Make Seaga a national hero

Dorlan H Francis | Thursday, July, 4 2019    

Edward Phillip George Seaga was fittingly laid to his final rest on Sunday, June 23, 2019 among heroes. The question now turns to whether or not he should be named a hero, like some of those amongst whom he was laid. In arriving at the answer to this question, which I will not repeat... Read More

Accountability and leadership needed to get justice for the mentally ill in prison

Carla Gullotta | Thursday, July, 4 2019    

Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang has said it best, putting the mentally ill behind bars is crazy! Read More

Skin bleaching is a symptom of deeper psychological issues

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, July, 3 2019    

The matter of skin bleaching has occupied attention in Jamaica for some time. The issue was brought into relief recently when it was discovered that children from schools in the western region of the island were bleaching their skin. Read More

Who can be called great?

Henley Morgan | Wednesday, July, 3 2019    

“ Friends , Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. I have come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. So let it be with Caesar.” Read More

Martin Henry: A man among men

Henry J Lewis | Tuesday, July, 2 2019    

The sudden death of Martin Henry has shocked the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech), family, as you could well imagine. Martin showed no visible signs of sickness, as he was a man who was always at work, rain or shine. Read More

The case for a new national hero

Lance Neita | Tuesday, July, 2 2019    

The Order of National Hero is again in the public eye as the names of Edward Seaga and Michael Manley are put forward as prime candidates for such status. The conversation has also resurrected calls for a Bob Marley; Louise Bennett-Coverley; and Tacky, the slave freedom fighter of 1760, to be so... Read More

Now that we found love…

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, July, 1 2019    

As two of Jamaica's greatest friends, the USA and Canada, celebrated their national milestones here last week, and outlined their continued support for our development, I reflected on the welcome words of Prime Minister Andrew Holness earlier last month when he declared that there had to... Read More

Hope — fundamental, but fragile

Clinton Chisholm | Monday, July, 1 2019    

Whether it is Peter Bunting or Peter Philips, regarding the leadership of their political party, or anyone of us in our daily lives, all humans are creatures of hope. Read More


DUDLEY C MCLEAN II Dudley C McLean II hails from Mandeville, Manchester. Send comments to the Observer or | Sunday, June, 30 2019    

Former prime minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding, in commenting on the death of the Edward Philip George Seaga said, “He was a strong leader; firm in his convictions and fearless in his approach. He was never daunted by criticism or controversy once he was convinced that the path he was... Read More

Seaga lived a life of service

SILVERA CASTRO Silvera C Castro, OD, JP, is a commissioner of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission. | Sunday, June, 30 2019    

Hours after hearing about the death of this icon I waited for the right time to write, but right time evaded me, no pen, no ink, no table, no room, no time, no quiet, and no inclination. But then words came hurtling at me and “biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite fool said my... Read More

We cannot just forget and move on

GARFIELD HIGGINS Garfield Higgins is an educator and journalist. Send comments to the Observer or | Sunday, June, 30 2019    

A blind person's groundnuts do not get burnt twice. — Igbo Proverb, Nigeria  Read More

The Gun Court can save us

Sunday, June, 30 2019    

The Gun Court in Jamaica is one of a kind as compared to other countries that originate from the English legal system. This is because it sits as a high court and can give lengthy sentences in keeping with a court of its elevation without requiring verdicts from a... Read More

Cellular phone abuser-users walk and text

Melissa Martin | Sunday, June, 30 2019    

'Smartphone Zombies, Look Up!' is the title of a recent newspaper article in the Straits Times in Singapore. In a nutshell, Smartphone zombies are people who walk with their heads down while reading and writing texts — or doing a... Read More

Whose truth?

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, June, 28 2019    

Millennials have a saying making the rounds nowadays: My truth. In any argument there are different sides to the story, so “my truth” may not be “your truth”. The whole truth and nothing but the truth can be hard to hear, and harder to tell. Read More

We need more like Eddie Seaga to make our economy grow

Franklin Johnston | Friday, June, 28 2019    

NB: Readers, please note the following content may be disturbing to some, so read an anodyne column instead.  Read More


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