Without trade talks, the Summit of the Americas is on a dumpy road

Friday, May, 4 2018    

The countries of the Western Hemisphere are the natural trading partners of Jamaica and other Caricom countries. The USA is a principal trading partner of nearly every country in the hemisphere. Jamaica has a trade deficit with nearly every country in the hemisphere,... Read More

Opening up leads to greater progress

Friday, May, 4 2018    

“What has made the Chinese economic miracle in the past decades?” Read More

Is CRH sick unto death?

Veronica Waugh-Brown | Thursday, May, 3 2018    

Shamefully, the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) saga is becoming more and more a political battlefield with individuals from opposing sides seeking to score the most points. The disadvantage, though, is that, while our political contenders seek to score, the focus of attention on how best to... Read More

Welcome to the age of 'cell-'cell-fishness'

Lloyd B Smith | Thursday, May, 3 2018    

Picture t his: Pall-bearers taking casket to grave. All of a sudden, a cellphone rings in the pocket of one of the well-suited men bearing the body. Without thinking twice, he lets go of the casket and searches for his cellphone, finds it, and says, “Hello!”... Read More

Columbus, education and Jamaica today

Michael Burke | Thursday, May, 3 2018    

Today is the 524th anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in Jamaica on May 3, 1494. Yesterday, May 2, was the 45th anniversary of an announcement by then prime minister Michael Manley that, as of September 1973, the Government would be embarking upon a system of free... Read More

The greatest threat posed by Jamaica's high murder rate

Henley Morgan | Wednesday, May, 2 2018    

Jamaica's Vision 2030 reads thus: “Jamaica, the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business.” Goal #2 of Vision 2030 states the following: “The Jamaican society is safe, cohesive and just.” Read More

We expect better from our parliamentarians

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, May, 2 2018    

Those whom the Jamaican people elect to their Parliament are given the tile of “honourable”. This is done not for their good looks or because they are considered more worthy than any other Jamaican. Rather, they are afforded this and other privileges because... Read More

The fear of not being feared

EDUCATION Matters With Staecha Goulbourne | Tuesday, May, 1 2018    

At some point in our lives we all have feared something... or someone. It is our body's automatic response to a possible consequence we might perceive as unfavourable or a threat to our current emotional, physical or even financial well-being. Fear can be debilitating;... Read More

Jamaica moves…slowly

Henry J Lewis | Tuesday, May, 1 2018    

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. — Paul J Meyer  Read More

10 questions for Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Canute Thompson | Monday, April, 30 2018    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has positioned himself a transformational leader and new-era manager of the country's affairs and he continues to stand on principles of accountability and transparency in his Administration. Against this background, I wish to provide him a... Read More

Psychics, astrologers running amok

BY AMIYAH PRUDENCE BARNES | Monday, April, 30 2018    

  Read More

In this our plural society

Sean Major-Campbell | Monday, April, 30 2018    

I carry a burden which I would challenge my sisters and brothers in the space and experience of Church to consider with me. We see what has been happening in a world gone mad from conservative thinking which has used religion as a bedrock for right wing politics. We see the increasing... Read More

Taxing sugar content in beverages: Do WTO trade rules agree?

Delroy S Beckford | Sunday, April, 29 2018    

Recent efforts to incentivise domestic manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages to reduce their sugar content has garnered much support as a laudable stance to stave off a looming public health crisis relating to non-communicable diseases. Read More

The lobbyists need to use their 'Jamaica first' brains

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, April, 29 2018    

You learn how to cut down trees by cutting them down. — Central African proverb  Read More

The cut and thrust of parliamentary debate

Lance Neita | Sunday, April, 29 2018    

The noise that we heard in the nation's Parliament last week over the Cornwall Regional topic has brought into sharp focus the political partisan nature of the debate. The leading proponents, Drs Campbell and Tufton, have been throwing jabs at each other over the past few weeks. Now the battle... Read More


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