The doubles game continues

Monday, May, 15 2017    

Reader interest in the saga of the two national anthems and the two national flags prompted me to go back to another doubles game, the controversy that flared up over two houses in December 1962.Our journey to Independence was not flagged by... Read More

All in the family

Al Miller | Sunday, May, 14 2017    

Strong families make strong communities, and strong communities result in strong nations. The ninth and last pillar that I suggest on which to build a great nation, the new Jamaica, is family — indisputably considered to be the foundation of... Read More

Press freedom must be protected

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, May, 14 2017    

Wen coco ripe, im mus buss — Jamaica ProverbTranslation: When the cocoa (cacao) ripens, it bursts.Explanation: It is easy to identify the intentions of an individual by his/her actions.  Read More

Inglorious Empire: Parallels of Indian and West Indian exploitation

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, May, 14 2017    

The yearnings for power and wealth of the stone-cold dead British Empire echoed amongst the older generation throughout the shires of Britain during the Brexit campaign. Those yearnings reflected themselves in the support of the older voters to leave the European Union (EU) as an... Read More

UTech is Technology Plus

Stephen Vasciannie | Sunday, May, 14 2017    

Some weeks ago, the Sunday Observer published a speech which I gave setting out aspects of my vision for the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech). In that speech, I emphasised, among other things, the importance of research and publications within the university's... Read More

Why celebrate my mother? She neva mind mi!

Jacqueline Taylor O'Gilvie | Sunday, May, 14 2017    

Today we observe Mothers' Day and celebrate mom's contribution to our lives as babies, infants, teenagers, young adults and mature adults. The reasons are many for celebrating our mothers. However, I wish to turn my attention to those of us that receive absolutely no... Read More

Exposing violence against women and children: A priority area for national action — Part 2

Adella Campbell, PhD | Sunday, May, 14 2017    

Having last week looked into the various manifestations of gender-based violence, let's explore possible solutions to eliminate this scourge.Admittedly, I do not possess all the answers to stem violence against the nation's women and children. I, however, posit... Read More

Needed: Different visions of Mother's Day

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, May, 12 2017    

MOTHER'S Day is here again, a time for honouring the women to whom we owe so much for giving us birth.Not every mother is “without spot or blemish”. Some fall upon stormy days and fail in parental duties. But still they keep on... Read More

Does the commissioner of police make any difference to crime?

Franklin Johnston | Friday, May, 12 2017    

For decades crime and violence has flourished no matter who is police chief. Quasi-military bodies like the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) are self-sustaining, so who sits on top is made nominally by those below, but a disruptive manager may deliver great results. Read More

Chinese land deal — Ignorance, incompetence or both?

Vincent Gordon | Thursday, May, 11 2017    

I listened to Omar Davies on Nationwide on May 8, 2017 and walked away even more confused and more than disappointed at the level of thinking demonstrated by one of our supposedly “better minds”.Much of his comments related to the... Read More

Time is now to build future for Latin America and the Caribbean

Thursday, May, 11 2017    

As Latin America and the Caribbean begins to emerge from six years of economic slowdown, including two of recession, it is essential to find ways to nurture and strengthen this budding recovery.Economic growth was the central factor behind the... Read More

Blessed Virgin Mary and tourism

Michael Burke | Thursday, May, 11 2017    

'Tis the month of our Mother,The blessed and beautiful days,When our lips and our spiritsare glowing with love and with praise.  Read More

Transforming our education system is dependent on the transformation of our thinking

Wednesday, May, 10 2017    

Given the inequity embedded in our education system, transformation has to be deliberate and intentional about its purpose. Education, in the interest of the greater good, moves beyond a narrow utilitarian role in economic development to the deeper questions of the kind of society that... Read More

Justice system must not give life to belief that being poor is a crime

Peter Champagnie | Wednesday, May, 10 2017    

In recent times our justice system has been the subject of much criticism, which only seems to arise when there is a general dissatisfaction and public outcry in relation to how certain cases are determined by our courts. Invariably, the response to these... Read More

A tide in the affairs of men

Pamela Coke-Hamilton | Tuesday, May, 9 2017    

A little over a month ago I attended two meetings in Europe and they both underscored the necessity for the Caribbean private sector to urgently reconstitute a representative body that is able to actively engage with and advocate on behalf of the sector's interests over the next 18 to... Read More




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