Black history, resistance, and the Caribbean mosaic

Everton Pryce | Sunday, February, 11 2018    

For those of us with a sense of the role of black history in the development and progress of humanity, United States President Donald Trump's alleged recent characterisation of the people of Guatemala, El Salvador, Haiti, and Africa, as progenitors of... Read More

Jamaica seems 'principled out'!

Alexander Scott | Sunday, February, 11 2018    

Recently , with Jamaica conferring honours upon the president of the nation that practises open and blatant racist policies — the Dominican Republic — and our 'fence-sitting' when it came to the recent United Nations vote on the US's stance on Jerusalem,... Read More

Those major anti-Chinese riots in Jamaica

BY SHALMAN SCOTT | Sunday, February, 11 2018    

 As we scrutinise the history of the anti-Chinese riots in Jamaica, the table must be set firstly by providing the economic, social and political context in which these referenced riots occurred. Read More

Harriott, Ricketts and the toxic debate

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, February, 11 2018    

The current debate between the two esteemed academics noted in the title, Professor Anthony Harriott and Mark Ricketts, has garnered national attention because of their opposite points of view. I believe it is the level of expertise of both men why the arguments have attracted so much... Read More

The critical role of Jamaican migration

Edward Seaga | Sunday, February, 11 2018    

Population pressure has been a persistent problem since emancipation. It is the insidious base of Jamaica's greatest obstacle — unemployment. Read More

Why do so many die of prostate cancer?

Franklin Johnston | Friday, February, 9 2018    

There are too many men dying of prostate cancer. The numbers dying from cancers before time is close to homicide, but spend is minuscule compared to the security budget. Are all lives of equal value? Many of high and low estate left and faced this implacable foe in... Read More

Let's keep our Jamaica

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, February, 9 2018    

Am I the only one who is getting the feeling that this Jamdown of ours is gradually becoming a place of confusion? I have always taken pride in boasting to people abroad that Jamaica a di boss. In my alleged arrogance, I listed out all the things which make Jamaica so... Read More

Is there any truth to Trump's sh**hole comment?

Glenn Tucker | Thursday, February, 8 2018    

There is a foul-mouthed blaggard who sometimes works for me. I continue to use him because he is skilful, perceptive, and calls things as he sees them. A few days ago, I overheard him on his phone, “Mi seh that Donald Trump only need one more sheet a zinc to... Read More

Holness might get away with this untidy matter with respect to the acting chief justice

Thursday, February, 8 2018    

It matters not how many countries with similar constitutions to ours have had acting chief justices or still have their top supreme court judges in acting positions. It matters not that the prime minister has not hitherto interfered with any judge on any legal matter. Read More

'Prince Anju' in the land of Anancy

Lloyd B Smith | Wednesday, February, 7 2018    

At present, Andrew Holness is perhaps Jamaica's most astute and clever politician. Having started out as a neophyte who was initially rejected by the electorate (“Call it Anju, call it!”), he reportedly went back to the drawing board and learnt the ropes of how to survive... Read More

Appoint Justice Sykes as full chief justice without delay!

Wednesday, February, 7 2018    

I have no doubt that Prime Minister Andrew Holness means well in his appointment of Justice Bryan Sykes as acting chief justice. One has no doubt also that he is committed to the canons of accountability that can lead to good governance. Indeed, this is a subject to which he has spoken often... Read More

Pleading with dons, gunmen and shottas

Wednesday, February, 7 2018    

Nothing that we have tried thus far has worked to permanently quell the rampant spate of murders that has for too long held our beautiful island home in a vice-like grip of fear and underdevelopment. The many crime studies and crime plans have not worked. Changing the... Read More

Algorithmic governance: Let's start with the Cabinet reshuffle

Tuesday, February, 6 2018    

A few months ago, Prime Minister Andrew Holness hinted publicly on Nationwide News Network during a conversation with Cliff Hughes that a Cabinet reshuffle was imminent. Clever Cliff tried to press for some specifics, but the astute and shrewd Holness would have none of it, as he gracefully... Read More

Our prime minister has been 'acting' ill-advised

Tuesday, February, 6 2018    

The consideration of Justice Bryan Sykes as our next chief justice by Prime Minister Andrew Holness is an excellent move and has been unanimously accepted by all those concerned with the good governance of our country. However, the decision of our prime minister to have... Read More


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