Justice in Jamaica

Horace A Williams | Wednesday, October, 30 2019    

“One of the gravest mistakes people make is equating law with concepts of justice and fairness. In fact, the following phrase is engraved above the entrance of the United States Supreme Court building: 'Equal Justice Under Law'. It is important to note that it does not say 'equal justice',... Read More

The impeaching of Delroy Chuck, QC?

Frank Phipps | Tuesday, October, 29 2019    

The statement by Delroy Chuck, minister of justice, that was critical of the way the police acted in taking former minister of education and others in custody attracted nationwide attention with a call on the prime minister to demote him. This would be laughable but for the fact that so many... Read More

When adults bully adults, kids suffer

Melissa Martin | Tuesday, October, 29 2019    

October is National Bullying Prevention Month on some parts of the planet. But, here's my question. How do we as adults hope to prevent bullying among our youth when adults can be some of the vilest verbal word-villains? Read More

Parents can protect children from cyber criminals

By Renee Tarun | Tuesday, October, 29 2019    

With a wide array of fun games and educational material just one click away, it's clear why the Internet has become such an important resource in every child's life. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are aware of this and often target children for their own gain. Read More

The police must work to earn the people's trust

Al Miller | Monday, October, 28 2019    

The problem is, some officers put more stock in their title instead of their duty. Yes, your job title is police. But your duty is to protect and serve. — Janelle Gray  Read More


Bert Samuels | Monday, October, 28 2019    

The lesson in Harriet Tubman's story is applicable today in the call to join the reparation movement for compensation for over 300 years of forced labour of our enslaved ancestors. Tubman, an enslaved woman who laboured unpaid in the cotton fields of America, managed to escape to the... Read More

The electorate is no longer staying quiet

GARFIELD HIGGINS | Sunday, October, 27 2019    

For the lizard to bask in the sun there must be a cave in view. — Shona proverb, Zimbabwe Read More

So long, Alpart

LANCE NEITA | Sunday, October, 27 2019    

JISCO/Alpart closed down its production operations on September 27 without much fanfare from the media. The gates are closed temporarily until, hopefully, mid 2021 when the owners see improved marketing and operational conditions. Read More

Business community stands to lose from de-risking

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, October, 27 2019    

The business community in the Caribbean — both foreign and local — has made no collective statement and taken no joint position on the process of de-risking and the withdrawal of correspondent banking relations (CBRs) with which all Caribbean countries have been plagued since... Read More

The fast-moving impeachment inquiry

By MARY CLARE JALONICK | Sunday, October, 27 2019    

WASHINGTON, DC, United states (AP) — The Democrat-led impeachment investigation is only a few weeks old, but it's moving fast as lawmakers hear from a series of current and former administration officials about President Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine. Read More

Why not make a specialist security minister?

JASON McKAY | Sunday, October, 27 2019    

Back in the mid-80s my first job was with General Lubricants. My boss was John Causwell. Other than my father, this man probably had more influence in forming my personality than any other. Read More

Black history and black heroes?

Franklin Johnston | Friday, October, 25 2019    

Developing a nation is requires risk-taking people. We in Jamaica have been at tipping point and have been failed by people — both leaders and followers — so let's dive deep and ask why? Read More

Of honours and awards...

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, October, 25 2019    

“I saw my land in the morning and, oh, but she was fair, the hills flamed upwards scorning death and failure here.” These words are taken from the poem I saw my land in the morning written by Michael G Smith, and later set to music by Mapletoft Poulle. The words came to mind... Read More

Jamaica does sell well

Thursday, October, 24 2019    

I hope the most valuable lessons from the Kanye West visit to Jamaica last week have not been lost in all the hue and cry. But I fear that it has again escaped most of us. Read More

Defending Nicodemus and other Bible characters, plus

Clinton Chisholm | Thursday, October, 24 2019    

My family and close friends know that I am a wannabe lawyer. The one degree that I wish I had is not an earned doctorate in theology, or even in apologetics, but a law degree. The doctorate I have is an honorary one. So, despite the fact that I am legally untrained, I... Read More


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