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What I fear in the reopening of the economy

Raulston Nembhard | Thursday, June, 18 2020    

One of the things that I fear with the reopening of the economy in any country is that people will throw all caution to the wind and believe that the worst is behind us. After having been cooped up in their homes for three months, one can understand the feeling that people would have to... Read More

One small act for reparation contributes to a giant leap for mankind

Frank Phipps | Wednesday, June, 17 2020    

The Jamaican House of Representatives on January 27, 2015 unanimously passed a resolution moved by Mike Henry setting out the terms for reparation from the British Government to compensate the former slaves. Reparation is a sector of the greater problem of racism and discrimination that... Read More

Global support for our lives welcomed

Bert Samuels | Wednesday, June, 17 2020    

The global outrage and solidarity we are witnessing is born of years of oppression and glaring injustices meted out to people of African descent which has ignited a flame of protests, fanned by the whirlwind that Marcus Garvey's teachings predicted. Read More

Unpleasant experiences or invaluable lessons from COVID-19?

BY Samantha Radway Morrison | Tuesday, June, 16 2020    

All experiences, lived or shared, pleasant or unpleasant, are invaluable. Yes, there are those we would rather not have experienced — like the present COVID-19 situation — but these, too, have their value. However, we often fail to accord the merits that are garnered from... Read More

With one voice: I can't breathe!

Ethan Lowe | Tuesday, June, 16 2020    

“I can't breathe!” The heart-rending cry of a dying black man reverberated around the world. George Floyd had tendered a US$20 in Minneapolis, USA, which was thought to be counterfeit. The police were called and he was restrained. His head and neck were pressed down on the... Read More

A march towards a dream

Lance Neita | Monday, June, 15 2020    

The respectful relationship that existed between the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement and the John F Kennedy (JFK) Administration in 1963 is in sharp contrast to the wide gulf between the Black Lives Matter Movement and today's White House insecurity. So far the incumbent president... Read More

A time to mourn, a time to heal

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, June, 15 2020    

It is a time of mourning in our beloved Jamaica as we contemplate the tragic deaths of Detective Corporal Dane Biggs and Constable Decardo Hylton, and the critical state of their colleagues Superintendent Leon Clunis and a few other officers whose names have not been... Read More

Plastic smiles and constipated glad-handing cannot smother reality, PNP

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, June, 14 2020    

The warrior may be tripped by a maize cob. — Kikuyu proverb, Kenya  Read More

'I can't breathe': Parallels in the Jamaican experience — Part 1

OSWY GAYLE | Sunday, June, 14 2020    

Racism, Africanism, colourism, churchism, superviserism, managerism, leaderism, capitalism, classism, bullyism, sexism, and all other 'isms' affect many Jamaicans on a daily basis as they simply try to experience work, play, do business, and raise their families. Read More

Emancipation and reparation

Danny Roberts | Sunday, June, 14 2020    

There is understandable scepticism as to whether the wave of protests following on the murder of George Floyd will provide any lasting and sustained justice for blacks in the United States. The Economist references how the unrest has “globalised the struggle against racism”;... Read More

G20 refuses to give Caribbean a fighting chance

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, June, 14 2020    

The failure of the world's richest nations to respond adequately to the abrupt and rapid decline in the economies of developing countries, including the Caribbean, is resulting in huge increases in unemployment and poverty, and could, ultimately, erode democracy and the rule of... Read More

COVID-19 vaccine development and possible treatments

BY DR ERNEST MADU & DR PAUL EDWARDS | Sunday, June, 14 2020    

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread and produce illness and death, efforts to prevent and treat the disease are accelerating. Read More

Wars without winners

Jason Mckay | Sunday, June, 14 2020    

ARAB Jews lived in Palestine long before European Jews were settled there by the British in the post-World War II era. There were issues between the Muslims and the resident Jews back then, but in comparison to the conflict they have now it was nothing of... Read More

Reset Jamaica: Tourism that works for all

Imani Duncan-Price | Sunday, June, 14 2020    

It is completely unrealistic to think that Jamaica's economic recovery will take six months or 18 months. The economy was on the decline before and the COVID-19 pandemic made it worse. Same old thinking will not take us out of the rut. Most of all, what is required is leadership that is... Read More

Thoughts on America

Nicholas McDavid | Friday, June, 12 2020    

The digital airwaves are filled with #GeorgeFloyd. George Floyd being the latest, highly publicised, caught-on-camera case of police brutality against black people in America. This case, unfortunately, led to the death of an unarmed man who was pleading for his life. George Floyd, like... Read More


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