IDT rules against Petrojam

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- The Industrial Disputes Tribunal (IDT) on Monday ruled that Roselle Scott-Heron was unjustifiably dismissed as human resources manager at Petrojam in December 2016 and awarded her 12 months' salary as compensation. Read more


Maturing governance has set stage for 2019

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

When good fortune knocks, you have to open the door yourself. — Swahili proverb, Tanzania  Read More

Corruption: Historical facts, present realities

Al Miler | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

What has been will be again; what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.— King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 1:9  Read More

The Nicaragua Government has gone too far

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

The English-speaking Caribbean has just emerged from a season manifesting the spirit, intrinsic to Christmas, of 'peace on earth and goodwill to all'. Not even the no-confidence vote that was carried against the A Partnership for National Unity-Alliance for Change... Read More

We neither want nor need a captive dolphin facility in Discovery Bay

BY ERICA DOWNER | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

Discovery Bay, St Ann, is an almost perfect horseshoe bay, about a mile across each way, with famously crystal clear, intensely blue water, and a fringing reef, through which a narrow channel was cut for the ore freighters which call about once a week. Read More

A sales leader's guide to improving performance in 2019

BY BEVERLEY THOMPSON | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

Said the sales manager to a colleague: “How do I achieve consistent results? I have been a sales leader for a while and can't seem to deliver on my goals and objectives. How do I make an impact and leave a legacy?” Read More

We are not killers, culturally

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

I was looking at a video being sent around on social media, which shows a man on a motorcycle being murdered by two men after being deprived of his bike. The killing seemed senseless because he was not resisting and was actually trying to run away. Read More

Of domino and cricket…not out!

By Herbert L Brown | Friday, December, 28 2018    

  Read More

Christ vs Santa Claus

Friday, December, 28 2018    

This is a time of year when dissent about Jesus's birthdate, Christmas and Santa Claus emerge among Christians. Should we abandon Christmas? Boot Santa? No! Some opine this is a white thing and that an event attuned to our 92.1 per cent would be better. But as Jamaicans... Read More

Doing the right thing — the story of Sandals

BY CARL ANTHONY | Friday, December, 28 2018    

 Sandals may not be the world's largest resort chain, however it is one of the world's most respected and the Caribbean's only super brand, for which the region is rightfully proud. Read More

A year of milestones and scandals

Michael Burke | Thursday, December, 27 2018    

So 2018 is drawing to a close. The many significant milestones in world and local history were drowned out by two horrendously significant events, one being the states of emergency declared in St James and in Spanish Town, St Catherine. The other the Petrojam affair... Read More

The same beginning — what happened?

Melissa Martin | Thursday, December, 27 2018    

What do Christians, Jews, and Muslims have in common? The three world monotheisms, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, all believe in the Genesis account of creation; the first humans in the Garden of Eden; and the fall of humanity when Adam and Eve disobeyed the Creator. The rest of the... Read More

Critical thinking and the Church

Clinton Chisholm | Thursday, December, 27 2018    

Nonsense or sloppy reasoning is not sanctified because it happens in church. It is still deserving of criticism and correction. Read More

The message of Christmas

Raulston Nembhard | Tuesday, December, 25 2018    

Christmas is easily the most joyful season of the year. The celebration of Christmas is indeed a fitting end to an otherwise tumultuous year. As the season rolls around there is a feeling of expectation and elation as people expect to have a good time. Even those who do not have money to spend... Read More

Time value of money is the foundation of finance

BY Raymond Grant | Tuesday, December, 25 2018    

 The local currency deposits into the financial institutions are approximately $933 billion. Out of that amount, the leading commercial banks, National Commercial Bank and Scotiabank Jamaica Limited, account for over $500 billion. Read More

The problem with laws

Clinton Chisholm | Tuesday, December, 25 2018    

No law, whether divine or human, can make anyone good, and even at their best laws can only block some people from doing the wrong. Increased police and soldier presence and policing can do no better whether via states of emergency (SOE) or zones of special operations... Read More


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