Solving crimes and false perceptions

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, February, 3 2019    

Perception, stereotyping and generalisations are often earned. We fear men who have an Arab appearance when we see them sitting on planes because men who look that way flew planes into buildings in 2001. Read More

The Revolution and Cuba's close ties to Jamaica

BY INES FORS FERNANDEZ | Sunday, February, 3 2019    

The following is a lightly edited version of an address by Cuba's Ambassador to Jamaica, Ines Fors Fernandez on the... Read More

Give Uruguay meeting a chance to help settle Venezuela crisis

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, February, 3 2019    

The heads of government of the independent member states of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) who met by video conference on January 24 to consider the fast-moving events surrounding Venezuela demonstrated an independent and principled stance. Read More

Why teaching lost our respect and how to restore it?

Franklin Johnston | Friday, February, 1 2019    

After Emancipation, the Negro Education Grant, funded by the British and opposed by local legislators, saw a flowering of mass black education. Pre-Emancipation schools of Moravians, Baptists, Wesleyans, Anglicans thrived; the latter had endowed schools set up to educate poor whites, but... Read More

A journey through my memory bank

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, February, 1 2019    

February has begun. The second month of the year is recognised as both Black History Month and Reggae Month. It is also the birth month of several Jamaicans who have made their mark on this nation. The well-loved musicians Bob Marley (born February 6) and Dennis Brown (February 1) open... Read More

Nothing more sinister than journalism with an agenda

By Julian J Jackson | Thursday, January, 31 2019    

  Read More

Tightrope walk to advancement

Michael Burke | Thursday, January, 31 2019    

The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, celebrated Sir Arthur Lewis Day on Wednesday, January 23, 2019. Sir Arthur was the first principal of the former University College of the West Indies (1948 to 1960) that became the University of the West Indies that year. Their guest... Read More

People living with lupus need help and attention

BY Noel Mitchell | Thursday, January, 31 2019    

Even though Jamaica has one the highest rates of lupus worldwide, we're not the only country that is affected or afflicted by this terrible but treatable disease. So there's no excuse for our young women in particular to continue to lose their lives all over the country to... Read More

Tek sleep and mark death with the Venezuela situation

Thursday, January, 31 2019    

The Jamaica Peace Council (JPC) joins all peace-loving people in rejecting the orchestration of what seems to us to be a coup d'état in Venezuela by the United States and its allies on January 23, 2019. They opted to endorse the self-appointment of Juan Guaido as... Read More

Understanding Lee-Chin's frustrations

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, January, 30 2019    

In his seventh report on the work of the Economic Growth Council (EGC), Chairman Michael Lee-Chin seemed a very frustrated and disappointed man. His frustration was undoubtedly borne out of the very slow progress that is being made with respect to projects to stimulate... Read More

J'can/Caribbean private sector scores low on international trade coordination

BY ELIZABETH MORGAN | Wednesday, January, 30 2019    

The private sector is supposed to be the engine of economic growth in most countries and is supposed to play a key role in the export of goods and services, especially in small, open developing economies such as Jamaica and its partners in the Caribbean Community (Caricom). As is often said, it... Read More

10 lessons learnt from observing mosquitoes

BY Stacey Robinson | Tuesday, January, 29 2019    

I am a researcher who appreciates observing animals to find valuable lessons that can be leant from them. With the many news reports, talks and videos circulating on social media, I decided to take some time to analyse the strategies of mosquitoes and how I can use... Read More

Making math meaningful and manageable

Donavan Doyley | Tuesday, January, 29 2019    

A snail is climbing out of a well. Every day it climbs up 3 metres, each night it slips back 2 metres. If the well is 10 metres deep, and it begins at the bottom, after how many days will the snail be free? Read More

Venezuelans must be allowed to determine their destiny

BY Yvad Billings | Tuesday, January, 29 2019    

The political crisis that currently obtains in Venezuela ought to be of serious concern to all well-thinking people, not only because of the bloodshed that could occur, but also because of the effects of further devastation to the country's economy and destabilisation... Read More

Jamaica worth every bead of sweat that we break

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, January, 28 2019    

VOLUNTEERISM is alive and well in Jamaica, and the kind folks who are stepping up for others are positively inspiring. The Business & Professional Women's (BPW) Club of St Andrew have been supporting the Elsie Bemand Home for Girls for decades and at a recent meeting members spoke... Read More


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