'Big brother is watching you'

Michael Burke | Thursday, November, 16 2017    

So the Senate has passed the National Identification and Registration Bill. It is now to go back to the House of Representatives. Read More

America's suicide pact with the gun lobby

Dr Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, November, 15 2017    

The United States of America has become one of the most unsafe places in the world. This statement may grate on the nerves of those who believe in the invincibility of America or in American exceptionalism. And I will concede that it sounds incongruous against the background of the military... Read More

King Gaston Browne and his kingdom of Antigua

By Anthony DaSilva | Wednesday, November, 15 2017    

 I have waited for a while before wading into the turbulent waters of the Gaston Browne-Sandals Antigua debacle. However, I'd like to add my two cents worth as I think Sandals is a Caribbean icon that belongs to all of us. Read More

The future of my toe print is at stake!

Tuesday, November, 14 2017    

The Government of Jamaica is moving with speed to pass the National Identification and Registration Bill; however, many questions have arisen as to why the haste? Why the lack of broad-based consultation with the Church, civil society and neighbourhood groups to give information and hear the... Read More

Courageous leadership needed in an era of cowardism — Part 3 The case for impeachment

Tuesday, November, 14 2017    

One of the many noble promises the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) made in its 2016 manifesto was that of raising the bar of governance by tackling corruption. On page 18, under the heading 'Strengthening Corruption-Prevention Authorities', the manifesto... Read More

What a week for women!

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, November, 13 2017    

Wha t a week it has been for women. Here in Jamaica, A Cecile Watson, former bank executive and former CEO of National Housing Trust, held a powerful Women's Entrepreneurship Day featuring top influencers last Wednesday. Such trailblazers as Thalia Lyn and Marcia Forbes... Read More

The negatives of corporal punishment have outlived slavery

Donovan Watkis | Monday, November, 13 2017    

It is widely believed among Jamaicans, especially those whose ancestors were subject to the heinous effects of the transatlantic slave trade, that corporal punishment is an effective way to steer children in the right direction. The unrecognised trauma, ensuing... Read More

The PNP empire's stratagem is a ghost of its former self

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, November, 12 2017    

Dignity does not consist in possessing honours, but in deserving them. — Aristotle  Read More

Mirages of history and intellectual dishonesty

Canute Thompson, PhD | Sunday, November, 12 2017    

Modern America continues to grapple with mass shootings. At the time I began this article Las Vegas was the latest incident with some 59 deaths, but since then there have been two other mass killings — New York (eight deaths) and Texas (26 deaths). Read More

Recognising outstanding bauxite industry leaders

Lance Neita | Sunday, November, 12 2017    

National Minerals Week 2017, which commences on November 19, will afford the opportunity to display a wide and varied showcase of mineral activity in Jamaica. The Ministry of Transport and Mining, as well as active participants from private and government agencies, will... Read More

'Sugar' Shane so salt in St Mary South Eastern

BY TROY CAINE | Sunday, November, 12 2017    

THE victory of Dr Norman Dunn and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in St Mary South Eastern on October 30 resonated nationally and lived up to the expectations of being perhaps the most exciting and the most significant by-election held in the island since adult suffrage. Read More

Does the practice of vote buying work?

BY SHALMAN SCOTT | Sunday, November, 12 2017    

There are three categories of constituencies existing on Jamaica's electoral landscape. Read More

Divide-and-conquer tool outmanoeuvres Caribbean governments

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, November, 12 2017    

The absence of meaningful consultation between governments and private sector organisations in the Caribbean is leading to the implementation of externally driven laws and regulations that will not serve the region well. Read More

Divide and conquer

Saturday, November, 11 2017    

Sir Ronald Sanders opens up the conversation on the changing face of regional co-operation. He suggests that the countries of the region have failed to first huddle and arrive at a united position before taking a seat at the table with the 'big boys'. Sanders points to the fact that the... Read More

Antigua vs Sandals and justice in Caricom

Franklin Johnston | Friday, November, 10 2017    

The impasse between Sandals and Prime Minister Gaston Browne of Antigua was a blip last year. It is now a running sore. Browne uses State power against investor Gordon “Butch” Stewart. A Jamaican is entitled to our protection, so back off... Read More


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