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A season of peace, goodwill and sharing

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, December, 25 2019    

We are now wrapped up in all the joys and anxieties of Christmas 2019. It is right that we should celebrate for this is one time of the year when we openly express a joy and conviviality that we hardly experience at any other time in the year. It is certainly a time for sharing with... Read More

'Twas the night before Christmas

Lance Neita | Tuesday, December, 24 2019    

The most wonderful time of the year is on our doorstep. The Christmas story as told over and over again from Luke chapter 2 is a thrilling narrative of those momentous events that took place leading up and around the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. True, the dates may not be historically... Read More

Our season of hope

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, December, 23 2019    

Being a judge in this year's GraceKennedy-Heather Little-White Household Worker of the Year Championships required a lot of Kleenex as they amazed us with stories of sacrifice. It was a proud moment for household workers last Tuesday. Two of them received chunks of cash... Read More

When the village raises the child…

BY KRISTEN GYLES | Monday, December, 23 2019    

We hear all the time that children must be taught morals and values. But what is seldom discussed is who should do the teaching. Does the duty of passing down ethics and moral principles rest solely in the hands of parents? Or is this a job for the society? Read More

Lessons from evil ones and election losers

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, December, 22 2019    

A good deed is something one returns. — Fula proverb, South Sudan  Read More

A crowning opportunity for nationhood

AL MILLER | Sunday, December, 22 2019    

This little but tallawah island, Jamaica, land we love, had another crowning moment when Toni-Ann Singh, our choice for Miss Jamaica World, was crowned as Miss World 2019. This very newspaper recorded the auspicious event viewed by two billion people like this: “Miss Jamaica... Read More

Patois? Figet it!

DANNY ROBERTS | Sunday, December, 22 2019    

As a product of the ghetto, I grew up in the midst of poverty and violence and among people who were either illiterate or semi-literate but spoke fluent patois. I took pride in learning English and I believe I can hold my own in any global forum where English is spoken. I converse with... Read More

Caricom finds its winning voice

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, December, 22 2019    

It is a valid criticism of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) countries that they have more often failed than succeeded in coordinating their foreign policy actions. This tendency has been displayed in the Organization of American States (OAS) over the last three years, causing... Read More

Sore, but not hurting: Mobile three crisis

JASON McKAY | Sunday, December, 22 2019    

The title of this article expresses my feelings about the tragedy of the death of Immaculate Conception High School student Vanessa Kirkland, and the convictions of the three police officers who were involved in the shoot-out that led to her death. The officers were granted bail last... Read More

Developing Jamaica's cannabis industry

Jermaine Bibbons | Sunday, December, 22 2019    

Jamaica's quickly expanding medicinal marijuana industry has been the source of much discourse recently. Read More

Can generation equality really end rape?

Friday, December, 20 2019    

It is fairly common knowledge that November 25, 2019 was recognised across the world as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (IDEVAW). IDEVAW's major inception moment can be traced back to February 7, 2000 when it was officially adopted by the United Nations in... Read More

Mia Mottley's African moves are a game-changer for Caricom

Franklin Johnston | Friday, December, 20 2019    

Jamaica was taken into Caricom and Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) by stealth as our serial Cabinets did not consult us, gave us no heads-up, and in 40 years-plus we got no economic benefit. But a recent headline 'Caricom sets up shop in Kenya' (... Read More

Christmastime a fun time

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, December, 20 2019    

Twas days before Christmas and 'cross the countryPeople were shopping, spending their moneySome of us have nuff and others littleHow to stretch it, harder than a riddle. Painting and cleaning and brightening up homes Read More

Memories of old-time J'can Christmas

Donna Hope | Thursday, December, 19 2019    

As a child in what was then rural St Catherine this was my favourite time of year. It still is. Whether or not you celebrate, and whether or not you believe in the three wise men, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in the manger, and the star in the sky, Christmas in Jamaica is still the most... Read More

Andre Haughton's about-face a sore disappointment

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, December, 18 2019    

When we thought he would be a refreshing, dissenting voice in the People's National Party (PNP), Dr Andre Haughton, PNP spokesperson on planning and development, disappointed many of us who are impatient with the status quo of political tribalism that obtains in both major political... Read More


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