The Caribbean faces a fatal fate

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, April, 1 2018    

High -tide flooding is set to become an every-other-day affair in coastal areas along the Gulf of Mexico and the east coast of the US by the year 2100. It will also fatally harm the countries of the Caribbean. Read More

Dream: Potential realised!

Al Miller | Sunday, April, 1 2018    

The Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA)/GraceKennedy Boys' and Girls' Championships (better known as Champs) along with recent banter in the nation's Parliament between our two parties reminded me of a quote from one of my favourite colleagues, the late Dr... Read More

Intruders in the garden

Thursday, March, 29 2018    

The season of Easter is now with us. For Christians, it is time for prayer and contemplation of a Christ who died and rose from death. There are those who believe, and those outside the faith who do not see Easter that way. Read More

The Holy Triduum and Jamaican politics

Michael Burke | Thursday, March, 29 2018    

March 29 being Holy Thursday, Christians of the Roman Catholic Church enter into three holy days called the Triduum. It begins in the evening with the Mass of the Lord's Supper and ends with evening prayer on Easter Sunday. Read More

Welcome, Commissioner, you'll need tech support

Glenn Tucker | Thursday, March, 29 2018    

Violent crime has had a negative impact on every aspect of life in Jamaica — from anaemic economic growth to traumatised lives. Nonetheless, a strong tailwind of approval has ushered our new commissioner into office. This is good. Because, from day 1 he faces a strong headwind of... Read More

The scramble for Montego Bay's waterfront

O Dave Allen | Thursday, March, 29 2018    

When the Jamaican Government reclaimed the Montego Bay waterfront during the late 1960s and the early 1970s it was believed that this development would be to the benefit of all Montegonians. The Government spent billions of dollars to expand the city and, in the process, dislocated the... Read More

A confident prime minister and a growing economy

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, March, 28 2018    

The major section of the 2018-19 national budget presentations has now ended and Jamaicans should now have a fairer grasp of the Government's plans and programmes for the ensuing fiscal year. From the Government's side there was commendable appreciation of the economic challenges that still face... Read More

'Macaroni' has found the formula!

Javid Brown | Wednesday, March, 28 2018    

According to my best friend, who is an ardent People's National Party (PNP) supporter, “...seems like Macaroni find the formula to growth” — in reference to the recent moves in the Cabinet made by Prime Minister Andrew Holness. The prime minister's latest moves send several... Read More

Equity and transparency in funding secondary education

Canute Thompson | Tuesday, March, 27 2018    

The issue of how secondary education is funded and what should be the expected lines of demarcation between schools (operations) and the Ministry of Education (policy) is again being debated. In my opinion, there can be no doubt that parents should be mandated to contribute to the cost of their... Read More

Creating a culture of competency-based assessment

BY DENISE MINOTT | Tuesday, March, 27 2018    

  Read More

Education system not designed for accountability

BY Lipton Matthews | Tuesday, March, 27 2018    

 Both parties in Jamaica argue that their administrations are committed to education. However, the education system is yet to receive a serious overhaul. Read More

Ageism is as dangerous as sexism and racism

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, March, 26 2018    

Jamaican seniors have been the target of ageism and, sadly, some are victims of elder abuse. While Professor Denise Eldemire-Shearer's Mona Wellness Centre and the National Council for Senior Citizens have been promoting healthy ageing, insensitive and uncaring individuals have been... Read More

Rather be in a foreign jail than live free in Africa

BY Farouk Martins Aresa | Monday, March, 26 2018    

Many Caribbean and African countries are going into agreement with developed countries to repatriate prisoners to their countries. Countries or prisoners are either given lump sums or promised new prisons in their home countries. Some countries have signed on, while... Read More

Please, don't betray us again, politicians

Kevin O'Brien Chang | Sunday, March, 25 2018    

Time sure flies. It's hard to believe almost eight years have passed since our parliamentarians conspired to vote down the renewal of the limited state of emergency and extension to St James and St Catherine requested by the security forces in July 2010. This was my... Read More

Church: Crime fighter or not?

Al Miller | Sunday, March, 25 2018    

The headline of the Jamaica Observer of Tuesday, March 20, 2018 shouted 'Church not a crime fighter! The sub-headline added: Mourners at ex-councillor's funeral stunned by preacher's declaration! The headline caught my eye as I drove... Read More


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