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Common sense needs resurrection

Donna P Hope | Thursday, February, 27 2020    

We are now at the beginning of Lent and this is the time of year when Jamaicans will tell you that they are giving up alcohol, bad words, red meat, or other such delights. They are fasting from their vices to come clean in 40 days and 40 nights at Easter. Well, I hope that there will be... Read More

No conflict of interest — BGLC

Clovis Metcalfe | Thursday, February, 27 2020    

We write regarding recent media reports and attendant commentary concerning an application by a proposed new player for a licence to operate in the gaming market. Read More

Character assassination from political platforms does not lead to Jamaica House

Raulston Nembhard | Wednesday, February, 26 2020    

The recent attempt by senior members of the People's National Party (PNP) to sully the reputation of Alando Terrelonge, Member of Parliament for St Catherine East Central, was nothing short of despicable. The invectives against him, as they presented Dr Winston De la Haye as the... Read More

Laws already protect proper care of children, PM

Peter Champagnie | Wednesday, February, 26 2020    

Recently Prime Minister Andrew Holness had the occasion to publicly state that contemplation may well have to be given to legislation that holds parents accountable for the behaviour of their children. Read More

The reality of the Holness Administration — Part 5

Canute Thompson | Tuesday, February, 25 2020    

The is the final installment in a series which was begun on December 5, 2019, and I wish to thank commentators and critics, both here and on social media, for their feedback. The series sought to do an assessment of the performance of the Andrew Holness Administration across several areas. Read More

PNP's missed opportunities

Paul Buchanan | Tuesday, February, 25 2020    

WHEN through marbled lens other generations look back on our troubled time, they will ask why men and women so exposed to enlightened scholarship failed to end pernicious inequality and capital discrimination in our land. Did we not understand that it was those two inequities that blocked our... Read More

Aren't we tired yet?

Al Miller | Monday, February, 24 2020    

In an article at the beginning of the month, titled 'Seeds bear the bad fruit', I stated that:“We are only in the second month of our new year and already we are forced to seriously reconsider this crime issue” I went on to argue that, “We should have been able to move... Read More

Guyana-Venezuela and international law

Sir Ronald Sanders | Monday, February, 24 2020    

Global attention to Guyana has focused on the current campaigning for a general election due on March 2. Reports indicate a vigorous campaign, with the country's newly found resources in oil and gas very much on the minds of the contesting political parties. While the election campaign... Read More

Of disparaging statements followed by pseudo-apologies

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, February, 23 2020    

When the drum beats too loudly it is about to crack. — Shona proverb, ZimbabweWhile on the political hustings in Portland Eastern last year, Damion Crawford, then a candidate for the People's National Party (PNP), spewed what has been appropriately described by... Read More

The PNP lives in a glass house so it shouldn't throw stones

CHRISTOPHER BURNS | Sunday, February, 23 2020    

Last Sunday's presentation of Dr Winston De la Haye as the People's National Party's (PNP) standard-bearer for the St Catherine East Central constituency took an unusual and grotesque turn. The on-stage performances of a few senior party members were classic examples of indiscipline and... Read More

How the US electoral system works… or doesn't work

Bruce Golding | Sunday, February, 23 2020    

The Democratic primary elections in the United States are on in earnest and are dominating media coverage. They started gathering momentum from early last year. It is a gruelling exercise. Four of the five front-runners are septuagenarians seeking to challenge another septuagenarian... Read More

The many misunderstandings of law enforcement

Jason McKay | Saturday, February, 22 2020    

Law enforcement is one of the areas in day-to-day life that is misunderstood by almost everyone.This is largely because actual exposure is limited to the few who are involved in it. But everybody believes they know it, despite never having worked in a job of that... Read More

Death and funerals

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, February, 21 2020    

A five-year-old bangs on his neighbour's door in Jones Town, Kingston, and shouts, “Dem shot up mi mother and she dead, and dem shot me too!” The Jamaica Observer report on Tuesday related the story that the police were summoned by residents about 1:10 am. They found the... Read More

Breathing above the toxic environment

BY Andrea Palmer-Richards | Friday, February, 21 2020    

There is no doubt that we are experiencing a paradigm shift in society. Individuals are now desecrating sacred things and hurting those who serve us. Read More

Of stereotypes and labelling

Donna Hope | Thursday, February, 20 2020    

During my first stint in the corporate world years ago I worked as a legal secretary in a law firm downtown Kingston. That place taught me many many lessons. One day, a man turned up at the front desk. He looked like someone who had literally just come in from farming a field all day. He... Read More


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