Beware of guests who come for sun, sea, sand and to sue

Henley Morgan | Wednesday, January, 2 2019    

As a young man I returned to Jamaica from the United States, where I had worked for a major brewing company, to head the packaging quality control department of a well-established bottling operation. Indelibly etched in my memory is one of the first problems I was... Read More

Make 2019 a year for new beginnings

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, January, 2 2019    

Every new year dawns with a sense of optimism that things will be better than the one which preceded it. It is just that important part of human nature which desires something better, something far more relevant and enduring than hitherto existed. Read More

Human Rights in Jamaica: A view on Vision 2030

BY Mario Chrstie | Wednesday, January, 2 2019    

  Read More

A new Jamaica is emerging

Andrew Holness | Tuesday, January, 1 2019    

This is the new day that the Lord has made and we who have been spared to see it, rejoice and are glad in it for we stand on the threshold of new possibilities and opportunities.As a country, we were able to accomplish much in 2018: Read More

Rekindling Hope

Patrick Allen | Tuesday, January, 1 2019    

Fellow Jamaicans, at home and abroad, I greet you warmly and wish for you a bright, prosperous and Happy New Year.It does not seem like a year since we were ushering in 2018, but we cannot hold back the hands of time. Read More

Pledge to continued vigilance and moral courage

Peter Phillips | Tuesday, January, 1 2019    

As we say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019, first of all we give thanks to God Almighty for his many blessings which have sustained us all during the past year. Read More

'Duppy' tales and history of a nation

Lance Neita | Monday, December, 31 2018    

SHORT of good reading material this weekend I resorted to musing through some of my articles written for the newspapers over the years. Editors have been kind, for the most part, and readers been encouraging with their constructive criticism. Read More

Placing the performance of the Government in context — Part 1

Monday, December, 31 2018    

THERE are three principal ways in which the performance of a government should be evaluated:(a) actual performance relative to planned performance (focusing on key performance indicators);(b) management of crises and unexpected events; and Read More

All's fair in love and Opioid Wars

Paul Golding | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

The f renetic pace of the global news cycle with significant and disruptive important issues like Brexit, the rise of populism, privacy, immigration, the scope and impact of social media, fake news, and trade wars have drowned out other consequential stories. One such... Read More

Maturing governance has set stage for 2019

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

When good fortune knocks, you have to open the door yourself. — Swahili proverb, Tanzania  Read More

Corruption: Historical facts, present realities

Al Miler | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

What has been will be again; what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.— King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 1:9  Read More

The Nicaragua Government has gone too far

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

The English-speaking Caribbean has just emerged from a season manifesting the spirit, intrinsic to Christmas, of 'peace on earth and goodwill to all'. Not even the no-confidence vote that was carried against the A Partnership for National Unity-Alliance for Change... Read More

We neither want nor need a captive dolphin facility in Discovery Bay

BY ERICA DOWNER | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

Discovery Bay, St Ann, is an almost perfect horseshoe bay, about a mile across each way, with famously crystal clear, intensely blue water, and a fringing reef, through which a narrow channel was cut for the ore freighters which call about once a week. Read More

A sales leader's guide to improving performance in 2019

BY BEVERLEY THOMPSON | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

Said the sales manager to a colleague: “How do I achieve consistent results? I have been a sales leader for a while and can't seem to deliver on my goals and objectives. How do I make an impact and leave a legacy?” Read More

We are not killers, culturally

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

I was looking at a video being sent around on social media, which shows a man on a motorcycle being murdered by two men after being deprived of his bike. The killing seemed senseless because he was not resisting and was actually trying to run away. Read More


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