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Raising males to endanger or enhance nation-building?

Michael Aiken | Sunday, October, 4 2020    

Raising children is an incredibly hard and risky business in which no cumulative wisdom is gained. — Bill Cosby Read More

Remembering Father Hugh Braham Sherlock OJ, OBE, DD (1905-1998)

K Churchill Neita | Sunday, October, 4 2020    

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of Boys' Town. It was in September 1940 that the Government of Jamaica and the YMCA collaborated on the need for a social intervention that would serve the needs of underprivileged youth in West Kingston and Trench... Read More

A time for truth

JASON McKAY | Sunday, October, 4 2020    

One of the most brutal and horrific genocides in human history is also one of the least known. Most people know of the Jewish Holocaust. This is not because it is the worst, but because it has been properly propagated by its survivors. As it should! Read More

Why the PNP lost

PAUL BUCHANAN | Sunday, October, 4 2020    

I can still hear echoes of the wildly celebrating Labourites gathered at Rony's bar in Stony Hill Square on the night of September 3 shouting, “Showa! Showa! Showa! PNP dead; dem caan come back!” After three devastating by-election defeats and the disastrously finite general... Read More

Caricom could soon have a new energy champion

Arthur Deakin | Sunday, October, 4 2020    

Within 24 hour Mike Pompeo made history by becoming the first US secretary of state to visit Guyana and Suriname. He arrived and left both countries on September 17, announcing bilateral agreements to develop infrastructure, combat the movement of illegal drugs, and strengthen trade and... Read More

Rethinking health care delivery in Jamaica (Part 7)

Paul Edwards & Ernest Madu | Sunday, October, 4 2020    

Last week, we looked at cardiovascular care and radiology services as specific health care opportunities that can be harnessed by developing centres of excellence and consolidation of fragmented care systems that are usually inefficient and sub-optimal. We strongly believe that Jamaica,... Read More

Leadership during a crisis

Jacqueline Coke Lloyd | Friday, October, 2 2020    

As Jamaica and the rest of the world currently grapple with the fallout from the novel coronavirus pandemic, strong leadership is required consistently from all critical stakeholders in Government, the private sector, and particularly among health and medical personnel. Leadership during... Read More

Jury rule

Valerie Neita Robertson | Friday, October, 2 2020    

The world and everything in it has undergone a radical change. We must never be afraid to change with it, but that change must be for the better of humanity. Read More

We need a Fifth Industrial Revolution renaissance

Friday, October, 2 2020    

In 1955 the Government, led by Chief Minister Norman Manley, created the Central Planning Unit (CPU), which reported directly to the Office of the Chief Minister. The role of the CPU, now renamed the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), was to collate and analyse... Read More

If Lisa and Mark are to inspire…

Canute Thompson | Thursday, October, 1 2020    

If Lisa Hanna and Mark Golding are to provide delegates of the People's National Party (PNP), but more broadly and more importantly the Jamaican citizenry, with reason to believe in them and in the value of the political process to their lives, there are, in my opinion, four things that... Read More

CXC 2020 results: 18 + 52 = 4

BY Verona Antoine- Smith | Thursday, October, 1 2020    

On September 22, 2020 the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC ) released the 2020 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) results. Of note, two information technology CAPE grades were compared. Student A... Read More

Weighing the agricultural imperative during COVID-19

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, September, 30 2020    

Perhaps the greatest challenge that Jamaica and the world face during the novel coronavirus pandemic is that of food security. You notice I did not say in the “post-COVID-19 economy” because one cannot be too sure what that really means anymore and when we... Read More

Thriving in COVID-19: One entrepreneur's perspective

Kemal Brown | Wednesday, September, 30 2020    

Adversity introduces a person to themself. I believe this to be true. Read More

Trial by our peers a fundamental right

Bert Samuels | Tuesday, September, 29 2020    

Trial by our peers is the fundamental right of every Jamaican citizen. Although not embodied in any written document, it is a right enjoyed, and fought for, by our founding fathers. The right of every Jamaican to sit on a jury and/or to vote in elections was attained only 76 years ago,... Read More

PNP was socialist from the start

Kevin Obrien Chang | Tuesday, September, 29 2020    

All established political parties suffer serious defeats at times, which naturally call for serious introspection and objective analysis. Historical perspective is a vital part of this process, but it has to begin with accurate history. Read More


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