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Preparing for Vision 2030

BY Oneil Madden | Tuesday, January, 7 2020    

 To accomplish anything, one must have a goal, a hope, a mission, a vision. King Solomon, known to have been the wisest man in the Christian religion, said in Proverbs 29:18 (King James Version [KJV]), “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Read More

Fire, fire, fire...safety

Wayne Campbell | Tuesday, January, 7 2020    

How many of us pay attention to safety regulations when we enter a place of amusement? Do you ask the proprietor or operators to show you their certificate of compliance regarding fire safety standards? The truth is many of us do not actively care to know how safe the venue is,... Read More

Progressing from quick fixes

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, January, 6 2020    

Driving through downtown Kingston a few days before Christmas we were stunned by the wall-to-wall and sidewalk-to-sidewalk display of goods. It was a challenge to navigate the area surrounding St William Grant Park. We were worried. Clearly there were more sellers than... Read More

The Soleimani assassination: Worse than a crime, a mistake

Thomas L Knapp | Monday, January, 6 2020    

In March of 1804, French dragoons secretly crossed the Rhine into the German Margraviate of Baden. Acting on orders from Napoleon himself they kidnapped Louis Antoine de Bourbon, Duke of Enghien. After a hastily convened court martial on charges of bearing arms against France, the duke... Read More

Disgraceful baiting and bartering from the PNP

Sunday, January, 5 2020    

When the lead sheep limps the flock does not reach the pastures. — Kikuyu proverb, Kenya  Read More

We are without standing in our own country

HOWARD GREGORY | Sunday, January, 5 2020    

I am of the age to recall the days when I could travel to the United Kingdom and Canada without the necessity of a visa. Hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans have travelled to these countries or have settled there and become responsible citizens over many decades. Unfortunately a few... Read More

If Jamaica is to win...

Al Miller | Sunday, January, 5 2020    

Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page. — Henry Ward Beecher  Read More

The Caribbean's interest in the contest for OAS secretary general

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, January, 5 2020    

The contest for the post of secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS) is now well and truly under way. The election for the post will be held on March 20 and there are three contestants whose nominations were submitted by December 15, 2019 — the date set by the... Read More

Whither the PNP — the next chapter

Paul Buchanan | Sunday, January, 5 2020    

Kings die alone … and presidents too. In their going out, they take with them no armies, ministers or advisors. Their legacies are forever stamped by the singular decisions they make, without caveats or deference to the advice of others. Read More

Public health realities and the JLP's 2016 manifesto

Christopher Tufton | Sunday, January, 5 2020    

“HOW much easier it is to be critical than to be correct”. Canute Thompson's recent assessment of the Jamaica Labour (JLP) Administration's achievements in health breathes life into this adage, while betraying a seeming lack of understanding of the complexity in public... Read More

Crime, punishment and a tale of two cities

Jason McKay | Sunday, January, 5 2020    

I wrote last week about the way we have been programmed to think. Maybe we have just accepted certain beliefs as facts because our parents did. Read More

The last 10...

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, January, 3 2020    

The door has closed on another year, and we step into the new “roaring 20s”. No, I wasn't around in the original 20s, despite my dinosaur status. Having recorded events through this column, I've had the opportunity to flip back through my scrapbooks and reminisce. Let's look... Read More

Brexit: A watershed moment

Louis E A Moyston | Friday, January, 3 2020    

The outcome of the 2019 elections in Great Britain is instructive regarding the nature of contemporary British and global politics. The case of the victory of the Tories, dubbing its Government as the “peoples” government, is quite a turnaround in the history of modern UK... Read More

The inevitability of change

Donna P Hope | Thursday, January, 2 2020    

It is a time of celebration and change as we close the doors on the holiday season and, as per the Gregorian calendar, cross over from an old to a new year. Indeed, this is also a time for reflection. Read More

All I wanted for Christmas was... sidewalks

Rachelle McFarlane | Thursday, January, 2 2020    

As the bustling season slows, the multimillion-dollar Christmas roadworks are still in full swing. We see curbs being painted. We see slapdash asphalting. We see the overgrown shrubbery being cleared. Yes, this holds much good for our nation. Read More


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