Kendal crash, milestones and discipline

Michael Burke | Thursday, September, 7 2017    

There are four major milestones that occurred in this first week of September. They are seemingly irrelevant to each other, but there is, in fact a common thread. The need for character training and discipline among our young people stands out, especially in a nation... Read More

Stop begging the banks, Minister Shaw; compel them!

Dorlan H Francis | Thursday, September, 7 2017    

I observed with utter dismay the governor of the Bank of Jamaica, Brian Wynter, and recently Finance Minister Audley Shaw's lamentation that interest rates are too high and their pathetic begging of the banks to do something about it. Free markets now mean kowtowing to industry players who want... Read More

ZOSO could be the death knell for some communities

Henley Morgan | Wednesday, September, 6 2017    

A wise man once said the dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate in dealing with the problems of the stormy present. The recently passed zones of special operations (ZOSO) law signals the desperation gripping the nation and its leaders as the gale force winds of crime and violence beat against... Read More

Robust economic growth and the Jamaican Diaspora

Wednesday, September, 6 2017    

Minister of Finance Audley Shaw has reported that the country is experiencing a budget surplus for the last fiscal year. The primary budget surplus has increased to $135.9 billion, a $7.7 billion increase over the targeted surplus. Also, director general of the Planning... Read More

Developing a culture of learning

Staecha Goulbourne | Tuesday, September, 5 2017    

I am of the view that the idea and the function of education has lost its way in translation and has yet to be decoded by the younger generation — and I dare say many of our adults as well. To many, the edifice is a place where we come to learn, but what exactly does it mean to... Read More

US shrouding us in marijuana smoke

Duane Smith | Tuesday, September, 5 2017    

I take this opportunity to encourage the Government to take the necessary steps to ensure that the country is not left behind in the rapidly developing marijuana sector. Read More

Discipline: It's tangible

Lisa Hanna | Monday, September, 4 2017    

The following is an edited version of a presentation to the Association of Surgeons Jamaica:  Read More

Privatisation and education transformation

BY PAULTON FRANKSON | Monday, September, 4 2017    

It is agreed that a radical transformation of the education system is a critical prerequisite if we are to attain developed country status and the prosperity we seek as a nation. One would have hoped that the Education System Transformation Programme (ESTP), with its... Read More

Why is the PNP still playing around?

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, September, 3 2017    

The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts. — John Locke  Read More

Zones of special operations bound to fail

Canute Thompson, PhD | Sunday, September, 3 2017    

After a period of about a month following the hastily passed zones of special operations Bill, the Government now seems set to implement the Act. In preparation for implementation, the prime minister met with senior cops to remind them of the importance of observing human rights. In the... Read More

Let's get it right and let's fight!

Al Miller | Sunday, September, 3 2017    

In the last month alone, another 141 Jamaicans have been killed - at least those we know about. These bloody, senseless killings have brought further pain, torment and anguish to families, and have heightened the levels of fear in our citizens everywhere. If what we... Read More

Slavery in the Bible: Michael Abrahams' reading problems

Rev Clinton Chisholm | Sunday, September, 3 2017    

The Bible is probably the only ancient text that any Mike, Mary or Marcia waxes warm about, despite stark ignorance of the book's actual texts, original languages and historical contexts. Read More

An ordinary life

Franklin Johnston | Friday, September, 1 2017    

Being ordinary is underrated. Ordinary folk elect governments, produce for bosses, and win wars for generals. They listen, learn, do, and build everything; but respect and recognition go to others. They are the nation's muscle; never national heroes, not memorialised in... Read More

Battling Harvey, the American storm

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, September, 1 2017    

SINCE Sunday, people everywhere have been deeply concerned with the news reports from the southern states of Texas and Louisiana, where Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey has been on the loose. Torrents of water have been flooding communities like Houston, cruelly wreaking havoc on... Read More

Education of 'slaves'

Michael Burke | Thursday, August, 31 2017    

Schools are set to reopen on Monday. Already the orientation in some schools has been taking place this week. Is it basically the beginning of another academic year of training future workers for the workforce of mainly private entities? Read More


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