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Rhyme, rhythm, and roots

Tamara Belinfanti | Monday, January, 4 2021    

I grew up in a household where food, music, and language reigned. My mother cooked the most mouth-watering curry chicken and was a stickler for words. While in med school, my father was in an up-and-coming reggae band and, as a result, our small house was filled with... Read More

Let us be thankful for 2020

TARA HENRY | Monday, January, 4 2021    

What a year it's been. Read More

Let's try the COVID-19 model for homicides

Horace Levy | Sunday, January, 3 2021    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness came close to boasting about the improvement in the murder rate this year over last year's. Yet, at November 28, according to police force statistics, murders for the year were 16 (1.3 per cent) fewer than last year at the same time, just two short of 1,200... Read More

New year's resolutions the Biden/Harris Administration

Ben Jealous | Sunday, January, 3 2021    

I don't know about all of you, but it feels to me like Christmas came early this year. Electing a new president and vice president was a gift that 81 million Americans gave to ourselves and to one another. Read More

Taking the COVID-19 jab

Dr Adella Campbell | Sunday, January, 3 2021    

I just cannot ignore the narrative regarding the impending acquisition of a COVID-19 vaccine by the Jamaican Government, a part of which is the scepticism surrounding whether Jamaicans should, in fact, take the vaccine or not. Read More

Risk analysis and the homicide rate

Jason Mckay | Sunday, January, 3 2021    

We have ended another year which reflects a high, but slightly improved homicide statistic. I have said before how ridiculous and banal a method this is of assessing crime control and will dedicate an article or two to its analysis. Read More

Sam Sharpe Day has been in the making for a while

Olivia Grange | Sunday, January, 3 2021    

I note your editorial of 29 December 2020 titled 'If Sam Sharpe could speak from the grave' in which you inferred that our national hero would not be pleased with “the Jamaican Government declaring a day in his honour if the matter is shrouded in secrecy”. Your depiction was... Read More

Jamaica: The true meaning of tourism resilience

Edmund Bartlett | Sunday, January, 3 2021    

A s we reflect on the year that was 2020, we cannot deny that the year has been one of trials and tests for international tourism, perhaps more so than any other single year in recent history. Read More

Demonstrate again the great potential of our people

Patrick Allen | Friday, January, 1 2021    

My fellow Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora:A new year is upon us and we are all breathing a collective sigh of relief that 2020, the year that reshaped our lives in so many ways, is behind us. Read More

Building on strategy, building trust

Andrew Holness | Friday, January, 1 2021    

We welcome 2021 with hope and optimism, giving thanks to God for sparing our lives to see this day.I am privileged and grateful to lead this great nation, small in size but large in stature, with endless potential. Read More

Hope for a brighter tomorow

Mark Golding | Friday, January, 1 2021    

Happy new year!as we close out 2020 and embark on 2021, the new year brings with it a renewed sense of possibility and a time for reflection. Read More

Make 2021 The Year for Mentorship

with Lloyd B Smith | Friday, January, 1 2021    

Some time ago I was invited to address a group of male students at a primary school in St James. It was Boys' Day, so only the male students attended school and were being exposed to a variety of activities designed to make them responsible men of the future. My involvement was to give a... Read More

What's happening in Parliament?

Natalie Campbell-Rodriques | Thursday, December, 31 2020    

How many of us follow the happenings of our Parliament? Is it even important to do so? Read More

The need for local government financing in Jamaica

Omar Francis | Thursday, December, 31 2020    

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been a key player in driving global economic development over the last 30 years with a slate of reform initiatives it has spearheaded in member countries. The IMF, like many other key international partners, has recognised the undeniable linkages... Read More

The reality of what faces us in 2021?

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, December, 30 2020    

I am sure there will be universal consensus that we all will be glad to see the back of 2020. It is almost an understatement to say that it has been a tumultuous year. No language is adequate to capture what the novel coronavirus has done to our lives ever since it emerged in China and... Read More


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