When Garvey stood up for Gandhi

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, October, 15 2018    

So why were the words of our first National Hero Marcus Garvey such an important part of last Friday's 'Satya Vaarta' or 'talk from the heart', hosted by Indian High Commissioner M. Sevala Naik? The event was held in celebration of the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, and I had the... Read More

Will the island of heroes deliver a 'heroic' vote for the CCJ on November 6?

BY DAVID COMISSIONG | Monday, October, 15 2018    

A national referendum on the issue of whether a Caribbean nation should disengage from the British Privy Council and accede to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as the nation's highest appellate court is more than just a vote about a court of law. Rather, it is a vote that presents... Read More

Phillips: We must recognise our ordinary Jamaicans

Monday, October, 15 2018    

The following is the National Heroes' Day message by Leader of the Opposition, Dr Peter Phillips: This year's celebration of National Heroes' Day coincides with the 80th anniversary of the 1938 Labour Rebellion. Read More

Holness: Let's salute our real heroes

Monday, October, 15 2018    

The following is a National Heroes' Day message by Prime Minister Andrew Holness:  Read More

Man's estate and the fourth estate

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, October, 14 2018    

An envious person requires no reason to practise envy. — Swahili proverb  Read More

'Comfort your heart' — requiem from George William Gordon

Lance Neita | Sunday, October, 14 2018    

One of my favourite heroes is George William Gordon. In flights of fantasy I see him walking up to the dais tomorrow to accept his country's highest national honour from Governor General Sir Patrick Allen. His shoulders would have been broad and his head held as high as those other... Read More

Strongman-ism in the House of the Americas

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, October, 14 2018    

In one year and eight months' time the present holder of the Office of Secretary General of the Organisation of American States (OAS) will end his current term. Judging from his recent utterances, Luis Almagro might not offer himself for a second term — although he has not said so... Read More

Of illegal drugs, guns and sex

Clinton Chisholm | Sunday, October, 14 2018    

Two non-Jamaican writers have made statements that still have impact on my mind. Concerning the drug epidemic in the USA decades ago Dr A E Wilder-Smith, a Christian academic, said the root cause is not so much the physical availability of drugs to people but the psychical availability of people... Read More

Think before you click! Human trafficking and the Internet

Kedrian James | Sunday, October, 14 2018    

The Jamaica Cyber Incident Response Team (Ja-CIRT) in the Ministry of Science and Technology is currently observing its third national Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The general theme for the month is 'Cybersecurity — Our Shared Responsibility', and the sub-theme is 'Think Before You... Read More

Level the playing field for local contractors

Hugh Graham | Sunday, October, 14 2018    

Concerns abound regarding the Government of Jamaica's continued dealings with Chinese company, China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), as dozens of road and building projects valued at billions of dollars are doled out and local contractors sidelined. Coupled with the recent ramblings... Read More

How and why Montego Bay has 17 squatter settlements

Shalman Scott | Sunday, October, 14 2018    

'Meagre Bay' corrupted to 'Maaga Bay' seems obscure and insignificant unless one knows the relevance of that name to the catalytic development, the social and political history of the city of Montego Bay — the capital of western Jamaica. Read More

Exploring the opportunities in deepening economic relations with China

Sunday, October, 14 2018    

Jamaica's economic relations with China beyond mere trade started way back in 1976 when China provided a loan of US$64 million to establish a cotton polyester plant in Old Harbour. That project soon collapsed and not much other than trade occurred for the next 30 years. Read More

Convicts are not victims ... a look at the Mary Lynch case

Sunday, October, 14 2018    

It was recently brought to my attention that a certain play is soon to be released. This play is the version of events, according to Mary Lynch, regarding the murder of her husband Leary in 1992. Read More

Domestic violence: Church problem or national problem?

Al Miller | Sunday, October, 14 2018    

The Jamaica Observer of Monday, January 29, 2018, quoting from research by The Violence Prevention Alliance, noted that “Domestic violence contributes to most hospital-treated injuries in Clarendon.” Read More

PHOTO: Requiem from George William Gordon

Sunday, October, 14 2018    

On the eve of Jamaica's celebration of Heritage Week and National Heroes' Day, columnist Lance Neita spotlights admittedly one of his favourite heroes — George William Gordon. He recognises the struggle Gordon fought and highlights how different the assault on injustice was for this member... Read More


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