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Can Jamaica do away with the JLP and PNP?

RICHARD COORE | Sunday, January, 12 2020    

All around the world, people are witnessing the de-evolution of politics, which is particularly emphatic in the case of the United States. Many of us have asked ourselves how could the USA, the “beacon of hope for the world”, elect someone like Donald Trump as president?... Read More

Peter Phillips's PNP of promises, power plays, and pretenders

GARFIELD HIGGINS | Sunday, January, 12 2020    

The young antelope danced itself lame before the main dance was yet to come. — Igbo proverb, Nigeria “I'll give the sunThe rainThe moonThe stars and the mountainsI'll give you the world Read More

On the trail...

LANCE NEITA | Sunday, January, 12 2020    

We are barely out of the 2020 gates and it's election race time with the two leading contenders shuffling their hands and hiding cards up their sleeves. Jamaica is used to elections, and this will be the 17th general election we have called since Independence, if such is called this... Read More

China, the Caribbean, and the West: Serving whose interest?

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, January, 12 2020    

Caribbean countries are being warned by the Government of the United States of America and US writers that they should limit their dealings with China. In the course of these warnings, several allegations are made, suggesting sinister Chinese motives and even corrupt relations between... Read More

If Jamaica is to win... Part 2

AL MILLER | Sunday, January, 12 2020    

The thought of a new year often brings hope in the expectation that things will be better; and so it should! A new year usually brings new resolutions and promises to self and others of new and greater achievements. These indicate that we understand that the full authority rests with the... Read More

The price of our freedom

Jason McKay | Sunday, January, 12 2020    

The year 2019 has ended and murders have increased. A great opportunity to criticise each other now presents itself. We will blame our minister of national security, our police commissioner, our Government. Read More

Data use becoming the game-changer in Jamaica

Sanjay Rao | Sunday, January, 12 2020    

Did you know that Jamaica is ranked sixth in the world for ease of starting a business? We are in the same league as countries like New Zealand, Singapore, Canada. This is as per the latest World Bank ease of doing business rankings, which also ranks us 15th under Getting Credit. This is in... Read More

Lighting a match at the gas pump

Bruce Golding | Sunday, January, 12 2020    

Donald Trump's clumsy and incoherent foreign policy has left much of the world in bewilderment. He has shaken the foundations on which international relations — political and economic — have been built since World War II. He has disparaged critical international agencies,... Read More

New year, not so new worries

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, January, 10 2020    

January 2020 has certainly extended the fireworks past the midnight hour; and not in a celebratory fashion. We've stepped into 2020 but some worries that we face continue from the past year. Read More

We need to keep working on the 'Big 5'

Franklin Johnston | Friday, January, 10 2020    

My wish is not for elections but a genuine eureka moment in our economy. Jamaica was once the island most likely to succeed, and I am miffed we never came close to the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of Caricom members or our neighbour, the Dominican Republic — always a... Read More

The ever-increasing burden of crime and violence

Donna P Hope | Thursday, January, 9 2020    

As we settle into the new year Jamaica continues to grapple with the multiple and varying manifestations of crime and violence on a daily basis. Many citizens will tell you that they live in fear, constantly worrying about who will be next. Crime can be defined as... Read More

Reasons boards should care about the impending Data Protection Act

Chukwuemeka Cameron | Thursday, January, 9 2020    

For those not interested in reading the entire article I have saved you the hassle: Read More

Biblical inerrancy and the word of God

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, January, 8 2020    

I guess for many Christians it does no violence to their peace of mind at the beginning of a new year to reflect on a subject as mundane and non-sexy as that of the inerrancy of the Bible. There are those who are obsessed with the subject, and perhaps it is not a bad thing to do some rumination... Read More

The JCF must reinvent and retool itself

Richard Hugh Blackford | Wednesday, January, 8 2020    

The Jamaica Constabulary Force is the arm of the Ministry of National Security which is responsible for the maintenance of law and order, the prevention and detection of crime, the investigation of alleged crimes, the protection of life and property, and the enforcement of all criminal laws as... Read More

A new year: A new SOE needed

Lloyd Barnett | Tuesday, January, 7 2020    

By any standard of measurement Jamaica has, throughout the last 30 years, suffered grievously from high levels of violent crime, especially murders. There have been several and protracted periods of public emergency. Zones of special operations have also been established. The problems... Read More


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