PNP still practising divisive politics

Sunday, August, 11 2019    

The frog enjoys itself in water, but not in hot water. — Wolof proverb, Senegal  Read More

Killing the twin Cs Crime and corruption must be brought down

BY Al Miller | Sunday, August, 11 2019    

When you see corruption, when you see injustice, you speak up. You don't just shut up and say it's none of my business. — Manal al-Sharif  Read More

From 'poverty to prosperity' for whom?

CANUTE THOMPSON | Sunday, August, 11 2019    

In 2015, when the general election campaign was in full swing, 21.1 per cent of the population, or just under 600,000 people, were living below the poverty line. In addition, about the same number were earning the national minimum wage. It was in that context that the then Opposition... Read More

Jamaica has come further, faster than anyone thought possible

Sunday, August, 11 2019    

On this occasion of Jamaica's 57th anniversary of Independence, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is proud to salute the people and Government of Jamaica for your many achievements. As your premier multilateral partner for the past half-century, we are proud to... Read More

Words of a legend

Jason McKay | Sunday, August, 11 2019    

MANY years ago there was a ring of gangsters who were abducting women from sidewalks around St Andrew and gang-raping them. After some trial and error and a lot of luck the police were fortunate to make arrests, and eventually gain convictions. Read More

'X Marks the Spot'

Sunday, August, 11 2019    

Jean Todt (third left), president of the Federation Internationale de L'Automobile (FIA) Foundation, takes a group photo with Jamaica shirt-clad students of Hazard Primary School following his tour of the facility on Wednesday, the day after Emancipation Day. Todt was accompanied on the tour by... Read More

Contempt of Haitians shameful

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, August, 11 2019    

The response to Haitians arriving in Caribbean Community (Caricom) countries has been lamentable, at best, and contemptible, at worst. They have been treated, for the most part, as pariahs, particularly by the ignorant and bigoted. Read More

We have not prospered in 57 years

Franklin Johnston | Friday, August, 9 2019    

Jamaica is extraordinary. It was the island most likely to succeed, but it has not. It produced individuals who have astounded the world with personal prowess, but no Government delivered even 10 years of prosperity in 57 years of political independence. Read More

Securing the history of people of African descent

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, August, 9 2019    

This week it was announced that Jamaica was stepping up activities in recognition of the United Nations (UN) International Decade for People of African Descent (IDPAD). You may ask what does that mean, and why is it necessary? Read More


Canute Thompson | Thursday, August, 8 2019    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has found himself in an unenviable, awkward, embarrassing, and tricky legal position. Section 39 of the Integrity Commission Act stipulates that every person who is a parliamentarian or public official “shall make a statutory declaration of his assets... Read More

Social media: Ethics and professionalism

BY Melva Armstrong | Thursday, August, 8 2019    

Opinions and information are freely shared across the Internet using social media platforms. However, the cost of this freedom of expression is the possible encroachment on the ethical principle of respect for people's rights and dignity. With the potential breach of... Read More

We are not a serious country

Henley Morgan | Wednesday, August, 7 2019    

Given our propensity to squander our many blessings, it may be argued that Jamaica is not a serious country. Rather than be the prosperous country portended by these lines from the national pledge – So that Jamaica may, under God, increase in beauty, fellowship... Read More

Jamaican people must continue to pursue true independence

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, August, 7 2019    

Yesterday the country celebrated 57 years of largely political independence from Mother Britain. They have been 57 years of turbulence and opportunity. During these years we have seen the possibilities of a great nation that can be built and that could become the envy... Read More

Comparative notes: PNP leadership battles 1969 and 2019

Louis E A Moyston | Tuesday, August, 6 2019    

The present leadership contest in the People's National Party (PNP) evokes memories of the 1969 confrontation when the 'up and rising' trade union leader Michael Manley challenged and defeated the established successor Vivian Blake — prominent lawyer, next in line for leadership of the... Read More

A story of policing

Horace Levy | Tuesday, August, 6 2019    

In the three decades after 1962 policing was purely suppressive. The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) handed to independent Jamaica was modelled on the North Ireland paramilitary force. It is a domineering kind of policing, capable of extrajudicial... Read More


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