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COMING SOON! ...a time for renewal and hope

lANCe NEITA | Sunday, March, 22 2020    

Three weeks from today we will be celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday, what we commonly call the Easter weekend. Sadly, it won't be the same. The churches will be near empty this year, the beaches lonely, family gatherings sombre, the dance halls... Read More

Oppose, Oppose, Oppose!

Dorlan H Francis | Sunday, March, 22 2020    

After Norman Manley and his People's National Party (PNP) was soundly beaten by Alexander Bustamante and his Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in Jamaica's first election of December 14, 1944, Manley, in is concession speech, promised to organise, organise, organise, and oppose, oppose, oppose. Read More

Women step into the arena: Educating children at home

Imani Duncan-Price | Sunday, March, 22 2020    

If ever there was a time when gender balance in political leadership would be invaluable it is now. It is a whole new paradigm with the onset of COVID-19 here in Jamaica and the wider world. In any crisis, effective leaders often say hope for the best but prepare for the worst. COVID-19... Read More

When can you use your gun?

Jason McKay | Sunday, March, 22 2020    

Last week I discussed ammunition, choice of gun and the legal implications of carrying a firearm. This week I am examining the scenarios wherein you can actually use this fine weapon that you have spent your mortgage on. Read More

COVID-19 and heart disease: A perspective for cardiac patients in Jamaica

Dr Ernest Madu and Dr Paul Edwards | Sunday, March, 22 2020    

In December of 2019, doctors in China started to notice the emergence of a new disease. The patients had flu-like symptoms and severe lung infection. Over the past few months, this disease which is now known as COVID-19 has spread all over the world and in Jamaica we have seen our first... Read More

Guyana: Future leader or outcast?

SIR RONALD Sanders | Sunday, March, 22 2020    

Guyana is in grave danger of being ostracised in the regional, hemispheric, and global communities. As I write, the general election, which were held on March 2, still have no final count, and certainly not one that international observers have declared as credible, transparent, and... Read More

Cuba's wonder drug

Helen Yaffe | Sunday, March, 22 2020    

COVID-19 surged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late December 2019 and by January 2020 it had hit Hubei province like a tidal wave, swirling over China and rippling out overseas. The Chinese State rolled into action to combat the spread and care for those infected. Among the 30 medicines... Read More

Pandemic panic

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, March, 20 2020    

I don't know about you, but I am suffering from COVID-19 overload and I have been seeking out remedies for this serious problem. For the most part, I've been finding ways to distance myself from the constant stream of coronavirus consternations and confusion. I've been reading more,... Read More

COVID-19's TV lesson

Chris Dehring | Friday, March, 20 2020    

Maybe there is a silver lining. This COVID-19 episode will hopefully show everyone the importance of the digital switchover (DSO) in national disaster preparedness and management, and finally get it done. Read More

The new normal in the age of COVID-19

Donna P Hope | Thursday, March, 19 2020    

As the coronavirus advances, Kingston's bustle is being transformed into varying degrees of silence that gets earlier each night. The significantly reduced numbers of people and cars on the streets every day, and the near-zero cars on the road at nights tell their own story. Social... Read More

Hope revisited

Clinton Chisholm | Thursday, March, 19 2020    

If we are honest most of us are sick and tired of getting pointers on COVID-19. Some of us are just plain sick (ill) because of the virus, and yet all of us are hoping to survive this dismal pandemic. Read More

Time to re-engineer Jamaica's future

Chukwuemeka Cameron | Wednesday, March, 18 2020    

Present and past administrations have already gone a far way in putting in place the necessary framework to allow Jamaica to arise from this global disaster and transform itself into a digital society/economy even in the face of what will be a very rough ride in the short to medium term. We see... Read More

A budget with a high moral imperative

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, March, 18 2020    

Minister of Finance Dr Nigel Clarke must be congratulated for presenting what can be described as a realistic and practical national budget, given the constraints facing the country. This year the presentation was made under the shadow of the threats posed by the... Read More

What about the homeless and mentally ill as COVID- 19 spreads?

BY SAUNDRIE SHAW | Tuesday, March, 17 2020    

  Read More

Nigel Clarke's social justice mission

BY Lipton Matthews | Tuesday, March, 17 2020    

Arguing for the redistribution of wealth is resurfacing in political discourse. Social justice advocates assert that redistribution is necessary to correct inequalities. But, contrary to the musings of socialists, the free market is the most liberating tool to empower... Read More


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