Happy Father's Day or Happy Men's Day?

BY ROMANE ELLISTON | Monday, June, 17 2019    

For the longest time in Jamaica, and the Caribbean at large, fatherhood has been marked by absenteeism. Recently, I did an interview with a group of boys ranging from ages 14 to 18 about their relationship with their fathers. Unfortunately, the stories had more... Read More

The world is crazy about K-pop and reggae

BY YOUNG GYU LEE | Monday, June, 17 2019    

In the dynamic music world, two genres have been able to withstand the test of time by maintaining their originality and popularity. These days it is truly unusual to find someone who is completely unfamiliar with k-pop and reggae music. Their recognition is reaffirmed time and time... Read More

Peter Phillips only has himself to blame

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, June, 16 2019    

A knife does not know who its master is. — Akan proverb, Ghana  Read More

Military rule, crime, and our democracy

Everton Pryce | Sunday, June, 16 2019    

The supporting role of the military in the fight against the ugly spread of hard-core crime and violence, particularly in perceived volatile communities across Jamaica, is increasing, and most Jamaicans appear in favour of this trend. Read More

Scapegoats of the Immaculate girl tragedy

JASON McKAY | Sunday, June, 16 2019    

On March 20, 2012, a group of young men decided to arm themselves with guns, get into a car, and drive to the municipality of Portmore in the parish of St Catherine. Read More

Renewables: A focus of the UAE and the Caribbean

Bader Almatrooshi | Sunday, June, 16 2019    

One of the challenges encountered these days in the Caribbean is access to energy. This region is highly dependent on imported oil and other fossil fuels for transport and electricity, accounting for huge amounts of money spent every year in this sector. Read More

What's the merit to legalising Obeah?

Al Miller | Sunday, June, 16 2019    

Bad luck wus dan Obeah! — Anonymous Jamaican adage  Read More

St Vincent on the UN Security Council: More valuable than coin

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, June, 16 2019    

Make no mistake about it, the election of St Vincent and the Grenadines — one of the world's smallest states — to a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council is both an important and timely event. Read More

Africa's market is Jamaica's birthright

Franklin Johnston | Friday, June, 14 2019    

Africa owes us big time! It sold us to the white man and should give us access to its markets as a right. The white man invested his loot, does well; what of Africa? Why did you trade my great, great, great grandpa to strangers for shiny beads? Your forefathers traded... Read More

Who's your horse in the race?

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, June, 14 2019    

And there came a time in the political stable when a younger horse looked out at the field and surveyed the horses around him. Not long before that time there was a big race, and what seemed to be a sure win turned out to be a loss. Some horses in the field wondered if they would ever... Read More

What to do when they're dead in...

Janet Crick | Thursday, June, 13 2019    

“ Yow, Jamaicans grieve different, enuh!” This was the somewhat annoyed utterance from a radio talk show host in reaction to the newspaper headlines that some Jamaicans were aggrieved that there would not be an open casket viewing for... Read More

Water everywhere...but not a drop to spare

Ewin James | Thursday, June, 13 2019    

In the 70s, when I was a boy in Porus, Manchester, we, the residents, were always without a reliable supply of water in our taps at home. So, the children were always going to the public standpipes. When we got water from our faucets at home — those of us who had... Read More

Obeah over CCJ: Ride on, Minister Chuck!

A J Nicholson | Wednesday, June, 12 2019    

Conventional wisdom holds that the practice of Obeah came to these shores accompanying the slave trade, which involved the ill-fated survival of some on the perilous Atlantic crossing from the west coast of Africa. Read More

Should the Obeah law be repealed?

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, June, 12 2019    

OBEAH, a system of spiritualism or occultism which employs magical rituals to either prevent or cause harm to offending individuals, is one of the most enduring aspects of West African culture that has survived in Jamaica and the British West Indies after slavery. Under colonial rule, the... Read More

Liberating Revivalism through the spirit and work of Edward Seaga

Kirt O. Henry | Tuesday, June, 11 2019    

THE death of former prime minister of Jamaica and anthropologist Edward Phillip George Seaga has engendered a great deal of public discourse around the significance and place of Revivalism in Jamaican culture. I wish to address this matter as we continue as an independent nation to... Read More


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