Was it really a swift resignation?

The resignation of Minister Ruel Reid is a teaching moment for the country. I personally wish former Minister Reid and his family all the best at a human and personal level. I reckon that the investigations will proceed as they should, and the chips will fall where they... Read More

How Andrew got his groove back
George “Tony” Brown, community development chairman in the Old Folly district, Discovery Bay, is a proud and happy man today. Forty-two members of his family flew in from Fort Lauderdale several weeks ago to attend the ninth annual Old Folly community sports day.... Read More

Caribbean: In no one's backyard
Former Prime Minister of Jamaica P J Patterson recently observed to an attentive audience in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, that: “We of the Caribbean should never allow our strategy to be dictated or determined by anyone else,” adding that, “We live in no...... Read More

Spending, vote-buying, and rank political opportunism
The blacksmith that does not know how to forge a gong should look at the tail of a kite. — Igbo proverb ... Read More

Manley and Russia (part 2)

Edward Seaga | Sunday, March, 24 2019    

The following is a transcript prepared by a former Soviet foreign ministry official who defected in July 1980 from his post as second secretary at the Soviet Embassy in Kingston.   Read More

Terrorism, gun control and Jamaica

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, March, 24 2019    

Terrorism, in recent times, has taken on a new face. It no longer is restricted to Muslim extremists, but seems to be the new working tool of white extremists. Read More

The gift of life

BRUCE GOLDING | Sunday, March, 24 2019    

Thousands of Jamaicans suffer from incurable diseases that sooner than later cause them to die. Yet, they do not have to die so soon. Many could live much longer and enjoy a good quality life if they were able to replace their damaged organs. Read More

Buju's Mark ... and a nation's long walk to freedom

Al Miller | Sunday, March, 24 2019    

From the minute of birth, you enter this EarthObstacles deh inna your way to overcome firstThroughout everyday they seem to get worse;Oh my God, cast away this curse! Read More

Taking care of scarce resources

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, March, 22 2019    

ANOTHER bangarang has sprung up over the past few days. The rumbling started on Monday with the Opposition giving word that they had their eyes on the Education Ministry and they unleashed the dreaded “C” word — corruption. By Wednesday things had gathered full steam. Read More

Ganja, ADHD and false equivalency

Franklin Johnston | Friday, March, 22 2019    

Since we decriminalised ganja, exaggerated claims have made Dr Manley West and Dr Albert Lockhart look like “bwoys and activists” who did not big-up Canasol and were simply gung-ho; as their goal was to smoke, not to heal. Winners relax with ganja, but losers with... Read More

Why the Democrats can't be trusted

Victor A Dixon | Friday, March, 22 2019    

Recently, the Democrats in the US House passed three Bills imposing further economic sanctions to add to the pressure by President Donald Trump to oust President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. Read More

The vitality of the voters' list

Michael Burke | Thursday, March, 21 2019    

I am carrying on where I left off last week with my column 'By-elections and manipulation'. Read More

Jamaica's neoliberal agenda and trickle-down economics? – Part 2

Canute Thompson | Thursday, March, 21 2019    

In Part 1, published on Monday March 18, 2019, I discussed the concept of neoliberalism (which is the economic framework within which the fiscal policies of the Government are being administered) as well as the specific policy of giving tax breaks (which I have described as... Read More

The people must recognise wheat from chaff in budget debate

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, March, 20 2019    

THE budget debate so far has been of a high quality. Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke set the tone in his presentation. This has been followed by commendable efforts by the Opposition spokesman on finance Mark Golding and Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips. Read More

Quality input equals quality output

BY Oniel Madden | Wednesday, March, 20 2019    

  Read More


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