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Reset Jamaica: Fire the imagination

Imani Duncan-Price | Sunday, June, 28 2020    

As countries reopen their economies, there's a debate globally about the kind of economic bounce back they can expect post-COVID-19. Will it be V-shaped — a fast come back after a rapid decline? U-shaped — a slower come back after the economic fall-off? Or L-shaped —... Read More

Mentally ill penal system

Jason McKay | Sunday, June, 28 2020    

The recent national scandal regarding the detention of Noel Chambers for 40 years without trial brings to light so many inadequacies of our system. Read More

My all-time West Indies XI

Stephen Vasciannie | Sunday, June, 28 2020    

  Read More

2020: Thoughts about history

by Sveta Soloveva | Friday, June, 26 2020    

My mother told me: “The main thing is not what's happening, but what's not happening.” She never explained what these words meant, and I treated them as something sacred, something that wouldn't need to be asked or confirmed. Besides, I realised subconsciously that I... Read More

Should we preserve some legacies of slavery?

Daive R Facey | Friday, June, 26 2020    

What rationale could there ever be for a mighty proud and free people, descendants of formerly enslaved Africans, to preserve any of the legacies and even some of the very means of oppression and dehumanisation of our ancestors? Read More

Reginald Carpenter: An era in Ja's development

Newton Duncan | Friday, June, 26 2020    

Time will be unkind to those who have no memory, so I share this happening that passed without a ripple. Read More

It's about a country's own interest

BY Brian E Plummer | Thursday, June, 25 2020    

Most countries have had to adjust to US dominance of global affairs. The Caribbean's relationship with the US is complex, but enduring, as a result of the 1821 Monroe Doctrine that designated the region under US sphere of influence. Read More

3 cheers for the power, promise of gender equity in agriculture

Denise E Antonio | Thursday, June, 25 2020    

I met farmer Claudia Allen on my first field trip in Jamaica to the mountainous district of Cascade in the parish of St Ann. She was among 50 farmers who had received water harvesting equipment through the Japan Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (JCCCP) implemented by the United... Read More

One small act for reparation contributes to a giant leap for mankind — Part II

Frank Phipps | Thursday, June, 25 2020    

In Part I of this reparation conversation, publsihed on Wednesday, June 17, 2020, we discussed three submissions — identifying the offence for which reparation is due, identifying the offenders from whom reparation is demanded, and identifying the victims of the... Read More

They've been pursuing reparation the wrong way

BY Fabian Lewis | Wednesday, June, 24 2020    

I have never been a fan of reparation personally; not that I don't agree with the morally correct position of it, but because of the futility of the matter. Read More

Of old men and astute politics

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, June, 24 2020    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has promoted two of the most elderly members of his Administration to full ministerial posts. Some, especially among the young, have viewed his decision as a backward move. They believe that these men have reached the sunset of their lives... Read More

There's more to protest

BY SHAWNA KAY WILLIAMS-PINNOCK | Wednesday, June, 24 2020    

Juneteenth — an annual holiday that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States — was observed on Friday, June 19, 2020. Sadly, this year, it was closely preceded by the death of yet another black man, George Floyd, who died during a police arrest... Read More

Give INDECOM the teeth it needs

RALSTON CHAMBERLAIN | Wednesday, June, 24 2020    

Dear Editor, If there were ever a time that we needed the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) in Jamaica, it is now. Read More

No to 2-in-1 election

Louis Moyston | Tuesday, June, 23 2020    

The system of local government in Jamaica was constructed in England and transplanted in Jamaica after 1655. The process began to develop along with the emergence of parishes in Jamaica. Local government has its political and administrative arms. It makes local laws and provides... Read More

Racist or women's advocate?

BY MARCIA THOMAS | Tuesday, June, 23 2020    

Lady (Jeanne Lucinda) Musgrave, wife of Sir Anthony Musgrave, governor of Jamaica, 1877-1883, has become a controversial figure due to an unsubstantiated claim that brands her a racist. It is said that while assigned to Jamaica, she demanded that the road, now known as Lady Musgrave... Read More


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