Call for intellectual honesty in the engagement of issues

Sean Major Campbell | Friday, May, 25 2018    

I am grateful to those readers who have messaged me to say that they showed the Jamaica Observer article, 'Churchmen give cautious response to pope's alleged 'born gay' comments' to their pastors and all received similar responses. Read More

Non-commitment: We don't see things through

Michael Burke | Thursday, May, 24 2018    

Today, I will address the issue of a new parliament building, the happenings in Venezuela, and the anniversary of the Eventide Home fire. The three issues are in the news, the last two being mentioned by Garfield Higgins in his The Agenda column in the Jamaica Observer of Sunday, May 20,... Read More

An abortion primer

Clinton Chisholm | Thursday, May, 24 2018    

When thinking critically about aborting or terminating a pregnancy one needs to ask and attempt to answer a few fundamental questions prior to moving toward a tentative or final informed decision. The most central one, in my view, is dealt with here: What is the unborn within a pregnant... Read More

Poor playing from PNP

BY Carlton A Gordon | Wednesday, May, 23 2018    

  Read More

Financial inclusion and the Jamaica Stock Exchange

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, May, 23 2018    

With the depression of savings accounts in banks and the horrendous fees that banks charge to keep people's money, Jamaicans must find alternate ways of making and saving money. I know that this is easier said than done, given the fact that many Jamaicans have been... Read More

Lock it down for two days!

BY Evangeline B H Devaneaux | Tuesday, May, 22 2018    

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The threat of 'Trump change'

Glenn Tucker | Tuesday, May, 22 2018    

Donald Trump surprised himself and the world by being elected president of the US in 2017. He then surprised the world by selecting his daughter, Ivanka, and her husband Jerold as senior advisors. The surprise was because neither of these individuals had any experience in public service. Or any... Read More

From the pipeline to built by Labour

BY FABIAN LEWIS | Monday, May, 21 2018    

 You could sum up the difference between the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government's approach and that of a People's National Party (PNP) Government to building a nation in this way: From the pipeline to reality. Read More

Discrimination: It may well be necessary

BY GARTH “SUB-ZERO” ALLEN | Monday, May, 21 2018    

 I have been seriously asking this very important question from the moment I started following American politics: How necessary is discrimination for a moral, functional society? Read More

They think they've thrown local architects a bone (token)

Hugh Dunbar | Monday, May, 21 2018    

It is somewhat refreshing to see the range of commentary presented by members of the architectural profession recently regarding the proposed location of a parliament building at National Heroes' Park. I agree with most of the expressed sentiments from the Jamaica... Read More

Is Jamaica 'coming in from the cold'?

Paul Golding | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

“Well, the biggest, biggest man you ever, ever did-a see, was-a was-a once a baby in this life, in this life, in this life in this, oh, sweet life, we're (coming in from the cold) from the cold.” — Coming in From the Cold, Bob Marley, Uprising album, released... Read More

A blot on our nation

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

If you close your eyes to facts you will learn through accidents. — Moroccan proverb  Read More

Foreign policy lessons from the resistance of Rastafarians

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

The use of force is still very much a part of the foreign policy and diplomatic considerations of all states, even small ones. In the latter case, what they consider is not using force themselves, but force being used against them. Read More

The principle of (good) authority

Al Miller | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

Increasing numbers of people, sectors and organisations want a world without rules to govern their behaviour. They want to be free to follow their feelings and ideas without restrictions. Whereas rights and liberties must be allowed, they can never be carte blanche and... Read More


Delroy Beckford | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

It is not very often that a topic of much significance has gone almost unnoticed by key observers when it relates to the country's future economic development. Maybe this is a case of flogging a dead horse and, therefore, small wonder not much interest, it seems. Read More


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