The meaning of July fourth for the Negro

Tuesday, July, 4 2017    

The following is a speech made by Frederick Douglass at an event commemorating the signing of the US Declaration of Independence, held at Rochester, New York's Corinthian Hall on July 5, 1852:   Read More

Discrimination of blacks will likely tarry a few more centuries in America

Nimi Princewill | Monday, July, 3 2017    

African Americans seemingly have no home in America. In a predominantly white population, African Americans can be regarded as licensed generational squatters, who continuously struggle to fit into a white foster family that has no respect or genuine love for... Read More

Horse gone through gate: 'What the hell the police can do?’

Glenn Tucker | Monday, July, 3 2017    

There is something particularly egregious about someone abusing and killing insects and animals. When I was six years old I killed a lizard by mistake and nobody in my home spoke to me for three days. Many years later, there was a man 12 miles away in Trelawny who had a... Read More

A changing culture — For the better or worse?

Wayne Campbell and Andrew Nugent | Monday, July, 3 2017    

Change is the only constant. — Eskimo Proverb Read More

Block as the PNP might, the JLP is going to drive down crime

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, July, 2 2017    

Proverb: Wen man belly full 'im bruck patTranslation: When a man's belly is filled he breaks the pot. Read More

The politics of delegitimisation is counterproductive

Christopher Burns | Sunday, July, 2 2017    

Whatever your politics, it is quite easy to detect the negative consequences that could emanate from furthering the politics of delegitimisation. Regrettably, this is a practice that too many in the political commentariat and the broader political media participate in with obtuse... Read More

Caribbean rights in the OAS: not negotiable

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, July, 2 2017    

Amid the finger-pointing and blaming over votes at the Organisation of American States (OAS) on matters related to Venezuela, the fundamental problems of the organisation have been overlooked. Read More

Strategising for the future

Al Miller | Sunday, July, 2 2017    

Future outcomes are the result of present actions. If this is so, we must now take the actions that will result in the new Jamaica that we desire to see. I suggest, therefore, that a national priority strategy for overcoming crime, building that new Jamaica, and realising our highest national... Read More

The bauxite industry — the other side

Lance Neita | Sunday, July, 2 2017    

It is easy to talk glibly about the bauxite industry's community contributions and to dismiss them as obligatory donations towards education, health, agriculture, youth development, and others. Read More

Lock, stock, and encrypted — 'The new king of ransom'

Hodine Williams | Sunday, July, 2 2017    

We've all had that “graduate or spend another year in school” kind of assignment, or that “career on the line” research or presentation. Like, what reason is there to exist any longer after managing to disregard all primal biological survival impulses to do unfathomable... Read More

Effectively using CCTV to fight crime

BY KEDRIAN JAMES | Sunday, July, 2 2017    

Due to the spiraling crime rate, the Minister of National Security Robert Montague has been exploring numerous avenues to reduce it. Read More

Transformation of the public sector — Part 2

Canute Thompson, PhD | Sunday, July, 2 2017    

One of the issues with which I often struggle as a public commentator and change agent is whether the efforts towards change matter; whether the efforts of reflecting, critiquing, making suggestions and taking other forms of action are really worth it. If one is not careful one can become... Read More

Look out for African fashion

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, June, 30 2017    

EARLIER this week my comments about the recent Jamaica Observer report on Caribbean FashionWeek showcase were questioned, with civility and good manners — a rare commodity these days. The response came from one who spoke with respect, even as I gave my views. The person who was involved in... Read More

Holness's zones of special operations may kill many poor, black youth

Franklin Johnston | Friday, June, 30 2017    

The prime minister's innovation in crime fighting is here, and we will sleep with open doors, so take a last look back. We are heading for record murders, so it is time for a frank conversation, no matter who takes offence. Read More

Pride gives courage, hope, opportunity

BY Glenroy Murray | Thursday, June, 29 2017    

LGBT+ Pride celebrations are happening all over the world and Jamaica is set to have their celebrations during August 1 – 7. This year, the theme is Celebrating LGBT Life & Culture in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the Diaspora. #PRiDEJA2017 Read More


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