The (messy) changing civil service

Friday, July, 12 2019    

He said that, she did what she did, but then she said she never did what they said she did! Say what?Confused by the tongue-twisting riddle? You're not alone. Read More

Separate ministries to focus on basic and primary education

Lance Neita | Thursday, July, 11 2019    

The graduation cycle has passed and thousands of students have dozed off while listening to their guest speaker. I know, because I have been there. On the podium, I mean. Read More

Religious freedom: A shared value between the United States and Jamaica

Eric Khant | Thursday, July, 11 2019    

In my remarks celebrating the 243rd anniversary of American Independence, I emphasised that the United States' enduring partnership with Jamaica was grounded on a foundation of shared values and common interests. One of the core pillars of these values is a belief in,... Read More

No comfort from PM's declaration against crime

Dr Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, July, 10 2019    

The Government is more than a month into the extension of the states of public emergency (SOE) in the three western parishes of St James, Hanover and Westmoreland. If you had told me 20 years ago that Hanover and Westmoreland would have come under an SOE because of worrying levels of murder by... Read More

Teacher status and remuneration ...when it all goes south

By Oneil Madden | Wednesday, July, 10 2019    

  Read More

Accountability fatigue

Canute Thompson | Tuesday, July, 9 2019    

Three years and counting since Jamaica's first post-independence prime minister took office the country's chronic condition of refusing to hold leaders accountable and the stench of corruption have worsened and are becoming worse every day. Jamaica has had a long history of being a corrupt... Read More

Windrush, Brexit and a 'Curry crisis'

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, July, 8 2019    

We learned about the #WidenWindrush campaign from our relative angel, Lorraine Young, during a recent visit to London. Young and her mother, Fay, serve on a committee led by her Member of Parliament (MP), Janet Daby, which has been calling for an amendment to the... Read More

Making a difference: the example of António Guterres

Sir Ronald Sanders | Monday, July, 8 2019    

In his three and a half years as secretary general of the United Nations, António Guterres has proved himself sensitive and alert to the difficulties confronting Caribbean states. He has been an example that secretaries general of other inter-governmental organisations... Read More

Phillips, Bunting clash reveals an out-of-touch PNP

GARFIELD HIGGINS | Sunday, July, 7 2019    

The secret of the corners of the mouth is known only by the chewing stick. — Ewe proverb, Ghana  Read More

'Choose yuh pickney ova man'

Kerensia Morrison | Sunday, July, 7 2019    

I remember a close friend cutting off her relationship with such a finality that was surprising to everyone.Her relationship seemed great; she had three children from a previous relationship and they shared one child. Read More

JCF Reserve needed

Jason McKay | Sunday, July, 7 2019    

As the operator of a security company, I am often asked to use five guards to do a job that can only be efficiently done by 15. When I stand up and say it is impossible I don't get the job, as there is always someone who is willing to say they can do the impossible. Read More

Obeah 101

DEBON L PANTON | Sunday, July, 7 2019    

Quite recently I was speaking with a friend on one of the social media platforms and this brother wanted to find out what exactly is this Obeah and why we were taught that it was evil. Being a born Jamaican, he has been hearing about it all his life, but knew next to... Read More

When the robots come

EVERTON PRYCE | Sunday, July, 7 2019    

The die has been cast: With the galloping robotisation of the world economy, small-island states like Jamaica will witness in the ensuing years further massive global job displacement as a result. Read More

Are J'cans who bleach criminals and those who cuss them misguided or racist?

Franklin Johnston | Friday, July, 5 2019    

Skin matters and bleaching is a rational option for most Jamaicans. The lived experience is that 7.9 per cent (say 240,000) pale people are privileged or run things here. Don't hug-up poverty; bleach and join them, as neither whites nor blacks chose their skin. Read More

Can educators' opinions be one day taken seriously?

By Richard Palmer | Friday, July, 5 2019    

It bemuses me how, within the education sector, teachers and the other stakeholders of the system are as constantly left with the option of washing dirty linen in public owing to the little say they seemingly have in matters that concern them. There consequent actions are then... Read More


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