For public speakers and singers

Clinton Chisholm | Thursday, June, 1 2017    

For many years now I have been troubled by the pronunciation howlers I hear from people who ought to know better. Such people include prime ministers and other parliamentarians, parsons, lawyers, doctors, lecturers/teachers, radio and TV personnel, and company executives. Read More

Dealing with Generation Y employees is harder than you think

By Kmar Henry | Thursday, June, 1 2017    

The image of your business is greatly dependent on how your employees interact with your customers. This is a concept that has been brushed aside by many business owners due to the derivative change that is evident within the potential workforce that they have to choose from. Yes, our... Read More

The Commonwealth offers hope to voters who expect credible elections

Patricia Scotland | Wednesday, May, 31 2017    

Most of us remember the first time we voted. It is a rite of passage which marks political empowerment and passing into adulthood. With a pencil and a ballot paper we help shape the future of our nation.Few among us, however,... Read More

Credit card fraud : Will the computer chip fortify consumer security — Part II

Andrea Martin-Swaby | Wednesday, May, 31 2017    

It is no secret that instances of credit card fraud increase daily and cost billions of dollars in losses. This has prompted several countries to move away from complete reliance on the magnetic stripe found at the back of credit cards for approval for credit... Read More

Increased productivity and the Jamaican economy

Raulston Nembhard | Tuesday, May, 30 2017    

The economists define productivity as the rate at which goods and services are produced in a given society. It is a measure of output per unit of input and is thus fundamentally related to work that is completed. So productivity is essentially about people, the work they do, and what... Read More

The Cash Plus verdict — its origins & underpinnings

Richard Hugh Blackford | Tuesday, May, 30 2017    

The culmination of the Carlos Hill matter, no doubt, has left a very bitter taste in the mouths of many — over 40,000 according to reports — and a yawning chasm in the pockets of perhaps many more. As the news filtered out last week I could well imagine the shock that... Read More

Church: Funhouse or schoolhouse?

Clinton Chisholm | Monday, May, 29 2017    

After 34 years in the ordained Christian ministry, plus a prior 13 years of leadership in Youth For Christ, and 40 years as a trained/lettered Christian musician, I have discovered that most Christians (of whatever age) are more excited about entertainment in church than about being... Read More

The changing face of Labour Day

Lance Neita | Monday, May, 29 2017    

It was nice to see Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Leader of the Opposition Peter Phillips working together on a Labour Day project last week. It may be seen as a symbolic gesture by some, but knowing of the two men's respect for each other, it carries hope that they may be able to... Read More

People of St Thomas being taken for a ride...ON BAD ROADS!

By Kimberley Thompson | Monday, May, 29 2017    

 It was more than just an idle gesture when I asked on my Facebook page a few nights ago, “What do the people of St Thomas want?” Unsurprisingly, the resounding response was “good... Read More

Worries in the (scammer and PNP) camps... worries

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, May, 28 2017    

Yuh pred yuh bed haad, yuh haffi liddung pan i' haad. — Jamaican proverbTranslation: If you spread your bed hard, you must lie on a hard bed.Explanation: You must accept responsibility for your actions, and whatever you... Read More

Let's continue that Cuba-Jamaica friendship

BY BERNARDO GUANCHE HERNANDEZ | Sunday, May, 28 2017    

(This is a lightly edited address given by Cuba's Ambassador to Jamaica Bernardo Guanche Hernandez on the occasion of Cuba awarding Jamaica medical scholarships for the 2017 academic year for nine Jamaicans to do medical-related studies in the Spanish-speaking country. The event was... Read More

What life has taught me — Part 2

Clyde McKenzie | Sunday, May, 28 2017    

My father was a marvel of nature. Although he had very little by way of formal education, he was one of the most charismatic figures one could ever hope to encounter. He was a seemingly inexhaustible reservoir of humour. He loved music. In fact, he taught many who would later become... Read More

Sex worker's lament: 'It no really downgrading'

Friday, May, 26 2017    

Emily Voss is a devoted mother of five, grandmother to five, daughter of an ailing father, and the sole provider for the household. She has been a sex worker for over 16 years after regaining her independence from a previously abusive relationship with the father of her children. Read More

Has Labour Day been disappearing?

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, May, 26 2017    

I am not aware of any process of evaluation which has been done to evaluate what price we have not paid why interest in Labour Day has been lessened so. All is not over, as far as we know, but we still have the right to ask, “Why is the spirit of Labour Day so very different... Read More

Export to our backyard and the pursuit of growth

Franklin Johnston | Friday, May, 26 2017    

We are seasoned in poverty and, as old clients of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the shock effect of debtor's bank is lost on us. To produce and export is gospel for 55 years, but to most it's for somebody else to do.The... Read More


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