Straight talk on crime fighting

Franklin Johnston | Friday, February, 2 2018    

What does a murderous nation which tried everything and everybody — local and foreign — over a quarter-century do now that murder figures are worse? Prime Minister Andrew Holness, our sworn protector, must be at his wits' end as citizens are totally exposed. Read More

Will uptown tek over downtown?

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, February, 2 2018    

Will the Kingston waterfront ever be transformed to become a place of abode for Uptowners becoming Downtowners? Are they being enticed by the cool sea breeze and the view across the water that reaches all the way to Port Royal? Read More

Black history, logic, results, and efforts

By Michael Burke | Thursday, February, 1 2018    

So we are, once again, in what is called Black History Month. Today I want to look at our history in terms of being logical in our thinking so that we can understand history properly. Also, I ask the question: Should we only praise those who have achieved results, or should we also pay... Read More

Quallo a hostage of a decrepit police system

Raulston Nembhard | Thursday, February, 1 2018    

The departure of George Quallo as commissioner of police cannot come too soon for some people. As he goes, his stint may well be recorded as one of the shortest for any commissioner. Perhaps he did not want to go at this time — preferring his retirement date from... Read More

Remembering Robert McNair and the American dream

Lloyd B Smith | Wednesday, January, 31 2018    

In 1986 I had a most surreal and memorable experience which brought me much pride and joy. But that feeling of euphoria was soon turned to sorrow and immeasurable pain. On January 28, 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded after launch from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA, also... Read More

We must build communities, not preach hate against individuals

Sean Major-Campbell | Wednesday, January, 31 2018    

The impending visit of Pastor Steven Anderson has generated much interest, debate, angst and, in some areas, applause. The question has been asked: Should he be banned? Read More

JCF in a quandary... again

Tuesday, January, 30 2018    

So, Police Commissioner George Quallo has finally taken the decision to parachute from a force that is on a downward spiral. His tenure as commissioner will only be recorded by his picture among scores of other past commissioners on the wall in the conference room of the commissioner's office. Read More

PNP needs more ammunition: 10 'bullets' cannot reduce crime

Tuesday, January, 30 2018    

The world suffers under a dictatorship of no alternatives. Although ideas all by themselves are powerless to overthrow this dictatorship, we cannot overthrow it without ideas. — Roberto Mangabeira Unger Read More

Stop the griping over the Grammy; do the work!

Tony Morrison | Monday, January, 29 2018    

Grammy season this year came with the usual nonsense of jealous and ill-informed individuals griping about the Marley name having some unfair hold on the Reggae category. In another article, 'Put the 'bad-mind' Marley Grammy argument to rest (Sunday Observer, January 28, 2018), I... Read More

PNP must join the crime fight to avoid repeat of mistakes

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, January, 28 2018    

The more disciplined you become, the easier life gets. — Steve Pavlina  Read More

Put the bad-mind Marley Grammy argument to rest

Tony Morrison | Sunday, January, 28 2018    

For the record, let's look honestly and critically at the short history of the Reggae Grammy Awards and what the Marleys have won (and lost, the bit we seem to be conveniently forgetting) and note what the tally tells us. Read More

Is the OAS putting its credibility in doubt?

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, January, 28 2018    

Not for the first time, the Organization of American States (OAS) is in danger of reinforcing the widely held view that it ignores its own declared values and principles. This time the danger is posed by the way that the organisation is handling developments in Honduras... Read More

From ZOSO to state of emergency and beyond

Canute Thompson | Sunday, January, 28 2018    

Let us be clear, in an equitable society, if the economy does well, and safety and security are realised, everyone benefits. And it is the primary duty of Government to create the conditions for economic well-being and security. But, as the evidence continues to show, these outcomes cannot be... Read More

Jamaica's super brands: The immortals

Edward Seaga | Sunday, January, 28 2018    

Jamaica has super brands comprised of legendary stars: Bob Marley, Usain Bolt and Marcus Garvey. When the stars shine, Jamaica shines also; when they grow dim, Jamaica is no longer a country with world cultural recognition and acclaim. If we lose the magnetic power of these legends the Jamaican... Read More

The US immigration quagmire

Bruce Golding | Sunday, January, 28 2018    

The video footage shown last week of Jorge Garcia, a 39-year-old Mexican man, saying goodbye to his American-born wife and children as he was being deported to Mexico, was gut-wrenching. His only crime was that he had lived in the US since age 9 as an undocumented immigrant. It explains... Read More


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