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Old people stay home, but...

The Government of Jamaica has issued one more COVID-19 restriction geared at keeping those most at risk in the safety zone. On Monday of this week, the youngest Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness took to the airwaves in a broadcast and declared that, as of Wednesday, March 25,... Read More

It's about marketing an idea
I don't consider myself to be a genius nor any expert in my field of marketing or communication, but what I know is that marketing is the engine for a product, service, individual, experience, or an idea to survive in this age and time.... Read More

COVID-19 and tourism partnership
As a global phenomenon, tourism encompasses activities to include visitor flows, visitor spending, and the international ownership of tourism businesses. It was projected that these, among other activities, would collectively facilitate international tourism growth in 2020 to surpass the...... Read More

Transforming the way we live for the better?
Many lives across the world are being transformed by the advent of COVID-19. These are swift transformations as governments, public and private sector entities, families, and individuals scramble to keep on top of this pandemic.... Read More

Our buildings must be protected through the COVID-19 crisis

Steven Marston | Wednesday, March, 25 2020    

The level of anxiety that one experiences in times of stress is usually directly correlated to one's feeling of helplessness in finding a solution to a new challenge. Overnight, COVID-19 has magnified this feeling ten-fold as we are now faced with redefining what our modus operandi... Read More

Lessons from the coronavirus pandemic — Part 1

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, March, 25 2020    

Just before the coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, China, and began its devastating trek across that nation and now the globe, the world economy had been humming along. There were hiccups here and there, but there were no fundamental fallouts to raise serious alarm. The... Read More

Exploring some lessons from COVID-19

Canute Thompson | Tuesday, March, 24 2020    

While we are amid the global pandemic, COVID-19, with assessments suggesting that it will continue to get worse before it gets better, we have no choice but to learn as we go. The potential lessons fall into several categories ranging from the raw issues of epidemiology, the complex issues of... Read More

The summer — to be or not to be!

Aretha P Willie | Tuesday, March, 24 2020    

In my professional and personal capacities, whenever faced with a problem, my usual retort is: “There is a solution for every problem; the problem is to find the most appropriate one.” Read More

An endemic of dim-wittedness

BY Ardene Reid Virtue | Tuesday, March, 24 2020    

  Read More

Thinking on COVID-19

Howard Gregory | Monday, March, 23 2020    

There has never been anything of the likes of this novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which the entire global community now has to confront. So, here we are in Jamaica facing the worst threat to the life of our people and our economy which we have ever had to confront. Yes, we have... Read More

Jamaica still counting our blessings

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, March, 23 2020    

So here we are on lockdown; working remotely and watching the unrelenting spread of this global pandemic. Some are describing this as Mother Nature's revenge. In the wake of warnings about climate change and global warming they say that skies are clearer. But this is... Read More

The rougher side of human nature seems bent on not being subdued

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, March, 22 2020    

If it's not your own tooth, you may as well chew gravel with it. — Tigrinya proverb, Eritrea/Ethiopia  Read More

COMING SOON! ...a time for renewal and hope

lANCe NEITA | Sunday, March, 22 2020    

Three weeks from today we will be celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday, what we commonly call the Easter weekend. Sadly, it won't be the same. The churches will be near empty this year, the beaches lonely, family gatherings sombre, the dance halls... Read More

Oppose, Oppose, Oppose!

Dorlan H Francis | Sunday, March, 22 2020    

After Norman Manley and his People's National Party (PNP) was soundly beaten by Alexander Bustamante and his Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in Jamaica's first election of December 14, 1944, Manley, in is concession speech, promised to organise, organise, organise, and oppose, oppose, oppose. Read More

Women step into the arena: Educating children at home

Imani Duncan-Price | Sunday, March, 22 2020    

If ever there was a time when gender balance in political leadership would be invaluable it is now. It is a whole new paradigm with the onset of COVID-19 here in Jamaica and the wider world. In any crisis, effective leaders often say hope for the best but prepare for the worst. COVID-19... Read More


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