Shaw shuffle: Mistake or masterstroke?

Al Miller | Sunday, April, 8 2018    

My good friend Dr Henley Morgan wrote an article in the Jamaica Observer on Wednesday, April 4, titled 'Cabinet Reshuffle'. He amusingly began by saying, “Reshuffle... sounds like the name of a dance; one in which one switches... Read More

The PNP is already in panic mode

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, April, 8 2018    

If you pick up one end of the stick you also pick up the other. — Ethiopian proverb  Read More

Trade wars in no one's interest

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, April, 8 2018    

The Government of the People's Republic of China wrote to the chairperson of the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on April 4, 2018 registering a dispute with the Government of United States of America over duties that would be applied... Read More

Seaga doesn't need this highway

Lance Neita | Sunday, April, 8 2018    

The ruling Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) proposed naming of the north-south link of Highway 2000 after Edward Seaga has created controversy. The Opposition People's National Party (PNP) obviously had Portia Simpson Miller in mind for this honour — simple arithmetic for them, as they already... Read More

Redefining a land title

BRUCE GOLDING | Sunday, April, 8 2018    

In the recent budget debate both the prime minister and the leader of the Opposition attached priority to reforming the land titling system to address the plight of the vast number of persons who own land but have no registered titles. Read More

What triggered the Second Maroon War in 1795?

BY SHALMAN SCOTT | Sunday, April, 8 2018    

THE Second Maroon War in upper St James (known at different times as Cudjoe Town, Flagstaff, Furry Town, Trelawny Town or Maroon Town) between the British Government and the St James Maroons erupted after two Maroons were whipped in Montego Bay at the Whipping Post of the Cage building... Read More

States of emergency, social divisions and solutions

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, April, 8 2018    

I will start this article by stating two unequivocal facts. Firstly, the state of emergency that was imposed on Montego Bay will impact tourist arrivals and, by extension, the economy. Secondly, it was the right thing to have done. Read More

Reviving the Caribbean Court of Justice debate

BY STEPHEN VASCIANNIE | Sunday, April, 8 2018    

THE central question is familiar: Which court should we have as the final decision-making power for our disputes — and why? I return to this well-trodden path for three reasons. Read More

History of the Kingston Waterfront and Ocho Rios developments

Sunday, April, 8 2018    

I submit for reference and publication the history of the Kingston Waterfront and Ocho Rios Development both initiated by me. My reasons are as follows: Read More

PHOTO: Student excellence

Sunday, April, 8 2018    

Read More

PHOTO: Shaw shuffle:

Sunday, April, 8 2018    

The nation is still digesting the recent Cabinet shuffle by Prime Minister Andrew Holness. The most-talked-about move is arguably Audley Shaw's shift from the all-powerful seat as finance minister. Rev Al Miller says, whether one is a well-wisher or disparager, Shaw's reassignment to... Read More

WTO remedies for Trump's tariffs:

Delroy Beckford | Sunday, April, 8 2018    

The dust is not yet settled on the likely impact of imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium by the Donald Trump-led Administration in the US, but there are already signs that the World Trade Organization (WTO) may be faced with the issue of resolving the dispute. Read More

Stop the 'own a house' political ploy; no shame in rent-house

Franklin Johnston | Friday, April, 6 2018    

Peter Philips and Andrew Holness spoke of housing in budget speeches and usually they mean to own a house. Our trading partners do not have 100 per cent homeownership and, if we are to live like them, rental housing must be a priority. Read More

Caribbean relations and road safety

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, April, 6 2018    

In a time once past there used to be differences between two Caribbean nations, one Port of Spain and the other Kingston, which weren't so happy with each other. What brought about their exchange of words was often centred on issues of trade and commerce — or how... Read More

When will we celebrate work?

Thursday, April, 5 2018    

Traditionally, many Jamaicans, especially in the lower socio-economic bracket, have seen work as 'slavery'. Relatively low wages, poor working conditions, and a labour environment still akin to the plantocracy have also helped to embolden this view in the minds of the... Read More


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