix the arts with science and...... Read More

'For black lives to matter, Africa mus' matter'

Rupert Lewis | Wednesday, July, 8 2020    

“For black lives to matter, Africa mus' matter,” so said Burna Boy, Nigerian Afrobeat (aka dancehall) singer at the 2020 BET Awards last month. Burna Boy's apt comment establishes the key link in the relationship between Africa and its Diaspora. The Black Lives Matter... Read More

At 244 years, America is a broken, humiliated country

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, July, 8 2020    

On July 4 America celebrated its 244th year of Independence. This year, however, it rings false to even use the word “celebration”, given the state of the country and the sickening humiliation it has been undergoing under the leadership of President Donald... Read More

Racism: Alive and well in Jamaica

Louis E A Moyston | Tuesday, July, 7 2020    

We have witnessed changes in countries like South Africa and Jamaica, and in both cases the local white minority and their metropolitan backers refused to accept defeat. Zimbabwe is probably a clear history of whites refusing to yield to the black majority from the days of Ian Smith to... Read More

5 amazing things about my Chevening year

Nicole Nation | Tuesday, July, 7 2020    

Between the ages of 17-19 I spent my summers working as a filing clerk inside a bank's vault. I would spend hours filing and retrieving documents. When I would emerge from the massive steel-reinforced chamber for a break the first thing I would go looking for was the national and local... Read More

Growing in courage and purpose

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, July, 6 2020    

I am here tapping out this column at my father's desk, where he sat working in his wheelchair wearing periscope-type glasses because his neck was fixed by ankylosing spondylitis — an extreme form of arthritis. Brave ex-Royal Air Force man that he was, he hardly spoke of his painful... Read More

Gangs: You can't dismantle what you don't understand, Minister Chang

Christopher Bryan | Monday, July, 6 2020    

Dr Jennifer M Hazen, a fellow at the Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, is an expert in armed groups, conflict dynamics, and post-conflict peace-building processes. She posited that: “Gangs have long been considered a... Read More

The political schizophrenia in the PNP is palpable

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, July, 5 2020    

One does not stay at holes that are waterless. — Ovambo proverb, Namibia  Read More

Deportee challenge

Charlie Brown | Sunday, July, 5 2020    

The deportation of non-citizen veterans is an unintended consequence of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA), signed by former US President Bill Clinton in September 1996. Billed as an anti-crime effort, the law made it possible to deport legal... Read More

Racism and slavery, like a horse and carriage?

FRANK PHIPPS | Sunday, July, 5 2020    

Racism cannot be removed from a bigot's mind, especially when the worst bigots are asymptomatic. What can be done is not tolerate it. Read More

Two pandemics

Paul Golding | Sunday, July, 5 2020    

The world is currently experiencing two pandemics with diametric social responses. One resulted in worldwide lockdowns and social distancing and the other in mass demonstration and antisocial distancing. These two pandemics reflect aspects of the geopolitical tensions and superpower... Read More

The divided US Supreme Court

Sunday, July, 5 2020    

The United States Supreme Court, the highest court within that country's judicial system, is the subject of extensive scholarly and journalistic opinion. One point of focus concerns the ideological predisposition of each individual member of the court. It is often presumed that judges will... Read More


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