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The road to 1,342

Jason McKay | Sunday, January, 19 2020    

Last week I stated that the increase in murders in 2019 had nothing to do with bad decisions taken in that year, but was a repercussion of a plethora of choices that were made by our leaders beginning about 45 years ago. Let us start at the beginning and analyse the... Read More

Proclamation on Religious Freedom Day 2020

Donald Trump | Sunday, January, 19 2020    

From its opening pages, the story of America has been rooted in the truth that all men and women are endowed with the right to follow their conscience, worship freely, and live in accordance with their convictions. Read More

Celebrating the great benefits of religious diversity

Donald Tapia | Sunday, January, 19 2020    

Each year since 1993, the president of the United States has declared January 16 to be Religious Freedom Day, commemorating the passage of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom in 1786. Drafted by Thomas Jefferson, who considered it one of his greatest... Read More

Engaging the Caribbean Diaspora for trade and sustainable development

Sunday, January, 19 2020    

Some four million people of Caribbean descent live outside of the region, according to data from the United Nation's Population Division. People of Caribbean descent can be found across the world, but their main hubs are in the US, the United Kingdom, Canada, and parts of continental... Read More

One woman is one too many

BY Amanda Quest | Friday, January, 17 2020    

“The more things change, the more they remain they same.” This popular adage aptly describes the present state of affairs which has sent shock waves through the country. Read More

I am a proud abuse victor

Friday, January, 17 2020    

The year 2020 has barely started and already so many women have been victims of femicide in this country. My heart hurts. I also noted former Deputy Commissioner of Police Novelette Grant opined that the Domestic Violence Act is weak and her plea is for us to do better to protect our... Read More

Running head-first into domestic violence

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, January, 17 2020    

This week, the nation once again came head-first with the issue of domestic or intimate partner violence with two different cases of women reportedly losing their lives to men who claimed to love them. The reactions I heard on the road were the standard ones —... Read More

Of murders, suicides, and men in crisis

Donna P Hope | Thursday, January, 16 2020    

Two incidents occurred within 24 hours of each other this week and four lives have been lost – three dead and one in custody. I send condolence to the families of all involved in these incidents and wish them comfort at this difficult time. Read More

Most influential Jamaican of 2010-2019?

Kevin O'brien Chang | Thursday, January, 16 2020    

Jamaica is hard to pin down; “the confounding island”, says Orlando Patterson. But appraising prominent citizens can provide societal insights. So who was our most influential personality of the last 10 years? Read More

The Bible is not to be idolised

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, January, 15 2020    

I am compelled to return to the subject of the Bible as, judging from the responses to my last piece on biblical inerrancy, there are some things that require clarification and further discussion. First, it must be noted and reaffirmed that God did not write the Bible. The Bible is a... Read More

Dealing with domestic violence

Glenn Tucker | Wednesday, January, 15 2020    

Some time ago, I attended the funeral of a very prominent Jamaican. What remains in my memory of the event was that every speaker spoke long and eloquently about the deceased man's love for his wife. On my way home, I stopped at the home of a friend who lived near the church. We were... Read More

The reality of the Holness Administration — Part 3

Canute Thompson | Tuesday, January, 14 2020    

I have been assessing the performance of the Andrew Holness-led Administration. In Part 1, published on December 5, 2019, I highlighted, among other things, that the Government's record for the past nearly four years has been dismal on the economy, corruption and crime. I noted that... Read More

Sustained enforcement needed to address crime and violence

Christopher Bryan | Tuesday, January, 14 2020    

The failed efforts by successive parties, that is Government, security, and private sector administrations, to satisfactorily address crime and violence in Jamaica over the years is not for a lack of operational initiatives or recommendations from scholarly researchers and field experts. Read More

Balancing acts here and abroad

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, January, 13 2020    

As we looked at a line-up of members of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) executive at a recent press briefing it was clear that the organisation is no longer what it was dubbed several decades ago — “Privileged Sons of... Read More

Peter, the mutineers, and the right move

Louis Moyston | Monday, January, 13 2020    

According to the article 'Peter in a pickle — Some members of PNP shadow Cabinet livid over return of Dayton Campbell', published in the Jamaica Observer on January 9, 2020, Dr Peter Phillips has restored Dr Dayton Campbell to the shadow Cabinet and to the party's council of... Read More


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