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Latecomers on the STEM train

BY Ejal Trebuh Eroom | Wednesday, December, 18 2019    

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Music: Concerns beyond noise

Tuesday, December, 17 2019    

The one who has never heard music is deaf, biologically,The one who has never been moved by music is dead, emotionally,The one who does not like music is deficient, aesthetically.It has been my contention for years, as a former teacher... Read More

Remember the double whammy in all the tax talk

Warren McDonald | Tuesday, December, 17 2019    

The question of a reduction in the General Consumption Tax (GCT) rates, currently at 16.5 per cent, is a hot topic being debated  in public forums across the country in recent days. The debate started with the Leader of the Opposition Dr Peter Phillips recommending that GCT rates should... Read More

'Clear de way, Guyana coming back'

Anthony Bryan | Monday, December, 16 2019    

Clear de way, Guyana coming back is the title of a lively vintage calypso by Dave Martins and the Tradewinds about several Caribbean nations in a virtual horse race competing for prominence. Perhaps it was a harbinger for Guyana. Apparently the country is on the verge of untold... Read More

Concerning the violence in Jamaica

BY Jeffery Wright | Monday, December, 16 2019    

The unyielding violence in Jamaica defies logic. What destructive gods is possessing these gun-toting hoodlums permitting them to destroy people's lives wholescale? Read More

Call for Justice

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, December, 16 2019    

The St Andrew justices of the peace (JP) gathered for a session co-sponsored by National Integrity Action (NIA) on 'Balancing Rights and Responsibilities' last Friday. Custos of St Andrew Dr Patricia Dunwell had written to remind us of the responsibility of JPs to... Read More

Haughton runs the risk of being a shooting star... not a rising star

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, December, 15 2019    

The malice of the snake is to bite what it will not eat. — Shona proverb, Zimbabwe  Read More

Missed opportunity!

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, December, 15 2019    

The muddled way in which Canadian banks are withdrawing from the countries of the Commonwealth Caribbean is a direct result of insufficient attention being paid by governments to the terms of their entry at the time. Read More

Red dirt and white sand Bauxite and tourism make good friends

LANCE NEITA | Sunday, December, 15 2019    

St Ann is blessed with two major industries springing from the natural resources with which the region is abundantly blessed. The tourism and bauxite industries dominate the parish, with tourism more widespread in its outreach and connections to other... Read More

The impact of homeownership on violent crimes and social disorder

Kemoy Lindsay | Sunday, December, 15 2019    

Jamaica is, by itself, an island paradise to many. This is evident in the large number of return visitors we get to our white sandy beaches and for warm sunshine year after year. However, that paradise is continuously threatened by the large incidence of violent crimes — a problem... Read More

Hidden heroes in our midst

JASON McKAY | Sunday, December, 15 2019    

The diary of Anne Frank became famous because of its wide release after publishing and the movie about it that followed. The diary detailed the experiences of a Jewish teenager in The Netherlands hiding in an attic for 25 months. This was during the purge of the Jews in Holland while... Read More

Andre Haughton greatly advanced J'can politics …until he did not

Christopher Burns | Sunday, December, 15 2019    

It was not too long ago that People's National Party's (PNP) President Dr Peter Phillips proposed lowering, by two percentage points, the current 16.5 per cent General Consumption Tax (GCT) on goods and certain services. Then, in one of his recent contributions in the Upper House, Dr... Read More

The universe is okay with it, are we?

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, December, 13 2019    

Last weekend at the Miss Universe beauty pageant held in the USA, an unmistakably black girl with black people hair took home the title. Zozibini Tunzi, the ebony-skinned beauty from South Africa stunned pageant viewers in many ways. In a sea of flowing tresses, she stood with her short,... Read More

English Restoration gowns and mental slavery

Franklin Johnston | Friday, December, 13 2019    

Miss Universe Jamaica 2019 Iana Olivia Tickle Garcia is a gorgeous, brave, smart, “out of many, one” lady; now maligned by scurrilous gossip and ignorance. This energy did not greet the “5 in 4” growth target, but there are many who thrive on... Read More

Follow your passion — but don't abandon your 9-5

Donna P Hope | Thursday, December, 12 2019    

It's that time of the year when there are many shows, markets and related activities showcasing a wide range of entrepreneurs. I've been to a few so far and been quite excited at the range of art, craft, jewellery, books, clothes, food, condiments, plants, shoes, and... Read More


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