Did Putin help put Trump in the White House?

George Garwood, PhD | Sunday, July, 9 2017    

Finding the time to keep up with the wall-to-wall (24/7/365) coverage of news, and to make sense of it is a challenge. Read More

The 19th amendment

Lance Neita | Sunday, July, 9 2017    

The church I grew up in was the Four Paths Congregational Church in Clarendon. It was, and still is, a strong, stone-walled building with a solemn façade that reflects its 185 years. The church bell summoned us each Sunday to Sunday School, morning church services, and... Read More

Farewell Portia — you were wonderful

Fenton Ferguson | Sunday, July, 9 2017    

(This is a lightly edited version of a tribute given to former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller by former Cabinet minister and Member of Parliament for St Thomas Eastern, Dr Fenton Ferguson, upon Simpson Miller's retirement from elective politics and the Jamaican Parliament on Tuesday,... Read More

To see Norman Manley's dream realised

Dr Peter Phillips | Sunday, July, 9 2017    

The following is a lightly edited version of the presentation at the 2017 Norman Manley Lecture:  Read More

Who is the greatest cricketer — Bradman or Sobers?

Albert Baldeo | Sunday, July, 9 2017    

“Where are your heroes, Caribbean, show them to me”— Dave Martins and the Tradewinds  Read More

Bob Marley's legacy

Paul Buchanan | Sunday, July, 9 2017    

( In continuing to serialise sections of the book Jones Town Trench Town The Journey Back written by former Jamaica cricketer, economist and politician Paul Buchanan, today we look at the legacy of Reggae great Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley) Read More

Jamaica and football at a crossroads

Al Miller | Sunday, July, 9 2017    

We are at a crossroads in the arena of Jamaican football and also in our nation. An interesting parallel is before us with many similarities from which critical lessons must be learned. Read More

Marcus Garvey statue, public art and idolatry

Franklin Johnston | Friday, July, 7 2017    

In life Marcus Garvey was controversial, and in death he continues to impact our nation in small, useful ways — teachable moments. He was no angel; most of our heroes were criminals — outlawed, jailed, hanged. When will we pardon those convicted here? So why... Read More

Could a beach be a country again?

Friday, July, 7 2017    

A week or so ago there was an argument here at home suggesting that the media should go easy on giving publicity to our crime problem, to which some say we are giving excessive exposure. It was said we were only be adding to the difficulties faced in promoting an industry like tourism,... Read More

Weaknesses in the crime Bill

Vincent Gordon | Thursday, July, 6 2017    

The Bill outlines the Government's plan to 'Clear, Hold and Build'and provides much insight into what is likely to happen and the quality of our political leadership on both sides of the fence. I am hoping that the comments in this article will be considered and used to strengthen the... Read More

Let us have character-driven education

Michael Burke | Thursday, July, 6 2017    

So the 2016/17 academic year comes to an end tomorrow. There have already been a slew of graduations and prize-giving ceremonies, and the schedule continues. Few of the prizes awarded will be for best behaviour and other character-driven reasons, such as the most... Read More

When will the war over 'bush money' end?

Linton P Gordon | Thursday, July, 6 2017    

The latest war between our political tribes is over “bush money”. Read More

Target criminals, not communities

Henley Morgan | Wednesday, July, 5 2017    

After healthy disagreements, the waving of cautionary red flags by the Opposition People's National Party, and 18 amendments to the original proposal by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, the House of Representatives, on the evening of Thursday, June 28, 2017, approved a... Read More

Rebuilding communities the hardest part of the special zones Bill

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, July, 5 2017    

Last Wednesday a breath of fresh air blew through the Jamaican Parliament. In a rare show of bipartisan support, the Lower House of the people's representatives worked collaboratively to pass the special zones crime Bill which, among other things, is intended to... Read More

Charting the course for success — Part 2

With Staecha Goulbourne | Tuesday, July, 4 2017    

As a country which will celebrate its 55th year of political independence, there ought to be some changes to the education system which will be impactful on a long-term basis. As stated in Part 1, the short-term remedies we have been using cannot solve the deep-rooted problems our education... Read More


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