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Can we rise from the COVID-19 ashes and win the climate battle?

Patricia Scotland | Thursday, December, 24 2020    

When 197 countries adopted the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in 2015 I remember feeling an extraordinary surge of hope — for multilateralism, for science, for humanity. Years of advocacy in support of small and vulnerable Commonwealth states had finally... Read More

Caricom must wade in to defuse growing soap war

Christopher Bryan | Thursday, December, 24 2020    

The Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas consisted of 240 articles as well as other rules and schedules. The intent is to define the conditions for good governance in Caricom between the 15 member states as a means to regional integration and to function as a body of unified states. Including... Read More

Christmas on Religious Hard Talk, 2014

Clinton Chisholm | Thursday, December, 24 2020    

In December 2014 my esteemed and dear Friend, the late Ian Boyne, invited me to share my views on Christmas with him on a programme to be aired on Television Jamaica 's Religious Hard Talk show in... Read More

The serpent and the PNP

Louis Moyston | Wednesday, December, 23 2020    

I have been thinking about this article for a while, to write or not to write, but when I think about this great movement and the sacrifice of Norman Manley made from using his own resources to build the People's National Party (PNP), I must. Read More

A Christmas with a difference

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, December, 23 2020    

With the still-raging pandemic that is killing hundreds of thousands of people, and adversely affecting the world economy, no one can deny that 2020 was a tumultuous year. As I write, a new variant of the 2019 novel coronavirus has broken out in Europe, specifically in Britain. This has... Read More

December 25: The greatest PR campaign in history?

Nicholas McDavid | Tuesday, December, 22 2020    

INSPIRED by a video my cousin sent me, I have decided to share this previously written bit of creative writing from my personal archive: Read More

Pearnel Charles handed on service baton

Glenn Tucker | Tuesday, December, 22 2020    

The year was 1969. I was the youngest probation officer on the island and was sometimes mistaken for one of the juvenile delinquents. Matters in the Black River Resident Magistrate's Court had just been brought to order. There was silence. Read More

Promise and inspiration in St Thomas

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, December, 21 2020    

Our bumpy ride through St Thomas was relieved by the parish's beauty spots. We passed Bull Bay, where we had enjoyed happy reasonings on the beach with Fred and Cynthia Wilmot of blessed memory. Three generations of Wilmots still continue their legacy of wholesome... Read More

Timely 'Emancipendence' broadside from Patterson

Mike Henry | Monday, December, 21 2020    

AS I finalise my plan to act within my constitutional right to petition the British Queen for reparation based on the debated and unanimously voted on motion in Parliament that authorised any Government of Jamaica to pursue the stated objective, I note the timely position that was... Read More

COVID-19 vaccination more than just numbers

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, December, 20 2020    

Little by little the bird builds its nest. — Hausa proverb, Nigeria Read More

Five days to go...

Lance Neita | Sunday, December, 20 2020    

Five days to go and the most wonderful time of the year is on our doorstep. The Christmas story, as told in Luke 2, is a thrilling narrative of those momentous events that took place leading up and around the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. True, the dates may not... Read More

The OAS house divided against itself

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, December, 20 2020    

Events at the Organization of American States (OAS) continues to reveal that, notwithstanding the efforts by some of its 33 member states, it is the handmaiden of powerful governments which control it through various methods, including coercion. Read More

Symbolism of slaughter

Sunday, December, 20 2020    

CHANGE often occurs because something happens that forces normal people to act. Often it has been a photograph that is so shocking that those of us without power refuse to accept that we are powerless. Read More

India in Jamaica: Home away from home

R Masakui | Sunday, December, 20 2020    

With more than 18 million spread globally, India has the largest diaspora population of any country in the entire world. Read More

Manpower shortages in Jamaica's health care

Dr Ernest Madu & Dr Paul Edwards | Sunday, December, 20 2020    

This week in our continuing series looking at the health care system in Jamaica, we will look at human resources in Jamaica, particularly in the light of current manpower shortages and continuing recruitment from more advanced economies. Read More


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