More questions than answers on PM's integrity declaration

In the past two weeks since the release of Prime Minister Andrew Holness's integrity declarations there has been nothing short of uncertainty; not only about his declarations, but also about that of the Leader of the Opposition Peter Phillips. However, it appears that while some... Read More

Medical cannabis research in Jamaica ambles on
It was Professor Manley West, the godfather of medical cannabis research in Jamaica, who got the ball rolling with little fanfare or external financial support for his work. He was a quiet, amiable, yet driven person. A “steady as it goes” type of individual...... Read More

Shame on all churches
Nationwide Radio recently did a follow-up on a story that had gripped the nation concerning Moravian Church Pastor Rupert Clark and his sexual dalliance with underage girls in St Elizabeth. What emerged from this exposť is that little has changed in the circumstances of the victimised family.... Read More

Scaled scores and PEP
†... Read More

Jamaican politics: Give me less style, more substance

Richard Blackford | Tuesday, August, 20 2019    

There is a level of contempt that has crept into our thinking that is, in my opinion, proving far more divisive and dangerous than what obtained in the 1970s when our politics functioned based on a deep ideological divide. For, at the very least, an ideological difference indicated that opposing... Read More

Big man move, JAAA

BY Kemar Bogle | Tuesday, August, 20 2019    

Read More

Panic button

BY Jhanille A Brooks | Tuesday, August, 20 2019    

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Jamaica on alert but #stillbelieving

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, August, 19 2019    

We are borrowing Kingston Mayor Delroy Williams' hashtag #stillbelieving as we reflect on the global economic jitters that have resulted from the US-China trade conflict. Additionally, the price of aluminium has tumbled and threatens our bauxite industry. However, we recall the last... Read More

Peter Bunting, wealth and Westminster politics

Everton Pryce | Monday, August, 19 2019    

The reported political brouhaha which has erupted in the presidential campaign in the Opposition People's National Party (PNP) between supporters of the party's president and Opposition Leader Peter Phillips, and those of his challenger, businessman and Manchester Central PNP Member of... Read More

We're getting to growth, despite the PNP's bad-mouthing

GARFIELD HIGGINS | Sunday, August, 18 2019    

The bird builds his nest, then he flies up the hill. — Jabo proverb, Liberia† Read More

No snap election, Holness!

DORLAN H FRANCIS | Sunday, August, 18 2019    

Recent news report has stated that well-known commentator Dr Paul Ashley has suggested to Prime Minister Andrew Holness that he should call a snap election should Peter Bunting emerges as the president of the People's National Party (PNP) after their September 7, 2019 leadership contest. Read More

Useful idiots are aplenty in the PNP

CHRISTOPHER BURNS | Sunday, August, 18 2019    

In its simplest form, politics is about making pacts between people so that they can 'live together' in groups, etc. Yet, the struggle to achieve political harmony, or even organisational cohesion, oftentimes produce divisions. Bitter division, as an outcome, is diametrically opposed to... Read More

Caribbean consequences of Trump's new immigration rules

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, August, 18 2019    

UNITED States President Donald Trump's new rule on immigration and nationality, published on Monday, August 12, 2019 is not different from the rules applied by Caribbean countries. It seeks to prohibit individuals from migrating to the US if they would become a charge upon the State, and... Read More

Time to step up or shut up

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, August, 18 2019    

Until I was in my late teens I grew up between Constant Spring and Liguanea, relatively far from the inner-city slums of Kingston. However, I was significantly enlightened to the war that waged in the 1970s and 1980s, as my father was a district constable serving on the special squads of... Read More

In care of our children...

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, August, 16 2019    

On Friday, August 9, 2019, during the newscast on one of the local TV stations, an item of “breaking news” came up. “There are reports that there is a fire at the Jamaica National Children's Home...” Immediately there was a sense of dread. Would this be another... Read More


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