The PNP needs policy positions

orace Levy | Friday, September, 13 2019    

Now that he has defeated his rival, Dr Peter Phillips has a huge task on his hands. It is not just to unify the party. It is to rebuild the party's democratic socialism. To my mind, this is the deeper and more critical need. Read More

Cockpit country vs bauxite mining

Franklin Johnston | Friday, September, 13 2019    

I hold briefs for Jamaica, none else, but bauxite is a mature industry with things set for decades; yet the discourse regarding Cockpit Country has been so toxic that covert agendas may be at work. Read More

Brexit's cautionary tales

By Joel K Richards | Thursday, September, 12 2019    

Since the majority of United Kingdom (UK) voters voted for their country to leave the European Union (EU) I have watched with keen interest the ensuing political and economic developments there. Politically, Brexit has already accounted for the political careers of both... Read More

All that builds is not development, PM

Thursday, September, 12 2019    

This is an open letter to Prime Minister Andrew Holness from the undersigned citizens' associations to bring to his attention and that of the wider public the very negative impacts being experienced in the wake of the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) provisional development... Read More

Whose Spanish should we speak?

Josep Maria Bosch Bessa | Thursday, September, 12 2019    

I write to join in and expand the discussion on the topic of 'Whose Spanish should we speak?' in relation to the use of the “vosotros” form of Spanish verbs. This is, at times, a topic of intense discussion among language aficionados and some academics. Given Jamaica's thrust... Read More

The pursuit of growth — Part 2

Canute Thompson | Wednesday, September, 11 2019    

In Part One we established the relationship between education, especially quality higher education, to the attainment of economic growth. We continue the conversation with the impact. Read More

Can a divided PNP heal itself to beat the JLP

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, September, 11 2019    

The brutal leadership contest for the heart and soul of the People's National Party (PNP) has now ended with Peter, the Elder, (Dr Peter Phillips) emerging the victor. His opponent, Peter, the Younger, (Peter Bunting) put up a gallant fight, but it was not enough to prevent Dr Phillips squeaking... Read More

The bauxite mining debate continues

Wednesday, September, 11 2019    

lt's a global perception that mining in any form engenders concerns about quality of life, agricultural disruption, community resettlement, and environment fallout. Read More

The pursuit of growth — Part 1

Canute Thompson | Tuesday, September, 10 2019    

The Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) reported in August that the Jamaican economy grew by one per cent in the April to June quarter of the 2019/20 fiscal year. That is a 20 per cent performance, using the five per cent promised by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) on... Read More

Working together to prevent suicide

Karyl T POWELL-BOOTH | Tuesday, September, 10 2019    

Every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide globally. Today, September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. The focus usually is on completed suicides and suicide attempts; however, it is important that we understand a related and growing phenomenon — that of... Read More

Kingston: A stagnant cesspool

BY Carolyn A E Graham, PhD | Monday, September, 9 2019    

I wonder if when the politicians are flying into the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) they take a really good look at the country from above? Read More

It's time to storm the Bastille

Victor A Dixon | Monday, September, 9 2019    

The Democrats will hold their third presidential debate in Houston on September 12, 2019. Absent from the stage will be author Marianne Williamson. Without her, the debate will be the poorer for it, because there will be no discussion about what will be the central... Read More

Boris, Brexit, and the backstop Boris, Brexit, and the backstop

George Garwood | Monday, September, 9 2019    

Boris Johnson, the newly 'selected' British Prime Minister — selected by the Conservative Party's Members of Parliament, and not elected by the British people in a general election — in order to cut off any further meaningful debate in Parliament on his... Read More

PNP leadership race exposed old wounds

GARFIELD HIGGINS | Sunday, September, 8 2019    

As long as there are lice on one's clothes there will be blood on the fingernails. — Yoruba proverb, Nigeria  Read More

Not so!

DR AGGREY IRONS | Sunday, September, 8 2019    

The Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control (JCTC) notes with interest recent statements by board members of Jamaica's main tobacco company who assert that government excise duty is fuelling the illicit trade in cigarettes and a consequent decline in its sales. Read More


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