Walk the talk and create the change we need!

Al Miller | Sunday, October, 29 2017    

A bright, secure and prosperous future in a Jamaica that works for all and provides real hope and progress for our children! That sounds good, doesn't it? All of us must want a Jamaica like that. But how many of us are willing to engage more than talk and good sound bites? Read More

Australian High Court decision on dual citizenship and its relevance to Jamaica

By Bruce Golding | Sunday, October, 29 2017    

In an article published in the Sunday Observer of October 15th, I examined the question of the eligibility of a Commonwealth citizen who is not a Jamaican citizen to sit in our Parliament. I leaned towards the suggestion put forward by attorney-at-law Mr Abe Dabdoub that under our... Read More

No real need to fear HPV vaccine — It's not contraception

Adella Campbell, PhD | Sunday, October, 29 2017    

The debate on the offering of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to Jamaicans cannot go unnoticed. Since October 2, 2017 the Ministry of Health has been offering the HPV vaccine to high school girls, more specifically girls in grade seven or those in the age range 9 - 13 years. Parents are... Read More

Thy will be done….

Lance Neita | Sunday, October, 29 2017    

“Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven,” is probably repeated as part of the Lord's Prayer millions of times around the world each day. It is one of those lines in that blessed prayer that we tend to mumble our way through as a kind of ritual — an extra and obligatory... Read More

The effect of a strong President Xi in the Caribbean

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, October, 29 2017    

On 24th October, at its 19th party congress in Beijing, China's Communist Party formally elevated President Xi Jinping to the revered status of legendary leaders, Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. The congress wrote his name into its constitution and set him up to remain in office beyond... Read More

America and the world are at a dangerous place

Raulston Nembhard | Sunday, October, 29 2017    

It should now have become clear that the United States of America has lurched in a dangerous direction since it elected Donald J Trump as the 45th president of the country. Even some of his most ardent supporters, at times of more solemn reflection, must concede that this is not what they... Read More

Why Shane Alexis must win

BY SHARI-ANN HENRY | Sunday, October, 29 2017    

I am a young Jamaican, born and bred in this beautiful island. I am one of those who choose to stay here, having attained higher education and a reasonable standard of living. Read More

Rainy season come back again

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, October, 27 2017    

The rainy season seems to be creeping back again. It seems as if we had better go find Noah and ask him how he kept dry for all the time he was floating around in a big wooden boat filled with animals. Actually, it's not Noah who I would question, but his poor wife, who was nothing more... Read More

Slavery reparations research and reality

Franklin Johnston | Friday, October, 27 2017    

My grandmother of the seventh power arrived in Tainoland on a Tuesday vomiting her guts on a ship which had eluded a Royal Navy frigate sent to end the slave trade. This comely Mandinka of Niger, unusually a Muslim, was washed, nourished, oiled, and as the ship was being chandled for... Read More

106 years after Sangster's birth

Michael Burke | Thursday, October, 26 2017    

Jamaica's second prime minister, Sir Donald Burns Sangster, would have been 106 years old today had he lived. He was prime minister of Jamaica for 48 days, between February 22, 1967 and April 11, 1967, when he died in a hospital in Canada, but not before being knighted... Read More

We see it clearly for what it is, Dr Alexis

BY SHANNON D V DOHERTY | Thursday, October, 26 2017    

They say that actions speak louder than words, and that is so true. Read More

Like tonic to our criminal justice system

Peter Champagnie | Wednesday, October, 25 2017    

Serendipitously within the space of one month, three major developments have taken place that, if fully utilised, will forever change our criminal justice system as we know it to exist presently. Read More

Ensuring effective wastewater management

By Chrishane Williams | Wednesday, October, 25 2017    

  Read More

#metoo: End the blanket of silence

Wednesday, October, 25 2017    

Good men should not be quiet spectators: Is shared outcry bringing an end to the cruel privilege of impunity? Read More

The trailblazing Dr Ellen Campbell-Grizzle, OD

Tuesday, October, 24 2017    

Three days after Ellen Campbell-Grizzle, PhD, received the Order of Distinction (Commander Class) for service in the field of pharmacologyy locally and regionally, I sat down with her at her New Kingston-based office to get an insight into the life and work of this remarkable and industrious... Read More


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