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Old economics supporting new economics

Trixton Lamey | Wednesday, December, 30 2020    

The Keynesian Economic Model put forward by John Maynard Keynes is anchored on the idea that in times of negative economic shocks, especially in the short run, the Government has a pivotal role to play in stimulating or maintaining appreciable economic activities by injecting money into... Read More

1831 was a pivotal year in Jamaica's history

Dudley McLean II | Tuesday, December, 29 2020    

Over the past 40 years t he history of Jamaica taught in the schools reflected the process of sanitisation that began with the omission of the period of Crown Colony Government from 1866-1944 that showed the successes of black Jamaicans after the Morant... Read More

The other transatlantic relationship

Joseph Borrell | Tuesday, December, 29 2020    

In Brussels, as we wait for US President-elect Joe Biden to take office, there is a great deal of speculation regarding the new transatlantic relationship — as though the United States was the only country on the other side of the Atlantic. While the relationship... Read More

Sam Sharpe uprising long time coming

Monday, December, 28 2020    

I would rather die on yonder gallows than live in slavery. — words attributed to Jamaican National Hero Samuel Sharpe  Read More

Internet déjà vu

Paul Golding | Sunday, December, 27 2020    

If there were doubts about the necessity for the Jamaican economy to be digitised, COVID-19 has made this indisputable. The pandemic has brought the digital mandate into sharp focus, with online classes, virtual meetings, working from home, and contactless sales have all accelerated the... Read More

Reflections on 2020 through a Rastafari lens

Michael Barnett | Sunday, December, 27 2020    

The year 2020 has been particularly mystical and bizarre. It ends, as it began, as a year of uncertainty, unpredictability, and one which has been a test of character, fortitude, and faith for most people. Read More

Kidnapping: Threat on the horizon

Jason McKay | Sunday, December, 27 2020    

I try to distance myself from hate. I do this whether I am pursuing a wanted killer or fending off an attack from one more liar in a civil court trying to take what he did not earn. I do so because I genuinely feel it negatively impacts good decision-making and clear... Read More

Seven simple ideas to overcome adversity

James Moss-Solomon. | Sunday, December, 27 2020    

Merry Christmas and a happier new year to Christians and all other religions that celebrate around this time. Peace, love, and respect to you. Read More

Republic of Korea and Jamaica: 58 years

BAEJIN LIM | Sunday, December, 27 2020    

The novel coronavirus pandemic has made this year one of the most memorable years in world history. Many countries are still struggling to cope with the adverse effects of the virus and the economic challenges, anxiety and devastation that emerged as a result, and is longing for relief. Read More

Geopolitics and COVID-19: Synergies, dominoes and their impact on the global tourism product

Ed Bartlett | Sunday, December, 27 2020    

The novel coronavirus pandemic, which has already infected over 23 million and has claimed over 800,000 lives worldwide, is perhaps the greatest catastrophic event we have faced in the modern history of the global economy. Read More

Heart healthy tips for the holiday season

Dr Paul Edwards & Dr Ernest Madu | Sunday, December, 27 2020    

AS we relax into a most welcome festive season after a very challenging year it is important that we pay close attention to our heart health. The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed unimaginable emotional and physical stress on many individuals, and a great deal of people respond to stress with... Read More

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2020... Andrew Holness, Prime Minister

Saturday, December, 26 2020    

The following are lighting edited versions of the Christmas messages of the nation's leaders.  Read More

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2020... Mark Golding, Leader of the Opposition

Saturday, December, 26 2020    

The following are lighting edited versions of the Christmas messages of the nation's leaders. My fellow Jamaicans, I wish you a Merry Christmas from my family to all Jamaicans, at home and abroad, and a happy and safe holiday season. Read More

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2020... Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General

Friday, December, 25 2020    

The following are lighting edited versions of the Christmas messages of the nation's leaders.  Read More

Jamaicans' seven deadly sins

with Lloyd B Smith | Friday, December, 25 2020    

According to Christian teachings, there are seven deadly sins, also known as capital or cardinal sins. According to historical accounts, they were first highlighted by Pope Gregory I (the Great) in the 6th century, and further explained by St Thomas Aquinas. Read More


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