An admiration for Edward Seaga ...Through red, gold & green spectacles

Barbara Makeda Blake-Hannah | Tuesday, May, 28 2019    

I never got a chance to ask Edward Seaga exactly why he appointed me an independent senator in 1984 as part of his One Party Government — the first, and so far only Rastafari to sit in the Jamaican Parliament. I have heard different stories of how I became a surprising part of Jamaica's... Read More

The 65th anniversary of Brown vs Board of Education in the US

Bert Samuels | Tuesday, May, 28 2019    

May 17, 2019 was the 65th anniversary of the historic 1954 Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, decision of the US Supreme Court and should not be allowed to pass without recognition of its importance to the civil rights movement. Our young people should pause to learn the... Read More

The struggle of religious vs atheists

BY Lipton Matthews | Tuesday, May, 28 2019    

 Belief in a deity is a concept some atheists struggle to understand. Many cannot fathom why anyone would seek to worship a mystical figure he does not see. Read More

Voting matters... and other matters

Garfield Higgins | Tuesday, May, 28 2019    

The comfort of the tree is the comfort of the bird. — A Yoruba proverb, Nigeria  Read More

Reggae Girlz creating a stir

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, May, 27 2019    

In just a short week in Florida, the Reggae Girlz have created a stir by winning their friendly against Florida's FC-Surge before a sea of cheering Jamaican fans and friends. As we gear up for their historic outing in the Fifa Women's World Cup in France, let us... Read More

Security partnerships critical in crime detection and prevention

Christopher Bryan | Monday, May, 27 2019    

Policing services offered by private security companies have been embraced tremendously by public and private entities the world over. In order to understand the phenomenon of this industry, and to define its importance and impact, it is important for researchers to undertake... Read More

Pricing policy: What is the big secret, Petrojam?

BY SOPHIA WHYTE-GIVANS | Sunday, May, 26 2019    

 As a Jamaican, I feel it is important to contribute to the present discourse on Petrojam's pricing policy. I have chosen Mauritius as the comparator because it is, similarly, a small economy, importer of crude oil, and price-taker for this commodity. Read More

It shall come to pass

HOWARD GREGORY | Sunday, May, 26 2019    

W e have heard constantly that among the major obstacles to our development as a nation are the high level of crime and violence and the high level of corruption which prevail within the society. The cries from every level of society for measures to... Read More

US has right to restrict immigration, but…

Sunday, May, 26 2019    

Every country, including the United States, has the sovereign right to restrict and regulate the number and type of migrants that it allows to enter its borders. The ways of limiting the number of migrants vary, but no country allows unlimited migration. Read More

Turn NIDS failure into a successful national ID effort

ERROL MILLER | Sunday, May, 26 2019    

A national identification card and number represent official verification that a citizen has constitutional rights and privileges in a nation. Such identification is increasingly a matter of public, private, and personal importance in the digital age. Read More

Browne and Mottley — shapers of the regional future

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, May, 26 2019    

PRIME ministers Gaston Browne, of Antigua and Barbuda, and Mia Mottley, of Barbados, are two of the Caribbean's young and dynamic leaders. Both are workaholics with clear and determined visions for the betterment of their countries. Each of them is a committed regionalist,... Read More

Focus on children beyond Labour Day

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, May, 24 2019    

“NEIGHBOUR, neighbour, let's come together and work this Labour Day.” Those lyrics are from an advertisement that was intent on encouraging community spirit and good neighbourliness — an important part of the annual Labour Day activities. Read More

Here's how Cabinet can reorganise the police and beat back crime

Franklin Johnston | Friday, May, 24 2019    

Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson is a good man, but a stressed man. A scowl is now omnipresent, and it is not fair to him. Peeps say we should choose a job we are happy with. Did he? Read More

We need to be more responsive to the nation's mental health needs

Wayne Campbell | Thursday, May, 23 2019    

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. — Khalil Gibran  Read More

Cultural diversity for dialogue and development

Audrey Azoulay | Thursday, May, 23 2019    

On May 21, 2018 UNESCO celebrated the 18th World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. Read More


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